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It was a normal day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Love was in the air, of two people; A green plumber, and a flower princess. Luigi and Daisy were playing tennis, one of their usual activities. It keeps them active, its fun, and Luigi and Daisy always enjoyed each other's company. After a few rounds, they got tired, and went out to a diner for lunch. At first, it was kept as a little secret, their relationship, but after a while, pretty much everyone knew about this relationship. Not in a bad way though, but some think they are the strangest couple ever. Luigi is timid, shy, and quiet, while Daisy to a talkative, somewhat rough tomboy. Others think they are cute together, thinking it's not unusual for couples with contrasting personalities just seem to fall in love. Yet everyone agreed they love each other, and personalities won't get in the way of that.

Later that night, they had to attend a ball Princess Peach was holding, as a celebration of Mario and Peach's anniversary. Needless to say, Luigi and Daisy's presence was necessary. Despite having each other, the two always felt like the odd ones out of occasions like this. Daisy wasn't the biggest fan of a ball, and Luigi would just get so shy and blush, he might choke, or mess up from nervousness. It was then they heard a romantic slow song, suddenly getting the two in the mood of the song. Luigi looked at his feet, kicking some imaginary object on the ground. Daisy was just rolling her eyes around the room, seeming as if she was minding her own business. It was really becoming awkward, since they barely talked since the start of the ball. Daisy tried to say something.

"Uh, Luigi… Do you err…?"

Luigi caught her drift, and tried to say his reply faster than Daisy could talk.

"Do you want to dance?"

Daisy shrugged her shoulders, as if it didn't matter, though the truth was that both Luigi and Daisy were dying to ask each other, to be together. They held each other's waist, and commenced a slow dance. Daisy was smiling much enjoying herself at the moment, being with the one she loves. Luigi on the other hand, was fumbling a bit. He normally is a good dancer, but Daisy couldn't tell if he wasn't used to the slow dance, was nervous, or both. Probably both. She chuckled a bit, thinking Luigi was cute when he was shy or nervous.

The song was over, and Daisy sat on a chair, while Luigi felt as if it were over 100 degrees, probably due to his nervousness, rushed over to a punch bowl, and chugged almost three glasses of punch in a mere 10 seconds. Daisy walked over to Luigi, who was panting, and sitting on the ground.

"Eh, so Luigi… do you want to come over to my castle in Sarasaland?"

Luigi hesitated, sweating, thought about his answer, and he nodded.

"Sure, I guess…"

"Great! I've got a limo outside, ready to take me home. Let's go!"

Luigi was just sitting in Daisy's limo, with Daisy's hand over his. Luigi just tried to shift his attention to the passing scenery through the window. He continuously took brief glances at Daisy, hoping she wasn't looking, which she always was. Daisy continuously was amused at Luigi's shy nature. No matter what, no matter all they they've been through, no matter how much confidence Luigi would have, he was always shy. "He's so innocent," she thought. As Luigi and Daisy stepped in the castle, Luigi whistled, as he looked around Daisy's castle in awe. Luigi had been in Daisy's castle before, but he forgot how amazing it was. He doesn't come here often.

"Do you need me to show you around again, or something?"


Daisy took that as a yes, and gave him a re-tour of her castle. A kitchen, 10 bedrooms, an indoor pool, a vineyard full of wine; there was a lot in this place. "I need a map," Luigi thought.

"Care for some wine?"

Luigi was unsure whether drinking would help him mellow out, or help relax his nervous streak, then he just complied.

"Yeah sure, that'd be nice."

Daisy smiled as she poured some wine in a glass. They sat outside on a balcony, drinking by the moonlit landscape, a romantic end to a fine day. Daisy didn't want it to end there though.

"So… do you want to continue the tour?"

Luigi wondered what on earth could he possibly see next. He would soon find out. The master bedroom; Daisy's bedroom. Luigi had no idea what he had just gotten himself into. Daisy would soon "rob his innocence." (Use your imagination as to what just happened)