Just a heads up. This story is a sequel to Of Demons and Traitors. It can be read alone with only a few things that connect with the other story but nothing that should cause confusion.

It was a sunny cheerful morning in front of the school. The students were walking up the steps entering the building joining their friends and chatting as they went. The students were dressed in white dress t-shirts with black ties and blue pants on boys and blue skirts on girls. A young black girl with a large flowing ponytail and blue-grey eyes was waiting with another girl. The other girl had freckles, short brown hair, and green eyes. Both were of about 14 to 15 years old and let out a sigh as they began going up the stairs towards the school. They were waiting for their friend who was late for school, again. They were just going up the school steps having waited as long as they could when a skinny blond girl with blue eyes came running up.

Blond Girl: Zita! Bell! Wait up guys.

Zita Hertel narrowed her grey eyes looking at her blond friend rush towards her. The blond girl stopped completely out of breath at the foot of the school steps where she gave her friends an apologetic grin. The blond was bent over and had her hands were on her knees sweat dripping off her face.

Zita: That is the third time this week Jesse. Why can't you wake up on time for once!

Bella Springs looked at Jesse whose long blond hair was a bit messed up, her shirt untucked, and her head hanging down as she breathed deeply. Jesse lived three miles from the school at the Jump City orphanage, who sent all their teens to Murakami High School. Despite their being a bus to and from the orphanage Jesse preferred to walk but it appears she once again had to run.

Bell: 'Sigh' Come on Zita lets just get to class before the bell rings.

Jesse nodded her agreement and tucked her shirt in as she followed behind her friends.

Jesse: Thanks for waiting guys. Sorry I'm late.

The girls walked into homeroom which they all shared. The three girls had been friends for almost a year and grown very close though Jesse held a very dark secret from her friends.

Bell: So you got all your homework done?

Jesse: Yep! Took all night but I got it all done.

Zita: Guess my tutoring helped huh?

Jesse: Yeah than…

Jesse's face froze and suddenly she let out an ear splitting scream as she fell to her knees grabbing her head with both hands. Her eyes went wide as the pain in her head felt like thousands of spiders gnawing and crawling all over her head. She soon stopped screaming losing consciousness and started collapsing to the floor.

Zita & Bell: JESSE!

As Jesse collapses Zita and Bell grab her, softening her fall and gently laying her on the ground.

Zita: Someone call the nurse! Something's wrong with Jesse!!

Bell: Hold on Jesse help is on its way.

Robin opened his eyes, still groggy from sleep, and quickly tried to assess his situation. He looked around to find his friends, it was as he had expected, the Titans had been captured. Each of the Titans were unconscious, all of them bolted to a large slanted piece of steel. Starfire had her hands covered in steel as well as a large steel plate over her eyes effectively disabling both her starbolts and laser eyes. Her arms and legs were held onto the table with strong restraints. Cyborg had similar steel coverings on his hands and feet as well as straps crossing his shoulders, legs, and arms. Beastboy had steel restraints around his neck, hands, and legs. Raven's restraints had runes upon them which he assumed was to cancel out her powers. Finally Robin inspected himself, his utility belt had been removed and he had straps across his hands and feet. He struggled but couldn't get free and also saw the restraints could not be opened by the pick in his gloves. The other Titans began to awake.

Beastboy: Duuuude. Did anybody get the license plate of that truck?

Cyborg: Uhhhhh… Where are we?

Starfire: Friends?! I cannot see where you are?!

Raven: We're right here Starfire.

Raven looked around. It was dark and dry and looked like an underground lair of some kind. She heard machinery but couldn't make anything out.

Raven: Of course we still don't know where "here" is.

From the darkness walked a shade which all the Titans visibly recognized. A light suddenly sparked on and the form of the Slade was clearly visible.

Slade: Perhaps I could shed some light on that. You are in my new base of operations and you are all my prisoners.

Robin: Slade… What do you want?

Slade: Why Robin I want what I have always wanted. Power. Of course my service to Trigon opened up a few personal revelations. I once wanted an apprentice to serve me and uphold my legacy after I had passed. Now I realize, what's the point of ruling if you're not alive to enjoy it? I also learned how useful and enjoyable powers can be and I want to have more.

Slade walked towards the Titans looking at them with a cold unfeeling eye.

Slade: The powers of you and your friends will do nicely.

Beastboy: Yeah right. How do you think you're going to do that? Dissect us? Wait you're not going to dissect us are you?

Slade chuckled: No. I have a far less messy way of getting what I want.

With that Slade held out an amulet, the amulet of champions.

Cyborg: No… How did you get that!?

Slade: The how is not important my little friends it's the why that matters. I will use this amulet and challenge each of you in combat and as I take your powers one by one I will use it to bring this city to its knees.

Raven's eyes turned black and her fists clenched.

Raven: You think it's going to be that easy? Well Slade let's see if you can take me!

Starfire: YES! You will find my friends and I are not so easily defeated. We will be victorious!

Slade: Oh sorry. Did I forget to mention? Raven your powers are incredible but they are so difficult to defeat and control I think I will not bother with them at all.

With that Slade pulled out one of his lasers from behind him and charged it to lethal force.

Slade: Goodbye dear Raven.

Slade fired before the Titans could even bring forth a threat. The blast penetrated Raven's stomach and passed out the other side of the table.

Silence. The Titans were all in shock unable to speak or think about what had just happened. The first voice was Starfire.

Starfire: Raven…Please speak friend... Raven...RAVEN!!


The metal teen's body glowed a most brilliant blue as his strength rose to incredible levels. His metal body strained against the binds as he desperately tried to reach Slade, the man who had just killed one of his closest friends. Starfire also struggled to free herself her teeth grinding as her tears leaked out of her metal blinds but her Tamerainian muscles still strained against the metal binds. Cyborg and Starfire's combined efforts were having a noticeable effect on the table as their violent struggle shook the steel slate they were bound too. Slade popped a remote from one of pockets on his belt and pressed a button. A large magnetic field encompassed the table immobilizing Cyborg and putting immense pressure on Starfire's head. The two super human teens struggle ended, tears still fell from Starfire's metal blinds as well from Cyborg's one human eye. Cyborg's body went back to it's original hue and Slade deactivated the field. Robin who had his eyes closed after Slade's attack now opened his eyes and gave Slade a vicious glare.

Beastboy was still staring at the lifeless body of Raven his mide trying to cope.

How could this happen? After all the Titans did to save Raven going to hell and back to protect her and just like that she was gone. Beastboy's eyes stared at Slade with a hatred that surprised even the evil mastermind. Beastboy tried to morph into The Beast but no amount of effort or hate could break his bonds. All that came from Beastboy after was a low guttural growl filled with an unnatural blood lust.

Slade looked at the Titans and smiled under his mask, it surprised him how easy it was.

Robin: You will pay for this Slade. You will pay.

Slade: Now Robin I don't think you're in any position to give threats.

He then looked at the shape shifter and got closer to the young man.

Slade: Oh I'm not done with you yet Beastboy. There is still another friend of yours I can make suffer.

A large screen popped up showing the Murakami High School. Beastboy looked at the school and his mind snapped back to reality.

Beastboy: Don't you dare Slade! Don't you dare…

Slade: Oh don't worry I won't take care of Terra like I did Raven. Terra is also an unpredictable power that is more dangerous than useful and as such must be eliminated but I won't need to attack the school to get rid of her. I will do the simplest thing possible, a thing none of you would expect and one that will quickly take care of my former apprentice.

A light switched on revealing a black standard telephone. Slade walked over to it and picked it up and began dialing.

Slade: I'm going to call the police.