What Used To Be

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Chapter One

Seventeen Years Later


Said elf turned from where he was sitting on the window-ledge of his bedroom and smiled as he saw his father come in.

"Yes, Adar?" Legolas asked.

"Legolas, I need to speak to you about something important."

"Oh." Legolas knew exactly what his father wanted to speak with him about. But he couldn't speak about it, because then he would have to think about him and he really couldn't face that.

"It's about...sailing." When Legolas said nothing he continued. "I don't know what happened with you and Aragorn, Legolas. But I do know that it's tearing you apart inside, and you're not happy here anymore."

"What are you trying to say, Ada?"

"I'm saying that I think you should sail. As much as it hurts me, to have to say goodbye, I will see you again. Much of Mirkwood wishes to go as well. You should go with them." Here he paused. "See your mother again."

Legolas drew in a sharp intake of breath. "I can't go, Ada."

"Why not? Why would you stay, when this place gives you no pleasure, Legolas?" Sometimes he hated the fact that his only child had inherited his stubborness.

"I made a promise."

Thranduil frowned. "What promise?"

"To...Estel. I promised I would not leave for Valinor while he still had a breath yet standing in the world."

Now the older elf stared at his son, hard. "Legolas...you have not seen, spoken nor had any communication with Aragorn in seventeen years. Despite Gondor-Lasgalen relationships being good."

"I know Ada but I promised." Legolas replied.

"Legolas, please. He has clearly not spared a thought for you so why should you him? I know you were friends, once, but that is no more. He has moved on and so must you. There is nothing left for you here."

Legolas could feel the tears coming. But his father was right, and that was what hurt. Thay had been friends. Once. But not anymore. Not anymore.

"Your mother is waiting for you, Legolas. You are ready to go." Cruel to bring the childs mother into this, he knew, but he also knew it was one thing that had the greatest chance of persuading his son.

"I can't leave you here." He replied.

"I am not ready, Legolas. But we would see eachother soon."

"Why are you making me do this?" Legolas asked finally.

Thranduil said nothing. "Things will be ready for your leave as soon as can be, ion-nin." Then he stood, and left Legolas sitting on the window-ledge gazing up at the stars, the only thing that still held comfort for him now, he knew.

Aragorn sat in the courtyard, under the large tree, one that an old friend of his had loved. He was looking up at the sky, trying to get a few moments of peace during his hectic day (although thankfull they were not as hectic as they had been 17 years ago) but was annoyingly interrupted by his sons.

"Eldarion! Halbarad! Stop it at once!"

His sons immediately looked at him innocently. Unfortunately they had both mastered this perfectly, but neither more so than their sister, Laurina.

"We weren't doing anything, Ada." Eldarion said sweetly.

Aragorn glared at him. "Just how old are you, Dari?" He demanded.

"Sixteen, Ada."

"What about you, Hal?"

"Er,fourteen, Ada."

"I rest my case. You are both far too old to be rolling around on the floor." With that, he stood and returned with a sigh, indoors.

As soon as he did this he was, well, attacked. By his wife, no less.

"Arwen! What's wrong?" He asked in surprise when he saw that she was crying.

She glared at her husband. In fact, if he was not mistaken, Aragorn was sure she was glaring at him.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong!" Arwen cried. "What's wrong is that you and that stubborn-stubborn-" Here she broke of and just cried onto Aragorn.

Aragorn truly had no idea what his wife was talking about.

"What she means is Legolas is leaving for the Havens." Gimli said, walking in.

"Gimli?" Aragorn stared at his friend. He hadn't heard what the Dwarf had said, he had been too surprised to see him.

"Nana? Ada? What's going on?" Eldarion and Halbarad had just arrived on the scene.

"Ada, a messenger has just arrived from Mirkwood. He wants to see you, Ada." Now Laurina had joined too. Great. Why don't we just throw a party? Aragorn thought.

"Right, well, I'll be back to talk about this in a minute." Aragorn said loudly.

"I think it might be better if you-" Gimli trailed off, as Aragorn had already fled the room. Now he found himself alone in a room with one crying she-elf and three confused children.

"Arwen, er,well, it'll be okay." Gimli said in a useless attemt to comfort Arwen. He looked to the children for support. Halbarad quickly hurried over to comfort his mother.

"What's going on?" Eldarion asked Gimli. Gimli paused. How could he possibly explain what was going on?

Luckily he was saved having to explain, by Aragorn bursting back into the room.

"Why did none of you think to TELL me about this?" He demanded.

"We did Estel, that's what we were trying to tell you!" Arwen insisted.

Aragorn hurried on regardless. "I'm going after him."

"What's going on?" Eldarion asked for the third time.

Arwen answered. "Do you remember when me and your father told you about Legolas and Stider?" When the three children nodded she continued. "Strider was your fathers Ranger Name. He and Legolas were best friends. Legolas fought in the War of the Ring alongside your father, and Gimli. But shortly before you were born Legolas left Minas Tirith suddenly..." She paused.

Now Aragorn picked the story up. "I don't know why he left, but we haven't spoken since. And now...he's leaving for the Havens. I-I can't let him do this, without talking to him at least, so I'm going after him."

No wonder Arwen had been upset. She and Legolas had been close, and she hadn't understood when Legolas had left. But then, neither had Aragorn. At the time he had been incredibly busy and with one thing or another it had just slipped his mind. Besides, if Legolas wasn't going to get in touch niether was he.

"And I'm going with you." Eldarion said.

"I'm coming too!" Laurina added.

"No! This is between me, and Legolas." Aragorn insisted.

"Well, I'm coming with you whether you like it or not. When I found this out, I actually got on a horse just to tell you. If you think I'm not coming with you, you are sadly mistaken." Gimli announced.

Aragorn sighed. Legolas was leaving for the Havens right now (with half of Mirkwood to slow him down, but still.) and if Aragorn didn't leave A.S.A.P the Legolas would be half-way to Valinor before Aragorn even reached the Havens!

"Fine!" Aragorn said. "You can come, but if your not ready at first light, I'm not waiting." With that, he hurried from the room to make preparations for the journey.