"Quil?" Fuji asks curiously, sensing his trainer's dark mood immediately after he was let out of his pokeball. It was actually his first time called out in a while (he had snuck out several times though) because his trainer, Tezuka, had left Fuji in the pokemon center to heal after the incident and even afterwards, for some uncomprehendable reason, had refused to let him out. Of course, that never stopped the cyndaquil, he always found a way to get a breath or two of fresh air and a peek at his trainer.

Tezuka was already walking without waiting for Fuji, he was headed for the forest, most likely to do more training. Being the loyal pokemon he was, Fuji scrambled to follow Tezuka and the whole walk was passed in silence even though both parties had thoughts in their mind. They both knew that words would not be enough to get their thoughts through.

Surprisingly, Tezuka was the first to start the conversation after they had stopped somewhere outside the forest in a rocky clearing. "I told you not to do it Fuji. That move was restricted for a reason." He said with a sigh, his right hand immediately finding its way to his temple to massage it on instict. He felt a headache coming as scenes of the battle flashed before his eyes.

They were cornered by a shedenja and a ninjask in a doubles battle. Fuji was the only one left out. Tezuka was hurt. Tezuka was being attacked. They were attacking HIS trainer. Fuji's eyes snapped open and let out his first eruption attack.

Fuji looked at the ground, trying to stand against his trainer's glare. He wanted to tell Tezuka that he HAD to do it. He wanted to protect his trainer, at any cost! It was his duty as a pokemon and more importantly, as a friend and companion. "Qui-"

"So we'll perfect it. Right here." Tezuka finished.


A/N: Drabble for Ketchup

Prompt was "I told you not to do it..." or something like that. I only proofread through this once D: