Up Against The Wall

Summary: She learned to deal with his beatings. But she wasn't expecting them to get worse overnight. Who can stop them forever, and mend her broken heart? NH.

Hey guys, new story here. This kind of came to me and I had to write it down. This was the end result... I will still be working on I Wish To Remember, and Coming To Terms now and then. CTT isn't as popular as IWTR so yeah... Read and review!

Haley James opened her eyes quickly to escape from her nightmare. Each night it was the same: her running out of a stranded barn, panting for breath, clutching her jeans and shoes to her bruised chest. Then, he came out of the shadows and attacked her again. She would then force herself to escape the nightmare, and into the next one she called life.

Looking over at the alarm clock, it read 6:30am. She closed her eyes for a few moments. Did she deserve the beatings she endured almost everyday? Of course she didn't, no one deserves to be beaten unless they were a killer. She, of course, wasn't one. She never understood why her boyfriend, Kaylob, did such things to her. Although she had her theories, his mother, leaving him and his father at the young age of ten, or the fact that his father had a criminal past as a drug dealer. She also suspected that Kaylob was the victim of abuse, like herself. So the attacks arn't just random, right? She hadn't done anything wrong, right?

She felt the pain in her left side as she moved on out of her single bed, and she clutched it immediately. Looking at her small mirror, she gazed upon her newest bruise to the collection. She sighed. At least it could easily be covered this time. She slipped on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. He hadn't hit her in the past few days to leave bruises. Not hard, at least. Kaylob had made no threats against her if she were to leave, but she still didn't break up with him anyway. What would he do if she did? She didn't want to think of the beating she could endure from him. She didn't want to think of him, possibly hurting her family and friends. She didn't want to think of him, curled in a gutter drowning himself in self-pity either. Because she still loved the teenage boy. She just missed who he use to be.

Kaylob use to be a happy, sentimental and softhearted boy. Always showering her with his many gifts or kisses. Some days when they were a happy couple, he would turn up to school with a box of chocolates or flowers, just telling her how much he loved her. Haley smiled at the thoughts of the man she fell in love with, but that small amount of happiness was filled with pain as she remembered the first time he let his fist connect with her jaw.

Lucas Scott was her best-friend, and they always shared everything. Their food, their homework, their secrets. Although when it came to secrets, she left out Kaylob's abusive nature. At first, she struggled to keep it from Lucas, and he noticed her change in character. She never could tell him that she was being beaten by the man she once loved, because she knew what Lucas could potentially do. Kill him. Of course she knew Lucas didn't have that sort of side, but she did know how he acted whenever somehow was to mess around with his friend's life. He would grow protective and do whatever to stop them. Kaylob was Lucas' friend, part of his 'river court crew' along with Fergie, Junk, Skills and Mouth. She didn't want to break them up, either.

Taking the cover-up, she put the powder along the bruise on her right eye. It was in it's last few days, and could easily be covered now. She was just scared that he would give her another, which would result in endless credit card bills and a life time membership to the pharmacy down the street. Not to mention the possible suspicion of Lucas. Lucas had sometime seen some of her bruises, and asked about them. She would blame her clumsiness for the purple coloured sores.

She picked up her backpack which already had her books pack inside. She did this the night before as she suffered from her slight case of insomnia. Faking a few smiles in the mirror, she left her room and started what would be yet another long day.

"Oh shit dawg, the mad shizzle we had planned fo' Lucas still isn't working."

Nathan crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back against his Mercedes. "Just say the plan sucks, Tim." He told his friend as they eyed the blonde hair blue eyed boy making his way into the school.

"The plan sucks, Nathan." Tim said obeying his orders.

Nathan stood upright and faced Tim. "Then we need a new plan, don't we?" Nathan patted Tim on the shoulder. "Get to work then, Dim." Tim wasn't good at ideas, but at times he was better than Nathan. Tim straightened his backpack and smirked, trying to copy Nathan's own patented one. Although, whenever he tried, he would fail miserably. Tim nodded and walked away into the opposite direction.

Nathan turned on his heels and started his walk to his locker, which was unfortunately next to his brother's best-friends: Haley James. Ever since they first saw each other, Haley hated Nathan. She knew exactly who he was and what he could do, and she was only eight as well. Nathan smiled at his memories. He use to torment the little girl for his own amusement during he and Lucas' junior-high basketball games. Although, he stopped when Lucas quit the team and they stopped attending the games. He knew exactly why he quit too. He found out that Nathan was his brother, because Tim told him during a practise session.

He stopped in his tracks when he came in sight of the reason his blood boiled time-to-time. There it was, his brother with his friends. Laughing, being happy. Nathan was rarely happy, broody and arrogant maybe, but rarely happy. His plan was for Lucas to be the broody one, so he could be the happy one, with his shooting guard position. Stupid Lucas, taking his position. He knew all of his friends: Mouth, Skills, Kaylob, Haley. Fergie and Junk also, but they went to another school.

Everyone knew that Kaylob and Haley were together, as well. It became obvious when Kaylob started showering her with random gifts nearly every day. Maybe Lucas was jealous? Maybe Lucas wanted Haley to himself, instead of Haley all to Kaylob. He looked at Lucas' smile as he laughed along with the couple. If he did want Haley, he sure did know how to fake happiness.

Then it hit him, the ultimate plan. The plan that would make Lucas dropped to his knees. He smiled evilly at the thoughts, and planned on spending the whole of first period Spanish thinking about it.

Lucas smiled brightly at Haley. "How about a movie night? We haven't had one of those in ages." Haley felt Kaylob tense around her waist. She gulped. Kaylob would sometimes get jealous of Lucas' over-friendliness. But that was just how they were, over-friendly. "This weekend?"

She felt Kaylob's hand turn into a fist. "Sorry Luke, I have that Spanish exam to study for." She lied. The Spanish exam wasn't for another three weeks, and she had already studied for it as well. Kaylob's fist returned to it's flat shape.

"Bring your textbooks over then. We'll study while watching Bring It On." Lucas pouted. "C'mon Hales. It's studying and Bring It On I'm offering here! You know how much I hate that movie, as well."

Haley couldn't help but smile at Lucas' pleading. "We'll see, 'kay?"

"Your so going to blow me off, aren't you?" Haley bit her lip, but the bell went off before she could agree.

"Maybe." She answered simply, eager to get away. She pulled from Kaylob's grasp to began to walk away, only the feel the familiar tugging at her arm. Her heart skipped a beat. He wouldn't do it know, would he? She turned her head anyway.

"Your not going to leave me hanging, are you?" Kaylob smiled, opening his arms. Haley gave him a quick hug, but wanted to get away as soon as she touched his chest. She pulled away again.

"What about me?" Lucas smiled. Haley gave him a hug as well. This time she didn't want to pull away, because she knew Lucas was safe. She knew that if she told Lucas, she would be safe.

She also knew that she would be getting a hell of a beating tonight.

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