Authors note; New story! This is going to be updated frequently, but each entry is rather short, but will get larger as it goes on. Starts off with Bella as a 9 year old, so that's why the entries are kinda short. Set out like her diary. OOC. Eventual canon pairings, but not without a hard time getting there. T because I'm paranoid, and it will end up having swearing etc. as she gets older.

Disclaiming: Not mine. Or is it? … No, it's not.

My Best Friend

Part One.

Bella Swan. 20 April. 9 years old.

My new best friend is Edward. He is the bestest person in the whole wide world apart from mum. He has orange hair and green eyes and is really fun. He is a tiny bit taller than me and I love him.

Yesterday we went swimming in the pond when mum said we can't. Edward begged for ages but she still said no. So we said we were playing with my Barbie's in my room, but we went to the pond. I pushed him in. He pretended to drown and I was really scared. I jumped in after him and tried to save him, but he scared me by jumping out of the water. I almost weed myself.

I love Edwards mum too. She is called Esme and she smells nice. She smells like cookies or muffins. I bet Edward gets to eat muffins all the time, but mum only lets me have one on good days, when special people come for tea. Last time I had one was when granny came over, which was ages ago.

My best friend used to be Jake, but he moved away from me. He didn't say why and I cried for two days. Edward said that he will beat Jake up because Jake made me cry. Edward made me feel lots better, and I stopped crying when Edward started to come over.

All the girls at school try to play with Edward, but he tells them that they smell and then he comes and plays with me. Jessica keeps flicking her hair at Edward, and then Edward asked her if she had a twitch, which made me laugh really hard.

Edward said he wants to be a doctor like his dad when he grows up. I don't know what I want to be. I might be a teacher. I like teaching people things.

Ages ago I taught Edward how to do a cartwheel. I thought it was funny because Edward is good at everything else but then he tells me that he can't to cartwheels. So then I showed him. He is completely useless at it, but it makes me laugh to see him try.