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Wake Up Call.

" Wake up Eddie," Alice sang.

" Ugh! GO AWAY!" I buried my head in my pillow and pulled my sheet over my head.

I personally, unlike other people, like to sleep in on weekends. That's just how it is. My 'sister' Alice is always so bubbly and hyper. I hate it. My 'family' tries to make me happy all the time. Why can't they just accept the fact that I like to live in the hellhole I call my life.

" Nope! You have to get ready. Remember community service? Dad is taking you to the hospital." She ripped my sheets off me.

I sighed in anger. " Fine."

I sat up and ran my hand through my hair. I opened my eyes and saw Alice dressed in a mini-skirt with white leggings and a pink and white-stripped shirt. She always wore bright colors I swear she could probably burn my eyes one day.

" Good. Hurry up. Dad wants you to hurry." She said as she walked out of my room.

I stood up and walked to my bathroom. I hopped into my hot shower. It helped me wake up for today's nightmare. I hated doing this stuff, but it's my own damn fault. I'm just glad I'm not in jail again. I am really surprised Carlisle and Esme haven't sent me away.

Once I got out of the shower I walked over to my closet. I pulled out my Three Days Grace long-sleeve shirt, which was black and said Three Days Grace with a spider web in the background. I also pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans. I put everything on and grabbed my ipod. I walked downstairs into the kitchen to find the family sitting at the table.

" Morning," I mumbled.

" Good Morning Edward," Carlisle said. " Are you ready to go?"

I just nodded and Esme gave me a hug. I walked to the front door and put on my black Etnies. I grabbed my car keys and followed Carlisle. I was about to go to my car when I saw Carlisle shake his head.

" Nope. You're coming with me and you're staying there for 5 hours. Not counting your lunch break."

" Ugh! Fine." I shoved my keys in my pocket and walked over to Mercedes.

I got in the car and he pulled out of the driveway. I hate that he thinks I wouldn't do this. I have always done my community service. It's the way I keep out of jail. I hate it there. I turned my head to look out the window. I heard Carlisle sigh. Great I thought sarcastically.

" Edward. You have to understand you're doing this because of what you did and you need to stay out of jail. You're lucky myself and Esme love you so much. Most parents wouldn't keep a child after all the things you've been through."

" I know Carlisle. Thank you. But you know that I always do my community service. It's the only way to keep me out of jail. I hate that place, they're my own mistakes but…"

" Okay Edward. I get it. Look you have to do this for a week. If you stay the whole five hours." He pulled into a parking space.

" Got it." I opened the door and got out.

Carlisle got out as well and walked ahead of me into the hospital. We walked passed the front desk and went straight to Carlisle's office, ignoring all the stares I got. Since we live in this damn small town everyone knows everyone, everyone knows if you ever did anything and what you did. I was famous in that category.

I've been arrested 5 times, in jail for longer than a day three times, I've stolen, beaten people. I even did a couple drug smuggling jobs. Everyone knows I'm not an angel. I haven't been an angel since my parents died. Nobody truly understands way I'm this way, except the Cullen family, my adopted family.

I sat down in one of Carlisle's chairs and turned on my ipod. I saw him shake his head but he couldn't do anything because we were actually early. I looked through my library and found the song I wanted Headstrong by Trapt.

About fifteen minutes later Carlisle tapped me on the shoulder. I pulled my earphones out and looked at him.

"Is the hellhole ready to begin?"

He sighed in frustration. " Yes. It is. You need to go to the children's ward. No. I m not switching you, so you have to be nice."

I stood up and ran my hand through my hair. "Fine. Where do I go?"

"Just go down there and one of the ladies at the desk will help you." Carlisle told me.

I put my ipod in my pocket and went to the elevator to the 3rd floor. Once I was there I went to the desk and I found Mrs. Paige. She was the nice one. She understood me.

" Hi." I smiled.

" Hello Edward. Community Service?" she raised an eyebrow.

I nodded. "Carlisle told me to ask someone where to go."

" Oh. Well. There is a thirteen-year-old girl in the room right behind you. The person in there should be almost done. She needs a lot of company. She's an orphan."

I smiled slightly. "Okay. Thank you."

I turned around and walked into the room. I saw a person with guy short hair I could tell it was a girl because I heard her voice. The thirteen-year-old saw me and giggled. The other girl turned around with a warm smile. The thing was, i barely noticed because I got lost in her chocolate brown eyes.

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