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He just sat there, stock-still. I hadn't noticed him on my way in, and now I was wondering how that was possible. Apparently, he was still growing, and could just about be classified as a giant now. He was much too big for the small living room, and I think that if he stood up, he would just about hit his head on the low ceilings. I know for sure that I was coming close. Not as close as him, for sure, but only about a half a foot away.

He had his back to me, and for all I knew, he didn't even know that I was in his house. It was quite possible, I suppose.

I hesitated on the last step, unsure. Did I want to do this? How on earth was I going to? For all I knew, I had imprinted on his only child. And I had no idea how he was going to take it, but Reneesme's words were definitely not helping. "And I don't think my husband's up to it." What? Had the stress turned him into some sort of a psycho or something?

I finally took a deep breath, and stepped down onto the hardwood floor. My feet slowly trudged over to the center of the living room, furnished with only a single couch and a television. I stepped in-between Jake and the television, which was off. I turned to face him, mentally prepared to face some psychopathic werewolf, but I was shocked at what I saw.

When I looked at him, I saw the most terrified face that I ever have. His wide, begging eyes looked up at me desperately. "Please tell me you can hear him! Or at least feel him. Please, tell me some good news about my Jessie. Please!"

I was taken aback, not quite sure what to say. "Um… I'm sorry. Jessie's a unique creature, and… well, he physically can't be in the pack…" His head fell, followed by sobs. I felt pitifully, ridiculously sorry for him. I scrambled through my head to find some kind of good news to tell him. Not the imprinting, I told myself, he won't take too kindly to that. Then, suddenly, a light bulb went on.

"Or! Or, or, or… or he could just be too young to choose which pack he wants. He doesn't really know what's going on, so maybe he just needs to choose which pack he's in." I smiled at myself for the speedy save, glad that he had a glint of hope in his eyes when he looked up.

"You really think so?" He asked hopefully, his gaze still a bit desperate. I didn't know what to say; I didn't want to get his hopes up, but then again, I didn't want the little glimmer of hope to fade.

"Um… well, it's definitely a possibility. I think it makes just as much sense as anything else." I smiled meekly, wanting to laugh at the fact that I was comforting the one person I hated the most. Still, when someone was in this bad of shape, regardless of who they are, anyone with an ounce of humanity couldn't just let them stay the way they were.

He sighed and nodded his head, probably sensing my discomfort. "I know you don't want to be here, much less comfort me, and I'm sorry. It's just making me go mad… my baby is probably frightened and scared half to death, just like I was, and there's nothing I can do at all. I can't talk to him because he's just a day old, and I can't help him through this like Sam did, either. I feel so useless." He sighed again, looking utterly defeated.

I closed my eyes and walked over to sit down next to him, and then put my arm around him comfortingly. "It's okay… You know, he probably isn't all that scared, really." Jacob looked up at me, confused. He obviously thought I either was lying or didn't care. "I mean, the only reason you were so frightened is that you didn't expect it in a million years. It wasn't 'normal.' Little Jessie doesn't know a thing about the world, like all babies. It's all just new to him. The thing is, he didn't expect any of it. It's all like the werewolf thing to him. He just… exploded out of his dark little 'normal' world. He'll grow up with it, and it'll all be 'normal' to him. I think it may actually be for the best."

He looked at me quizzically for a minute, then engulfed me in a giant bear hug. If I weren't a werewolf, he probably would've crushed a rib or two. But I was, and he didn't, so I let him get it out of his system, and then, finally, he released me. "You had something to say to me?" The words were only partly a question; he knew I had to have a reason to be talking to him.

"Um, yeah." I hesitated, leaning back into the couch. I guess I might as well bring it up while he was happy with me. "I had a question. When you imprinted… on Reneesme… what did it feel like?"

Jake raised a curious eyebrow, but answered my question anyways. "Well… it just… as soon as I looked at her, I just felt… like my whole world had changed. Like the whole universe had shifted underneath me. I kind of felt… like I was seeing light for the first time. Or something like that. It was the most dramatic, life-changing thing to ever happen to me. I just suddenly knew that I would do anything for her… even go away, if it's what she wanted." He sighed, obviously having a lovey-dovey moment like Mom and Jared did all the time.

Unlike what I would have done with my parents, I let him be. I just sighed and stared off into space. Would it really be that weird for me to have a different reaction than everyone else? I was the only person in all of history to ever have two active werewolf parents, who had imprinted on each other. And the second female werewolf to ever exist. I had always been the oddball; this could be just another place where I managed to be different without trying.

And Jessie seemed to have taken a liking to me; could he be experiencing a duller version of imprinting? A more childish one, slightly diluted by the vampire blood? It all seemed to make sense, and what could it hurt if I was wrong? I mean, he calmed me down; it could only be good… right?

Then I looked at Jake, who was staring at me intensely, over his little moment. Riiiight, that was the problem. That Jake wouldn't approve.

"So… I think you can probably guess." I smiled meekly as I said the words, hoping that he wouldn't make me say the words. I wasn't sure if I could, to be honest.

He leaned back on the couch, almost tipping it over in the effort. "Please, no. I have enough to worry about, don't I?"

"You should know better than anyone that you can't control these things. Besides, I'm not really sure if that's what it is. I just… I'm not sure, I just feel right for once. I've been trying to force myself to hate you for years, but I'm not really sure if that's what I want anymore… I don't know… I just never thought of you as people. Just creatures to take my anger out on. But… I feel so much… better? Is that the word? I don't know; I just feel like I'm not just pretending anymore. It… I don't know, I probably sound like a maniac." I laughed once, humorlessly. It was a hollow sound, but it made me realize how long it had been since I laughed. Even forcefully, like this. Again, I felt so much better there… at ease.

He sighed again, and I half-sighed. "Will apologizing help? 'Cause I am sorry about this mess. I didn't plan on it either."

He looked up at me again, staring in my eyes intently. Not like he was in love, but like he was trying to figure something out.

"What? You think I'm not sorry?" I was confused; what did it matter, anyways?

"No, I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with you." He kept starting at me, but I looked away. I stared at the wall, trying to straighten out my thoughts.

"Yeah. I'm kind of wondering that myself."

I was dreading this moment; Mom was the master interrogator. I was definitely not going to be able to get off scoff-free. I considered running off to Harold's house, but decided against it. I'd have to face her eventually.

I opened up the door, and was met by a barrage of questions. "What happened? What did she want to know? How're you feeling? Did you destroy any of their furniture?" I could barely keep up with her.

"Woah, woah! Mom, slow down. Listen, she just wanted to talk to me!" I sighed and tried to walk away, but I was stopped by her firm grip. Inevitably.

"About what?"


Mom looked at me with one eyebrow raised. "So we're calling them by their names, now? What's up?"

I looked around the room, waiting for the snickering to start, but I didn't see Jared. That was odd; where was he?

"Nothing. There's nothing wrong with the Blacks. They're nice."

Mom looked at me, surprised. Then she smiled and pulled me into my second bear hug of the day. "Fiona Gertrude Cole! Did you imprint on Jessie?"

"Mmm, M'm mot mur." I muttered, my words muffled by her shoulder.

"Sorry." She giggled, and let me go. "So? I want news!"

I sighed; Mom was still a schoolgirl at heart, even after a century.

"Listen, I'm just not sure what it is. It doesn't feel exactly like everyone keeps describing it, so I don't know… I just don't know."

I sighed, and she instantly pulled me back into a hug. "Oh! My little baby's growing up! Oh, I can't believe this! The wedding will come up before I know it… oh, how are we ever going to pay for it? I guess I could borrow some money from the council… or get a job again. Mmm, Jared's not going to be too happy about that. Oh well, he can live with it…"

I shoved away from her and shouted to get her attention; "Mom! Wooooah, slow down, would you? I don't even know if that's what it is yet. It could just be…" I paused, trying to think of another explanation. I came up short, and mom caught my bluff.

"Could be what? Oh come on, honey! Don't deny it! You know it's true!"

I sighed, resigned. It looked like she was right. Mmm, this wasn't going to end well, I could just tell. So many opinions, including my own, to get in the way.

And then there was still the matter of Jared's teasing. He wouldn't let this pass without first making my life miserable.

Oh well, I would find a way to live through this… hopefully. Meh, it's not like my existence wasn't complicated enough already. A little more inconvenience and teasing wouldn't kill me. I mean, what was the worst that could happen? We get separated?

It's not like the world could end or we could die through this, right?…

I shook my head out; I was letting my nerves get the best of me. Seriously, in reality, what was the worst that could rationally happen? …Then again, how much of my world was rational anymore?