Last Flight of a Valkyrie

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As the VF-25F rolled onto it's back, heavily damaged and blacken, Alto could only look out at the new world before him that reached out and filled the canopy of his stricken Valkyrie. A world where the people of Frontier could live without the fear that had taken hold of their life's since the war had started. It was odd to think that the place that they would now call home was also the home of the Vajra but after everything that he had seen and done in the last few days he found that there was no hate for the Vajra left in him. It took him a few moment to realize that there was really wasn't a whole lot of hate left in him for anything or anyone now, that once it was all said and done it wasn't hate that kept him going and helped him through everything but hope and love for those he cared for.

Looking back into the cockpit he saw that this would be as far as his beloved Valkyrie could take him. Taking his left hand from the throttle he reached up and rubbed his hand along the top of the instrument panel.

"You did very well today, thank you. You can rest now."

Alining himself as much as he could in the seat Alto reached for the yellow and black striped handle marked 'CANOPY JETTISON' and pulled. The carbon scored canopy blew free and fell away followed moments later by Alto in his EX-Gear flight system.

Looking back at the damaged Valkyrie as he fell towards the ground head first he thought back to Michael Blanc, Raramia Rerenia, Henry Gilliam and all the others lost in the war.

"It wasn't in vain, it wasn't a waste, thank you all."

With that he offered a salute to all those fallen and to his Valkyrie. Rolling over and spreading the wings of his EX-Gear Alto began his flight down to where the Frontier fleet was at and to where his friends were waiting for him.

Now free of any duties that might be placed upon it caused by the activation of the ejection system things began to happen. First the engine cores over-heated and turned into slag, then the flight and fire control systems went about and erased everything from navigation date and radio frequencies to lines of code for the electronic warfare and radar systems, leaving nothing for any adversary that might find the downed bird. Once it's final tasks were completed the Valkyrie continued on it's arc toward the ground below.

On reaching the thicker air the Valkyrie hit a pocket of turbulence and again rolled over so it was upright once more and due to the density of the atmosphere, it slowed and the nose came up just enough. It found a field just a dozen or so miles from where a pocket of humanity had landed in the sea. The air intakes hit first and dug shallow cuts into land followed fast by the rest of the airframe. Coming to a stop almost a mile later, the grass burning in a few small spots along the way, the Valkyrie settled and began it's wait.

While this warbird would indeed have a final flight, it would not be that day. Years from then people would find it still waiting in it's field and numbers would be matched to records and found that the Valkyrie was the same one flown by one Alto Saotome on that fateful day when all was almost lost. So with care and many hours of work the Valkyrie would be repaired and restored, once again made airworthy and rolled out at a celebration on the anniversary of both the war's end and the day the people of the Frontier fleet found a world to call home. It would be presented to it's old pilot in thanks for all he had done and both he and his Valkyrie would fly together once again.

Okay just something I wrote fast after having watched the last episode of Macross Frontier for the 25th or so time. Hope someone likes it, and if not, oh well I enjoyed writing it. Sorry for any and all mistakes, like I said it was done fast.