Hello every one, this is just a test fight for a future KI fan fic. Please R&R tell me what I can do better. Thank you and Enjoy.

Killer Instinct test fight

"Welcome, to this months BATTLE." The announcer yelled from the arena, the crowd was in total uproar "And now to introduce our combatants," The announcer continued, as the crowd fell silent. "Introducing the former Heavy Weight champion, T.J. COMBO!!" The announcer literally screamed as Combo walked onto the arena, the crowd was back to screaming uproar. "And now introducing, one of Ultra-Tech's newest genetically engineered subject, RIPTOR!!" At his name the crowd was shaking the walls with their cheers. "LET THE BATTLE BEGIN" the announcer ran for cover as the two fighters began charging at each other. Combo let out a right hook, while Riptor veered to the left and used a fore claw to slice. The claw connected and left a nasty gash across Combos arm. Stunned, Combo was going to be Dino-chow, Riptor ran up to Combo ready to sink it's teeth into Combo's jugular. The crowd began cheering as Riptor lowered his jaw on to Combo's neck, but Combo stood up and kneed Riptor in the stomach, causing it to fall back. Combo began lashing out a flurry of punches. Each blow hit the Dino hybrid, pushing it backwards. Riptor chomped down onto Combo's glove, piercing through it. Combo pulled back in pain, but Riptor held him in place. Combo used a head butt, temporarily stunning Riptor. Combo grabbed Riptor by the head and started to twist, but Riptor wasn't going to be finished that easy. It's tail smacked Combo hard on the chest, knocking the air out of him. Riptor then stood on it's tail and began to let out hundreds of kicks. It let out a final power kick and sent Combo flying. When he landed, he felt a crushing weight crash into him. Riptor had pinned him to the ground. It roared, ready to feast as it lowered it's head. The crowd was silent as everything seemed to move in slow-motion for Combo. Just as Riptor was about to sink his teeth, Combo took off his glove and shoved it into Riptor's open jaws. And vaulted the surprised reptile across the room. Combo stood up as blood trickled down his wounds. The audience could tell that he was using all of his force just to stand. This battle was going to be over very soon. Riptor stepped back a few paces and pounced. Combo braced him self for the blow, everything was in slow motion again. Death was moving straight towards Combo. As Riptor was inches away, Combo slid to the side and grabbed the creature's head. He twisted as hard as any man could. A tremendous crack filled the room, as Combo threw Riptors lifeless body to the side. The audience was speechless, The announcer jogged up to the arena. "We have a winner" The crowd began cheering as the announcer lifted Combo's arm I high "yeah I did it" Combo said to himself with a sigh as he was escorted away from the arena.