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Need to know: They are all human, set at the same time as twilight, actually, instead of it.

Bella's POV

Yay, it was time for my first day at Forks High, actually, not yay. What an original name, too. Forks High school. God! Why, Why?! I missed my old school. I missed sun. I missed my mummy! Why, Why?!Why was this happening to me? Oh, yeah, it was happening because I volunteered to come here. Damn. All my fault. Stupid me.

I got to school in my crappy old car that I loved for some reason. I looked around. The school was small. Eww, there were trees, which were green, coincidently. Eww, it didn't look like a prison. I went to the admin. Building and got my timetable. Where were the metal detectors? My god, did these people no carry knives or something? The woman behind the desk didn't look like she was going out to a candle lit dinner. Damn! Maybe I shouldn't have worn my prom dress…

My first class was English. The classroom was small, the class was small. It was raining. I was pale, so were my classmates. Eww, yay.

When the bell signaling the end of English in which apparently nothing happened except that I was so self absorbed that all I saw was people looking me, a guy came up to me. He introduced himself as Eric. He was kind and offered to take me to my next class. He was trying to be helpful. Maybe too helpful. Suspicious! Plus, he had skin problems. Anyone with even mild acne was immediately dodgy and yucky in my book.

Finally, after two more classes it was lunch time. One girl offered me a seat at her table; she was in my Spanish class. At lunch everyone in the cafeteria was looking at me. I noticed a pretty guy looking at me from across the room. So not eww. His face was pretty, his hair was pretty, and I bet the rest of him would be…

I asked the seat-offerer, Jessica, about him. She looked to where I had my eyes fixed and then smirked;

'That is Edward Cullen. Those people are his family, adoptive. OMG, they are all hooked up, and they live together. Call child services! He, Edward, doesn't date though, shithead.'

Edward was watching me. Like everyone else was, but he was watching me, how weird. The rest of his family (who were all just as pretty as he was) were just staring off into to space, not touching their crappy canteen food. The lunch bell rang and I tore my eyes off Edward, before heading to biology.

Edward's POV

The new girl that I had been watching all throughout lunch walked through the doorway. I had looked at her because she was new, there was nothing else to do. Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie and Alice had broken into Carlisle's liquor cabinet last night. They were so hung over, it wasn't funny. Actually it was. My English class had been stuck inside for four minutes after the bell rang. Emmett was passing our room as the bell went and he collapsed on the ground screaming 'The pain, please, kill me now.'

During all of lunch my family just stared at the walls. I think that they were watching 'pretty colours' on the cheap white paint.

Anyway, back to biology class.

New girl, I had seen people calling her Bella, looked around the room. I realized that the only empty lap seat was on my lab table. I couldn't help it; a little whine escaped my lips at this thought. Bella tripped on air as she proceeded to the teacher's desk, and I glared at her. Great! I had to share my lab table with miss clumsy police-mans daughter.

As she handed him a slip of paper to sign Mr Banner looked up and pointed to my lab table.

'Damn.' I hissed. 'My lab table, all mine, why, why?'

I was being selfish, but I had managed to keep a lab table to myself all year until this girl turned up. When she sat down I turned my chair away from her. Throughout the lesson I faced the wall, hoping that she would get the hint and perhaps sit on the floor, or something similar.

After a long, boring lecture on cellular anatomy the bell finally went. I stood up and left the classroom with my nose in the air.

After school I went to the administration office. I was going to change classes.

'My lab table.' I muttered under my breath as I walked through the doorway.

'Pardon, dear?'

'I said that I would like to change my biology class to a different time slot, please.'

'Oh, dear. Sorry, no can do. All full.'

I shot her an annoyed glance. I had always hated this bitch, cared more about the hours she worked than what she actually did at work.

'Well, can I swap with someone in another biology class?'

'Nah, not so much.'

'WHY NOT? Sorry, I mean, why might that be?'

'Paper work'


'Too much paperwork.'

At that moment the door opened, and in walked little miss lab table stealer.

'Fine, I can see that that's not possible.'

I said to miss bitch receptionist (I'm not that good with faces).

'Sorry.' She shrugged and the smirk on her face clearly outlined how unapologetic she really was. I turned in a way that would have looked spectacular had I been waring a maxi skirt and stalked out of the office, glaring at table stealer on the way out. I ran to my Volvo throwing my hands in the air like I just didn't care as I shouted

'My Table, GOD DAMMIT!'

On the way home Jasper got into a fight with Emmett, which lightened my spirits. Jasper complained about Emmett and Rose making out when Jasper had the seat between them. Emmett said 'Stop the car.'

When the car stopped Emmett offered to take things outside, and Jasper accepted. When Emmett got out Jasper closed the door and we drove away. I had to go and pick Emmett off the side of the road later, as he had just collapsed in a heap of wet leaves. I told the family that I was sick, emotionally, physically never worked when a doctor was father, and went to bed. Esme let me stay home the whole week, so I didn't have to face table stealer.

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