for the following fan fiction, you have to know that sam chose to work again lately and found a bucket of roses in her bedroom

NOTE: This fan fiction takes place early on the show, season 1.

Sam just fled her house because she found a bucket of roses on her bed, put there by Jack.

She has a talk about the situation with Bailey.

It´s sort of SBR but I´m no completely into this ship, but I´m much more SBR than Believer. ;-)

Accepting help

Bailey stepped into Sam´s office and noticed that Sam looked lost sitting at her table and starring into space.

Bailey said carefully:


Sam looked up terrified, she hadn´t heard him coming in and said confused:

"What, hello, well, I.-"

Bailey asked concerned:

"Are you alright?"

Sam answered with a forced smile:

"Yeah, sure, i´m fine."


"Hey, don´t tell me you´re fine. I can see that you are not. So tell me what´s the problem?"

Sam turned rapidly angry:

"What´s the problem? You know what´s the problem. Everybody in this damn office knows it..."

She stopped, suddenly realizing who she was screaming at and said calmed down and feeling guilty:

"It´s Jack, of course... He´s on my mind. It´s hard to know that... he was able to get into my bedroom."

She looked up at Bailey:

"I´m scared and I worry about Chloe."


"Don´t worry about Chloe. We take care of her... and we´ll get you all a save home-"

a moment it seemed like he didn´t want to continue but then:

"- after all it´s not Chloe... he´s after!"

Sam seemed to be hardly consoled by his words and Bailey said:

"You can cry, let go-"

Sam interrupted him:

"NO! I... if I start I will never be able to stop!"

Bailey: "But-"


"I´m a psychologist, I know crying can be useful to work through things but in my case I just… can´t. See the one possibility to catch Jack is to be strong, to be on top of my game and to not break down, never break down."


"Sam, listen to me."

She looked him in the eyes.

"You´re not a superhero, sometimes you must let things go... that´s important to carry on!"

Sam answered with tears in her eyes:

"Yeah but this pain is a bottomless pit. If I start to cry about roses in my bedroom, how will I feel about Tom? It´s just too awful."

She gave in and went to Bailey who gave her a long hug.

Sam began to cry without making any noise.

Bailey smoothed her hair back and then suddenly Grace came in.

She was looking at her papers and didn´t recognize the whole situation, so she began:

"I found something really interest--oh sorry.

She felt obviously uncomfortable and said:

"I´ll just go."

She was about to turn around and go right away but Sam let go of Bailey and said while wiping her tears:

"No, it was my fault. I had sort of a weak moment, don´t bother, stay!"


"It´s okay. Everybody needs to be weak sometimes and in your case it was about time. We were starting to think you´re not human! But honestly this can wait for 10 minutes, see you in a bit."

Sam smiled gratefully:

"Okay, good and thanks!"

Grace smiled at Sam very warmly, gave Bailey a blink and stepped through the door.

Sam took a deep breath and opened her mouth to say something but she couldn´t find the right words.

Instead Bailey said:

"Sam, things will improve and trust me, I´ll watch over you and Chloe as well."

Sam answered a bit hopeless:

"Things will improve? You know,just like I do that that was only the beginning but... I know you´ll watch over me. I trust you. Completely."


"Good... then I´ll leave you alone now."

Bailey went to go but Sam said hastily:

"Come on. Stay for a little bit."

Bailey turned around surprised.

Sam shrugging:

"Yeah, I´m too often alone. Well without people I trust. That´s what I meant."

Bailey took her hand and they both sat down on the sofa waiting for Grace.

None of them said a word but sometime silence can say more than a hundred words.

Bailey squeezed Sam´s hand and they both understood.

The end