Warnings: THIS FIC CONTAINS YAOI, some of it on the EXPLICIT SIDE. If you don't like this, TURN BACK NOW.

Notes: Written for a 30 prompts table I randomly found online. They were originally all going to be short little things, like the first few, but as I kept writing them I seemed to come up with longer and longer ones lol. I wrote them out of order and tried to put them back into chronological order, but they don't all fit exactly… Sorry if you get confused. --;;

Shukumei: Fate, destiny

RANDO: lol This is a funny quote I just found and wanted to share. "A dream catcher works…if your dream is to be gay." – Demetri Martin

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01. Alone

For 25 years, L had been alone.

He had been happy.

He had accepted that his work was all there would ever be, and he was content.

(And then there was Light, and L couldn't remember how he ever spent his days without obsessing over one person like this.)

02. Away

When Light was away from headquarters, L wiggled his toes in an agitation that he hoped no one noticed.

(Watari notices everything.)

When Light was away from headquarters, he talked about L a lot.

(Ryuk would snicker to himself, but otherwise kept his mouth shut.)

03. Black

It was storming outside, and there was a power blip.

"I thought your backup generators had things like this covered, Ryuuzaki," Light scowled in irritation as his monitor went black. L leaned over him to press a switch at the far side of the console.

"My apologies, Light-kun," he said quietly, his hair just slightly brushing Light's nose as he retracted his torso back to his own chair. The screens crackled back to life, and Light sat strangely still for a few seconds before reaching toward his mouse.

Ryuuzaki's hair had smelled like strawberry shampoo.

(Light wanted another whiff, just to be sure.)

04. Fallen

When L meets Misa and watches the way she clings to Light, he feels his stomach boil. Then he turns away and insists to himself that it would be a waste of time to let all of Light's admirers bother the world's three greatest detectives.

After all, Light is easily fallen for.

(Is this what jealousy feels like?)

05. Broken

Light slams the door to his room and smashes his fists down on his desk furiously. "Damn you, Ryuuzaki!" Ryuk floats casually through the wall after him.

"Hey, there's no need to be so angry." The shinigami tilts his head sideways and smiles smugly. "That L said you were his first friend. Won't that make him easier to manipulate?"

Light doesn't answer, opting to silently open the Death Note and copy down names with more than his usual fervor.

Ryuk is so interested that he forgets to whine for apples.

(Later, when Rem easily agrees to kill L at Light's command, Light curses whatever it is inside of him that feels so broken.)

06. Dream

The detective is drowning in a heaven of warmth. The bed underneath him and the body on top of him are so, so soft. There is a foreign pressure on his lips and a stirring in his navel, and he is gazing at the ceiling of a room that he has watched through cameras for hundreds of hours.

That auburn hair is as silky as it looks, he finds, as pale fingers slide through it. Light pulls away and smiles down at him, and he feels his heart skip a beat.

The word 'Kira' never passes through L's mind. They are a normal couple, making out on a normal afternoon. Light leans in to kiss him again, but it is a more familiar voice that murmurs "Ryuuzaki."

As the world swims back into focus, Watari presents him with a tray of cakes.

(It is the first time L has ever remembered a dream about anyone but his mother.)

07. Paradox

(You are always playing the game.)

L had been working diligently, focused on the case. Really, he had. And when he is focusing on a case, L's arm moves almost mechanically to shove various types of sugar into his mouth. It was the sudden pause in this motion that caught Light's attention.

"What's new, Ryuuzaki?"

Lamp-like black orbs turned their deadened gaze onto the police chief's son.

"I lost the game."

(Whenever you lose the game, you must announce it to everyone around you.)

Light's brain, already in Kira-mode, immediately went haywire. What? Is he saying he knows I'm Kira? But if he knows I'm Kira, doesn't that mean he won the game? Or maybe he knows I am Kira and that he can't do anything about it, so he's admitting his defeat to me? Is he trying to get me to proclaim my victory in the face of his defeat and therefore expose myself as Kira and ultimately get arrested? This train of thought would have continued if it hadn't been, strangely enough, Misa who interrupted.

"NOOOO!" The high-pitched squeal came from halfway up the stairs, where she had apparently been in the process of coming down to visit light. "Ryuuzaki, you jerk! Misa hates you!" A flurry of blonde hair and tiny fists shot over to the console and began beating L over the head. The rest of the investigation team looked on, frozen in half shock, half amusement.

(Of course, announcing your loss means that everyone else will lose the game, too.)

"Misa had been on a streak! One year, five months, and twenty-three days! Now Ryuuzaki broke the streak and Misa lost and Misa hates losing and Misa hates Ryuuzaki!" she fumed, struggling against Light as he tried to hold her off. The feel of Light's arms around her middle cooled her down a bit, and, pouting, she sunk back into Light's lap. Snuggling around a bit to find a comfortable seat, she glared at L. L's eyebrow twitched.

"What's all this about, Amane-san?" Soichiro asked tentatively. Misa opened her mouth to answer, but L interrupted calmly.

"I lost the game, so she lost the game. In fact, everyone in this room lost the game. She seems to be upset about it."

"The game?" Light inquired, rapid Kira-heartbeat slowing a little. "What game?" A piercing, soulless stare answered him, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

"The game, Light-kun. When you think about the game, you lose it," L explained in that creepy voice of his. "And by saying you've lost, you make everyone else think about it and lose it, too." He paused. Matsuda still looked confused. "The point of the game is to forget that it exists."

Light snorted. "That's a stupid paradox, Ryuuzaki." L shrugged, gazing with a hint of contempt as Misa continued to shift around on Light's lap.

"That may be so, Light-kun…but it doesn't matter." The black pits in L's eyes bore down on him, and a shiver went down his spine. The ghost of a smirk tugged at the corners of L's mouth, and his next words were a whisper. "You can never stop playing."

A few months later, L sat beside a snoozing Light on their bed, listening as he gave his first little wake-up yawn. The room was silent for a few seconds, and then…

"…Damn it!"

L smiled.

(It didn't matter if he lost the game. Light was especially cute when he scowled.)

08. Forget

"You'll forget everything, you know," Ryuk reminds Light when he is informed of the upcoming plan to relinquish all ownership of the Death Note.

"That's the only way," Light murmurs confidently to himself. He goes over to his window, and takes a long look at the moon. "…Everything, huh?" He smiles, and Ryuk is almost surprised to see that he looks a bit…sad.


"I wonder…"

(And when Light finds himself handcuffed in a cell for no reason at all, he doesn't know why he wants to see the owner of the static voice more than anything else.)

09. Fire

Light had fire in his eyes before and after he came out of solitary confinement.

L knows the difference. Before, he used to feel only his skin scald under the amber gaze.

These days, it sets his very soul on fire.

(Everyone thought L was made of ice, but Light knew better. If he looked hard enough, he could see a flicker behind those twin mirrors of shining obsidian.)

10. Flower

Light had been in the practice of buying flowers for his girlfriends, but he had never allowed any reciprocation before. After all, what did Yagami Light want or need with flowers?

This is why, when he finds a bright yellow dandelion on his side of the desk one morning, he is confused. Besides a little mangling of the stalk, the bud itself is a near perfect specimen. Light immediately knows who is to blame, and turns to the scraggly detective at his side.

"Well?" Light asks, raising an eyebrow and holding the dandelion up meaningfully. Ryuuzaki gives him that blank, innocent look that makes a muscle underneath Light's eye twitch.

"It is a sign of our friendship," L explains simply. "Don't friends give each other flowers occasionally?" He cocks his head, unafraid of having just made a potentially serious faux pas. Light clicks his tongue in exasperation.

"Only lovers give each other flowers, Ryuuzaki. And besides, a dandelion isn't a flower. It's a weed." The chief's son sighs, and an unbidden surge of annoyed affection suddenly sweeps across his chest. He is so surprised that he nearly drops the dandelion. Ryuuzaki turns back to his monitor, but Light could have sworn that the corner of those pale lips quirked upwards.

"It is a flower, Light-kun."

"It's a weed, Ryuuzaki." Light scowls and slips it into his bag with what he hopes is a nonchalant gesture.

(Later, when he gets home, he presses it gently between the pages of a book. He tells himself that he is only keeping it as proof of a time when the great detective L didn't know what he was talking about.)


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