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"Seventeen percent, Yagami-kun," L stated impassively.

Anger flashed across Light's face. The accused boy clenched his hands and almost growled in frustration. "Are you increasing the percentage when I do absolutely anything?"

L turned his large eyes to Light, the black orbs revealing nothing. "I have valid reasons for every increase, Yagami-kun."

Light ground his teeth as he seethed in his chair. L had certainly been grating on his nerves lately.

Across the room, Yagami Soichiro watched the short argument with concern. Light was growing more agitated every day, and L…L unbelievably retained his trademark stoicism. In truth, Soichiro was more worried about L than about Light. Light was venting his anger, and although pouting was not very attractive or fitting on the young man, he was dealing. L however…who knew what was smoldering beneath the surface or how it would inevitably manifest itself.

Turning to Watari, who was currently gathering the empty mugs in order to refill them with coffee or tea, Soichiro said, "Ryuzaki's rather emotionless, isn't he?"

Watari nodded and voiced a soft, "Hmm," of agreement.

Soichiro was puzzled by Watari's lack of outward regard towards his ward. "Doesn't that bother you?"

"Why would it?"

Soichiro contemplated his words carefully. "It's not exactly healthy to bottle up your emotions."

Watari chuckled quietly at Soichiro's concern. "Ryuzaki's fine, I assure you."

"I can't believe that someone is capable of being that emotionless without finally releasing his emotion in a negative way."

Now it was Watari's turn to contemplate his words. He seemed to be debating whether or not to explain something to the police chief. Eventually, he spoke: "L had a rather…difficult childhood. It made him overly emotional, especially in his adolescence, but the boy was just so brilliant. I refused to lose such an asset, but his unstable emotions clouded his logic and compromised his intelligence. Therefore, I solved the problem."

"What do you mean?" Soichiro asked, a feeling of dread already rising in his stomach.

Watari smiled placidly. "A simple procedure. Nothing to fuss over, I assure you. Ryuzaki had a black eye for a few days, but otherwise there were no adverse effects and the procedure went splendidly."

Soichiro sat in stunned silence for a moment. He glanced at the odd boy poring over an endless amount of documents while delicately eating a slice of cake. Bile rose in his throat at the sight of the boy and the thought of…

Abruptly, Soichiro stood and punched Watari squarely in the nose. Gasps echoed throughout the room at the sight of the infuriated police chief and the bleeding Watari staring at his attacker with puzzlement from the floor.

Light looked at his father, concern evident in his eyes.

L remained as impassive as ever.

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