Rosalie was standing several feet behind me looking at my reflection in the floor length mirror. Renee burst into the room. "I found it!" she said, a happy smile on her wide care-free lips. She flipped it at me and I fumbled with it. "Something blue!"

Rosalie laughed as she helped me slip the light blue guarder over my heel.

"Wow," my mom said stepping back. I finally looked up as well. The women standing in the mirror was someone I had grown to know. She was thin, but strong. Her will was her own, and her life was with him.

Three years ago it would have seemed impossible that I would be getting married before I was out of college, but as I stood here looking at myself dressed in my Mom's old wedding dress, I knew it was right. Everything with Quil was right.

Quil had already told Sam he would stop phasing soon. Maybe in a year. It would only be a few more years before Quil graduated and then maybe we would go somewhere. We could travel. He could take me anywhere and as long as my wolf was there beside me, I knew my life would be perfect.

I smoothed the dress down my body. "I'm ready," I whispered. Renee wrapped her arms around me.

"I love you, sweetie. I know you and Quil will be amazing together."

Rosalie held my hand in hers. In the last few years Rosalie had dropped her grudge. Ever since I decided that I wanted to stay human, she and I had become even closer than Alice and I ever were. Whenever I decided to have kids, I knew she would be there for me. Quil had even grown to get along with some of the Cullens, especially Rosalie and Emmett. Emmett and him were hilarious together.

Rosalie led me out of the small room and into the church. Charlie met me.

"Bella, uh, you look really beautiful," he grumbled out. I smiled and he kissed my cheek. A light pink blush was covering his cheeks and I pretended not to notice. Then I turned and looked ahead of me. I lost my breath. Quil was waiting for me at the alter. His beautiful body was covered in a black tux, and his hair cut short again. His dark smoldering eyes were burning holes in me. He smiled at me.

And I smiled back.


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