There was no mistaking it, Harry had opened his eyes. Severus had dreamed of this moment for over a week, imagining those pale, fragile looking eyelids lifting. But he knew he was not dreaming. Nothing he imagined could compare to the brilliant shade of green his eyes were. They were cloudy with sleep, but quickly clearing as he blinked a few times.


With a single word, Harry managed to tear away the rest of his self control, and Severus pulled the boy into a bone crushing hug. His head was buried in the boy's shoulder, inhaling the soft scent of him. Harry did not gasp, only smiled and wrapped his arms around Severus' middle.

'What's happened?' Harry asked as soon as Severus drew back. 'How are Tonks, and the baby? Are you okay? What have I missed?' His natural child-like curiosity kicked in, and Harry could not help but ask several questions at once. No doubt it was one of those annoying Gryffindor traits Severus loathed.

'You will not ask questions until I have checked you over,' Severus ordered. He raised his wand and Harry did not protest, only watched with slightly blurry eyes as the older man checked him for any injuries. 'All clear,' Severus announced finally.

'Where are my glasses?' Harry murmured.

'There,' Severus replied, picking the object up and setting them in Harry's waiting hand. The boy shoved them on, frowning in distaste.

'It was so much better before. I could see really clearly.'

'What?' Severus frowned in confusion, baffled by the boy's words. 'What are you talking about?'

There was a pause as Harry studied Severus intently. Finally, the boy gave a sigh and shook his head. 'I… I don't know,' he lied. 'What did I say again?'

'Don't worry about it,' Severus raised an eyebrow. 'And to answer your questions, Tonks and the baby are fine. We moved all the bodies. We haven't heard from the Dark Lord ever since. You've been in a coma for two weeks.'

'Didn't seem that long,' Harry mused, pushing the blankets off him and swinging his legs around to hang over the side of the bed. 'What's for dinner?'

Snape opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Harry had already stood. Almost immediately the boy collapsed, crumpling like a rag doll to the ground.

'Idiot boy,' Severus growled, scooping Harry up and depositing him on the bed once again. 'I just told you that you've been in a coma for two weeks! How the hell do you expect to stand?'

'Sorry,' Harry smiled. 'But, seriously, what's for dinner?'

Severus rolled his eyes in annoyance and moved towards the door. 'I'll go make you something, shall I? I'll call in Nymphadora to keep you company.' And then he was gone, and door swinging shut with a snap behind him. Harry tilted his head to the side and listened intently. He could hear Severus' footsteps, growing fainter and fainter as he moved down the stairs. Soon, he could hear nothing but the normal household sounds.

'Interesting,' Harry couldn't help but think. 'He didn't yell at me once. Didn't berate me for getting myself into trouble… Again.'

But then he thought back on when he had gazed into the bowl of water and watched as Severus had begged him to stay. Maybe… Maybe that was why Severus was being so nice.

Harry was jolted out of his thoughts when Tonks opened the door. She smiled sadly at him and called his name, holding her arms open as she walked across the room to hug him. However, at the last second she tripped over the rug, sending her sprawling to the ground.

'Tonks!' Harry gasped, attempting to push the blankets off himself. They were tangled so tightly he could barely move waist down. 'Are you okay?'

'Yeah,' the woman smiled again, rubbing her head. The smile was hollow. 'I'm fine.' Harry took the time to run his eyes over her and he felt sad at what he saw. Her hair was long, straight and pitch black. She was dressed in all black, and even her eyes had changed to the colour.

'Tonks, why are you so… Black?' He asked quietly.

'I'm in mourning,' she sighed, tears prickling at her eyes. 'But let's not talk about that. How are you?'

'I'm fine,' Harry said slowly. 'How is everyone else? What's been happening?'

A small, evil smile appeared on Tonks' face, and she leaned in closer. 'Oh, you should see it!' She cackled. 'There is so much love! Fred's in love with Luna. George is in love with Hermione.'

'What?' Harry gasped. 'You can't be serious?'

'Well…' Tonks paused. 'They haven't really figured it out for themselves yet, but you should see the way they look at each other! It's like a repeat of Severus and you, and Ron and Draco. Why does it always happen in pairs?'

'Luna's staying here?' Harry asked.

'Oh, yeah,' Tonks nodded. 'She's staying with Hermione and I. Lovely girl. Bit insane if you ask me, but a great match for Fred all the same.'

'And…' Harry paused. 'Voldemort?'

Tonks flinched, but only slightly. 'He got away.'

'Ah,' Harry nodded. 'What time is it?'

'About eleven at night,' Tonks answered. 'But Ron and Draco are most likely still up. Do you want me to get them?'

'Yeah, thanks.'

Tonks stood and flashed him another one of those sad, hollow smiles before walking out. He could hear her walking a bit, then a door close by opening. There was a low thrum of conversation, then…

'HARRY!' Ron hurtled into the room, closely followed by Draco. They both enveloped him in a tight hug, and Harry could feel them both trembling.

'Mate, I… We thought you were lost,' Ron whispered, his hand resting on Harry's shoulder. It was squeezing tightly, as if Ron were checking that he were real.

'I almost was,' Harry admitted, smiling sheepishly at both of them. 'Tonks said something about Fred and Luna, and George and Hermione. Is this true?'

'Ah,' Draco smirked. 'Of course it's true. Tonks doesn't lie about that sort of stuff. I've tried telling Hermione over and over again that she and George are a match made in heaven, but…'

'But she gets all embarrassed and either hurries off or ignores us,' Ron finished, grinning.

'Sounds like Hermione,' Harry smiled. There was a soft knock at the door and Severus walked in, levitating a tray of food in front of him.

'Out,' he ordered Ron and Draco. 'Harry needs to eat and get some rest.'

Grumbling, they reluctantly left and Severus closed the door behind them. His eyes swept up and down Harry, before rolling upwards. 'For Merlin's sake, how the hell did you get that tangled?'

He set the tray down and then helped Harry pull the tangled sheets away, ignoring Harry's obvious embarrassment. Once finished, Severus picked up the tray and set it on Harry's lap. 'Eat,' he ordered, settling down in a chair beside the bed.

Harry looked down at the meal in front of him. It was most likely left over dinner, as it would be pretty hard for Severus to cook up the meal in such a short amount of time. He started eating, only then realising how hungry he was.

'It's going to be a boy,' Severus said suddenly.

'Eh?' Harry muttered, looking up from his plate. He swallowed the food in his mouth. 'What are you talking about?'

'Tonks' baby. It's going to be a boy,' Severus replied, leaning back in his chair.

'Uh, okay…' Harry frowned in confusion, wondering why Severus would tell him something so random.

Severus studied him intently, a frown appearing on his face. 'Harry…' he sighed. 'You do realise that it's not over? That the Dark Lord will strike again and again?'

'I know,' Harry replied. 'I can handle it. I've bested him heaps of times.'

'There's no guarantee we will survive,' Severus whispered.

'I know. That's why I want to make the most of it!'

Harry reached out and grabbed Severus' hand. They stared at each other intently.



Harry paced up and down the hallway, growling in frustration. 'That's it! She's hurt! I'm going in there and-' he made a mad dash for the door, but Severus grabbed him and pulled him back.

'Harry, calm down! She's fine!'

A scream sounded from behind the door and Harry started struggling. 'You call that fine?! She's screaming!'

'Harry, this is normal! For Merlin's sake, just calm down!'

Hermione stood and placed an uncertain hand on Harry's shoulder. She smiled encouragingly at him, and then sent Severus a look. 'Harry, Tonks is fine. Childbirth is normally pretty painful. Don't worry, she'll get through it.'

Harry sighed and slumped against Severus, staring at the closed door. There was no sounds coming from it now, and Severus led him back to his seat. However, when Harry refused to sit down, Severus rolled his eyes and pulled the frustrated teen on his lap.

Several hours passed, and most of the people waiting had fallen asleep. Draco had his eyes closed and was using Ron's chest as a pillow, and Ron was reading through a Quidditch magazine, running his fingers through the strands of Draco's silky blonde hair. Hermione had brought along a large book and was reading through it, her eyes bright. Fred and George were asleep, leaning on each other. Bill and Charlie were conversing quietly a little way away, and McGonagall was reading an even bigger book than Hermione's.

Harry was still on Severus' lap. He was leaning back and reading another Quidditch magazine. Severus was either reading over his shoulder or staring at Harry. Probably both.

Eventually, the door to the hospital room opened and a tired looking healer stepped out. His hair was a dirty grey, his eyes a pale yellow and he smiled slightly at them all. 'You may all see her now.'

Harry jumped up and grabbed Severus' hand. Severus stood, and they made their way into the room, followed by the rest. Draco was rubbing his eyes and yawning. Tonks was lying on the bed, holding a bundle of blue cloth in her arms. Luna was sitting beside her, smiling softly as she watched the woman talk softly to the baby. Tonks and Luna had become good friends over the duration of Tonks' pregnancy, so it was only natural that Luna sit beside her and hold her hand.

Harry raced to Tonks and peered over her shoulder. A tiny baby's head poked out of the hole in the cloth. Its eyes were a soft yellow, but to Harry's amazement; it changed to purple before his very eyes.

'Looks like he takes after you,' Luna said with a smile, reaching out a slender finger to stoke the baby's plump cheek.

'Yeah,' Tonks replied. Her hair was its normal bright pink, and her eyes back to their normal colour. She still missed Remus, but she had decided long ago to get over his death for the baby.

'What are you going to call him?' Draco asked softly, staring in amazement at the baby. No doubt he had never seen one in his life.

'Theodore Remus Tonks,' she replied with a small smile. 'I briefly considered calling him Teddy, but I changed my mind.'

Theodore's hair was bright orange, with streaks of blue through it. The blue was slowly starting to change to green, and Harry grinned. 'This is so cool.'

Severus put his arm around Harry's shoulder and they both stared down at Theodore.

'Harry,' Tonks said softly. 'Will you be the Godfather?'

'I- Of course!' Harry stuttered.

'Luna is the Godmother,' Tonks smiled.

There was a contented silence as Hermione sighed happily. Harry knew he'd eventually have to face down Voldemort, but he knew he wasn't alone.

Even in the bleakest times, new life could shine through.


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