A/N Okay so in reference to SM's amazing masterpiece, this part takes place when Bella goes to ask Jacob about the motorcycles. But instead of Jacob she find's Quil. Viola!

Where is Jacob! He's always late. He said he would be here a whole 30 minutes ago! I sighed out loud. I slouched against the wall waiting for his arrival. When I heard footsteps I stood up and got ready to tackle him. I crouched down low, and moved onto my tippy-toes. Then I heard a sweet voice like ringing bells and stood back up straight.

"Jacob? Jacob Black?" The voice asked, unsure. I trotted to the door. The girl standing there looked nervous. She didn't see me as I stood before her. She was beautiful. She had long dark brown hair, that I wanted to touch and chocolate eyes that could have belonged to a Quileute. She was very tiny. About 5' 4", and maybe 100lbs, with a waist I could wraps my hands around.

"Hey." I said gently.

"Oh!" She jumped at the sound of my voice. "Um...hi. Do you know where Jacob is?" She asked not looking me in the eyes.

"Not really. He was supposed to meet me here thirty minutes ago. I'm waiting for him," I explained. She nodded and glanced up at me.

"Um...my name is Bella, Bella Swan." She said quietly. Her voice so sweet. Her licked her lips after saying this, and I caught sight of her bubble gum tongue. Ugh.

"Ah, you're the cops daughter. Nice to meet you. I'm Quil Antera." I tried to put as much charm as I could into my voice. This girl was fine as hell.

"Hi, so you're one of Jacob's friends?" She asked.

"Yeah." Just then I heard Jacob's booming voice.

"Bella? You down there?" She turned around to see where his voice came from.

"Hey Jacob" She said and she smiled a heart-breaking smile. Why couldn't I make her smile like that?

"Hey Bella. What are you doing here?" Jacob seemed very, very happy to see her. I could tell why. I mean look at her. By the looks of things, she and Jacob are quite friendly. Darn. I might have taken her for myself.

I walked back over to the wall I had slouched against earlier, and I heard them start talking. Something about school, and Charlie, her dad I guess, and bikes. Huh? She doesn't really strike me as the mechanic type. They talked for awhile, and then she left. I waited till Jacob walked over to me.

"Sooooooo...who was that?" I asked raising my eyebrows. I knew something was going on and felt like giving him crap about it, since it was always the other way around. Jake never had a girlfriend.

"A friend." Jacob said harshly. I knew Jacob liked her, and didn't want me near her, but hey, I was gonna have some fun.

"Just, a friend?" I asked, giving him an evil grin.

"Yes, and you stay away from her," she snarled at me. Oh, feisty.

"Why, if you're just friends, how could it hurt you?" I asked innocently.

"UUGH! Okay, I like her. Now, stay away from her!"

"See, was that so hard?" I joked and punched his lanky arm.

"Fine, whatever. Are you ready to go?"

"Dude, I was ready to go like forty minutes ago."

"Oh," he said sheepishly. He grabbed his wallet off the workbench and we walked out to the main road, and started walking towards Embry's house. Both Jake and I are tall, so our strides were about four times bigger than the average person. Probably five times bigger than Bella's. We would be there very soon. There was a awkward silence.

"So, where'd you meet the hot chick?"

"Dude!" Jake yelled flustered.

"Just asking?" I said holding my hands in the air in surrender.

"Her name is Bella, and our dads are friends."

"Are you two?" I asked and nodded my head back and forth. Jake looked back ahead, and he looked a little sad.

"No." He glanced at me, and I saw how depressed that made him. Weird Jake had never really been all over girls, like me.

"Why? Have you asked?" I questioned.

"No, man, her last boyfriend was one of the Cullens," he air- quoted Cullen, and I knew he meant the evil bloodsucker. What a load of shit those legends are and people believe them! "And he just recently moved and I guess it was pretty brutal. He left her in the woods, and she went into depression, and stuff. She's just now getting better. I don't want to pressure her."

"Huh? That Cullen guy must have been pretty awesome in bed." I earned a painful punch to the kidney for that and then Jake and I raced to Embry's house.

A/N: How was that? I'm trying to make Quil a skirt chaser type, while keeping him sweet...and it is a delicate balance. Tell me if you like it. OH and if you're wondering about the rating, it's goin to turn into a M, eventually. Yeah...that's right...lemony goodness! Lol :$

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