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"WORLD SHAKING!" Uranus yelled, smashing open the door. "Koneko-chan! What are you doing? Get away from him!"

Tuxedo Kamen's gaze moved automatically to his love, then leapt forward just in time to catch her as she collapsed. "Usako!"

Her eyes fluttered open slowly. "I'm okay, Mamo-chan." She threw her arms around his neck, hugging him. "Thank you for coming for me. Can you help me with something?"

"With what?" the masked hero asked cautiously.

"Can you heal him?" the blonde asked, gesturing toward the fallen prince. "He saved my life. We owe him as much."

"Usako, he kidnapped you and hurt you. You don't owe him anything," her protector argued.

Saphir moved to kneel at his brother's side. "Are you all right, onii-san?" he demanded worriedly. "What happened?"

"Serenity and I talked," the injured man began. "She convinced me… that we were wrong. Wiseman came… and tried to kill her. I couldn't let her die."

The blue-haired prince lifted his gaze to the exhausted Moon Senshi. "Arigato, Serenity. You helped him, didn't you?"

She nodded slightly. "I used the Ginzuishou to undo the damage to his mind. In that, he'll be all right. I can't do anything for his injuries, though," she murmured, glancing at Tuxedo Kamen.

He relented when he saw her pleading look. "I'll help him," he acquiesced. "You need to be more careful though. Using the Ginzuishou here will just exhaust you more."

"Oh, such touching concern," an uncaring voice drawled. "It's almost a shame that I'm going to kill all of you. Maybe I should start with the little princess… just for fun."

"Chibiusa-chan!" Sailor Moon shouted, leaping to her feet. "You leave her alone! She hasn't done anything to hurt you!" The blonde held out her arms for her future daughter, who quickly jumped into her embrace.

Saturn stepped in front of the royal family, Silence Glaive held threateningly in one gloved hand. "You shall not touch her."

"Let me fight him," Sailor Moon decided. "It's time to end this battle once and for all."


"Iie, Usako!" Tuxedo Kamen protested. "You're too weak; you just used the Ginzuishou! You can't do it again!"

"I'll be fine," the blonde replied with a serene smile. "I have to do this, for everyone's sake. If something happens…"

"Nothing will happen," the masked hero denied fervently. "You always win. I believe in you."

She laughed softly, getting to her feet as she faced her daughter. "Don't do anything rash, Chibiusa-chan. Stay with Tuxedo Kamen-sama and the Senshi."

"But mama!" the littlest Senshi began to argue. "I can fight too! Let me help you!"

"Iie, Chibiusa- Chibi Moon," the teen began to say.

"Usagi-chan," Venus interrupted, "I think she's supposed to fight with you."

Saturn nodded her agreement, gesturing the blonde away from the group. "Chibi Moon carries her Crystal as well, although she hasn't realized it yet. She will when she has need, just the same as you did. She's meant to fight this battle."

Usagi shifted to look at the four strange, yet oddly familiar faces. "Do I… know you?" she asked tentatively. "I feel like I do, but I don't recognize you."

Pluto nodded then bowed formally. "Your Highness, Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium, I am Sailor Pluto, Senshi of Time, also called Meiou Setsuna."

The other three Outer Senshi followed suit, although Saturn did not kneel as she kept her Glaive pointed at their opponent.

"I am Sailor Uranus, Senshi of the Skies, also called Tenoh Haruka."

"I am Sailor Neptune, Senshi of the Ocean, also called Kaioh Michiru."

"And I," the youngest concluded, "am Sailor Saturn, Senshi of Death and Rebirth, also called Tomoe Hotaru. We greet you, Princess."

A slightly stunned expression appeared on Sailor Moon's face. "The Outer Senshi…" she murmured. "I knew something about you was familiar. I'm happy to see you all again."

"It's been a long time for you, koneko-chan," Uranus replied.

Usagi laughed slightly at the long-forgotten nickname. "I've missed all of you."

"Yes, yes, very sentimental," Wiseman snarled as Saturn continued to hold him at bay. "Now that you all know each other, I can kill you."

"Move over to the others, Hotaru-chan," Sailor Moon ordered gently. "It's time for me to do this."


The Moon Senshi, heir to the throne of the Silver Millennium and the future Queen of Crystal Tokyo, stared hard at her opponent, a cold focus settling over her mind. "I won't let you win!" she shouted. "For threatening the fate of my world and my dear friends, I can't forgive you! In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"

"You can't defeat me! The Black Gates are beginning to open! Soon I can unleash the power of the Evil Black Crystal and this planet will be destroyed!" the Doom Phantom cackled.

Sailor Moon moved in front of her compatriots, summoning the Ginzuishou as she did.

"Iie!" Mars screamed. "You can't use the Ginzuishou again! You're still too weak from being exposed to the Evil Black Crystal and from healing Prince Dimande!"

"Sailor Moon, don't!" Mercury agreed. "You're not strong enough to wield its powers!"

"It could kill you if you're not careful!" Venus warned.

"Usagi-chan, you can't do it!" Jupiter shouted. "We'll find another way!"

"Usako!" Tuxedo Kamen yelled, desperate to protect the petite blonde.

The Outer Senshi exchanged concerned looks, but held their peace, well aware that they would support her in any way they could.

"I need all of you to calm down," the teen replied serenely. "I'm perfectly capable of fighting and winning. After all, I know you'll all be there for me if I need you."

Just as the Senshi finished speaking, a blast of dark power slammed into her, blocking her from their sight. When it broke, a woman in a gleaming white gown stood before them, wearing a golden crown and holding the legendary Ginzuishou.

"Usagi-chan turned into Neo Queen Serenity!" Mars yelped.

Raising the Ginzuishou, the radiant figure chanted, "MOON CRYSTAL POWER!" With her words, the shining stone sprang to life, and magic leapt from her in glorious waves of love and light.


Although the Ginzuishou in its Queen's hands was powerful, the young woman inside was still exhausted from her earlier exertion. At full strength, it would have taken little time to dispose of her foe, but her waning energy made it more and more difficult to direct the power she wielded.

"Iie! Usagi-chan!" the Senshi chorused as they noticed her near fall.

Chibi Moon raced to her father, tears in her eyes. "Tuxedo Kamen-sama, it's all my fault! If I hadn't taken Mama's Ginzuishou, this wouldn't be happening. Gomen nasai!"

As a perfect teardrop fell, the pink-haired princess realized she was holding a crystal remarkably similar to her mother's own.

"It's… the Ginzuishou," she murmured in shock, "but it's not. Papa?"

"It's yours," the masked hero told her gently. "Your friends told me that it was something special, just for you. The Pink Moon Crystal."

"I have to help Mama," the little girl said firmly. "Right?"

The Moon Senshi's savior nodded reluctantly. "Be careful, Chibiusa-chan."

"I will, Mamo-chan. Arigato." The child stood, raising the Crystal in the same fashion as her mother. A cascade of bright energy fell around her as she donned her princess' apparel to fight by her mother's side.

"Minna, together!" Venus called as they knelt in a line behind their leaders. "VENUS STAR POWER!"








"GOLDEN CRYSTAL POWER!" Tuxedo Kamen finished, only to jolt in shock when a beautiful gold gem appeared between his gloved palms, glittering softly. Shoving away his surprise, he returned to watching his precious Moon Princesses as they prepared to end it.

"MOON CRYSTAL POWER!" the young royals proclaimed as the love and strength of their friends washed over them, adding to their abilities. A spectacular flash of blinding pink light flooded the entire base of the Black Moon Clan.


Both exhausted warriors floated in oblivion, having returned to their Senshi attire.

"Are we dead, Sailor Moon?" Chibi Moon asked softly.

"I don't know," the older girl admitted. "Maybe."

"You're not dead," a new voice admonished. "You did a fantastic job defeating the Doom Phantom and saving your world."

"Mama?" Chibi Moon asked, perking up slightly.

"Yes, sweetheart," the Queen soothed. "Now, it's time for you to go back to your friends. They're worried about you."


"Usako!" Tuxedo Kamen shouted, gently shaking the limp form of his true love. "Usako!"

The blonde slowly began to stir, feeling all the aches and weariness that accompanied the battle return to her. "Mamo-chan?"

"Oh, you're all right," he breathed, relieved, one hand still clutching the Golden Crystal.

"Chibiusa!" Sailor Moon hissed, sitting up and crawling across to Mars, who was holding her future daughter carefully. "Is she…?"

Even as she began to ask, the pink-haired Senshi's eyes opened. "Am I what, Mama?" she asked innocently.

"Chibiusa!" the older girl cheered, pulling the child into a tight hug. "You're all right. I was so worried about you, using the Crystal at your age."

"Everyone is fine, Princess," Saturn said comfortingly. "No one is hurt, and the threat of the Doom Phantom has been eliminated. You did wonderfully in your first battle, Chibiusa-chan."

"Arigato," the little girl giggled, letting her henshin drop. "I'm very tired now, Mama. Can I go back to bed? Puu woke me up."

Everyone laughed even as they prepared to teleport back to the Palace.


Endymion stood in his control room, fully healed, watching as the tired soldiers settled into a healing sleep.

"It'll take me a lot of work to repair the time repercussions of this," Pluto remarked behind him. "You certainly didn't help with accidentally teaching Mamoru-san to summon the Golden Crystal."

"I didn't realize that he was strong enough to bring it to him yet," the King defended. "He's more powerful than I remember being."

Pluto colored slightly. "That would be my doing, I'm afraid. After that battle, I couldn't leave everyone remembering things that would affect the course of time. You only have memories I gave you."

"I had wondered," the man laughed softly. "Will Serenity and I retain our full memories now that it's over on both ends?"

"Possibly," the Time Guardian admitted. "They were not meant to be hidden forever. Now I need to deal with the challenge of burying them until needed."

"Will the others object?" he questioned.

"I don't know," the green-haired woman sighed. "I hate going against Sailor Moon's wishes, even so young, but I can't risk the timeline being destroyed. Most deviations from the path you took lead only to her death, and the others with her."

The King of Crystal Tokyo nodded understandingly. "If even half of the possibilities are as bad as you suggest, I cannot place any blame on you for what you did. The Senshi will understand. You and the rest of the Outers will remember?"

She nodded. "There is no reason for us not to. Once they awaken, gather everyone together for a meeting. Even if I have to do it regardless, I will speak of it with them first."


After a long night's sleep, the Senshi reassembled at Pluto's summons.

"Was there something you wished to discuss with us?" Minako asked quietly as she took a seat.

Pluto, still in her warrior's garb, indicated the chairs. "Please, minna, sit down. We have a lot to discuss."

"Is something wrong?" Usagi asked as she moved to sit between Mamoru and Chibiusa.

"Not… exactly," the Senshi of Time began. "You have all done very well. However, you know things now that will interfere with your lives in the future."

"You want to alter our memories," Ami guessed easily. "To make sure the things we've learned don't destroy the timeline."

"Yes. I would alter the memories of each of you from the past, as well as Small Lady. She means well, but as a young child she could let slip something the rest of you would not remember."

"The Outer Senshi would keep theirs?" Rei assumed. "Since they've already lived it."

"No, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn would have no need to forget. Unfortunately, I doubt you will enjoy your next meeting with them."

"We're friends now," Makoto observed, "so we'll work out whatever differences we have in the end."

"You're all being very accepting," King Endymion commented from the entryway he was lounging in.

"What is there to protest?" Mamoru retorted. "You say that I'm not to have the Golden Crystal for another year or so. Having it now, knowing how to get it now, could be disastrous."

Chibiusa just watched quietly, accepting that Puu was always right, so there was no reason to argue.

"Mamo-chan and I have already seen to Saphir and Dimande. I only ask that they be allowed to move themselves and their clan to our time, where they won't be hurt by the prejudice against them in this one," Usagi said.

"Koan and the other sisters would be able to help them. If you alter their memories as well, there will be no danger of an inconsistency," her boyfriend supported.

Endymion gestured, and another door opened to allow the two brothers to entire. While Dimande had to lean on his younger sibling for support, both seemed calm.

"We have no arguments with the arrangement," Dimande commented as Saphir eased him into a chair. "The Senshi have done a great deal for us, so we don't desire to destroy their happy future."

The younger of the two slid into another seat as he agreed. "I had planned to request it if Serenity didn't, regardless. I wish to return to Petz."

Pluto nodded her agreement. "Since my friends are being so acquiescent, I see no reason not to grant the request. I will alter the memories then send you through time myself." Waving the Time Staff, all at the table fell into a deep sleep as the Guardian began her task.


A few hours later, the Inner Senshi and their companions were back in their time, along with Small Lady, who would return shortly. The royal couple watched with Sailor Pluto as events unfolded before them.

"You were much kinder with your version of events than the truth, Puu," Neo Queen Serenity said softly. "I must thank you for that."

"You don't need to," the Guardian demurred. "You were young, so I saw no reason to let you remember the harshness of the situation. All in all, I believe that things worked out well for everyone. The Black Moon Clan has a chance to start again and the Senshi continue to grow with each passing day."

"They have a beautiful future to look forward to," Endymion chuckled as he kissed his wife softly. "There may be bumps in the road, but the rewards are certainly worth it."


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