"I don't know Tina. I really am starting to crush on Gary." Holly says.

"But your dating Vince! Plus look at them Gary's so not even close to Vince's looks." Tina replied.

"But looks aren't all of what matters in life. Plus I'm having problems with Vince!" Holly says quietly.

"So do you always resort to a new guy? Because all I'm saying is with Ben it was Henry and with Henry it was Vince. All I'm trying to say is when something goes wrong you move to another guy." Tina says in a shushed voice.

"NO I DON'T!" Holly yelled.

"well here comes Vince.. Oh and Gary. Are you going to tell either one of them?" Tina asked.

"No now shut up your not being very helpful." Holly says quickly.

"Hey baby." Vince says to holly giving her a peck on the lips.

" Okay anyone thirsty?" Holly says getting nervous with both of them being around.

" Nope I'm good" Tina says.

" Me too." Gary replied.

" No I don't want anything." Vince says.


Val was always nervous saying them three small words that means so much to the man she married because she was drunk.

"You okay baby?" Vic asked Val.

"Yeah yeah just fine." Val said as id she did something wrong.

"You sure?" Vic says giving her a mean less hug.

"Yes just fine. Now you want to share this cake with me?" Val actually was going to share her cake.

Vic said "sure"


Well I'm going to go home.. I've got a lot on my mind. Holly says.

"Stay awhile." Vince says.

"No I don't think so .. Sorry babe." Holly continued as she left.

"What's wrong with her?" Vince spoke towards Tina.

" I don't know" Tina said.. Plus that's your job to find out.

To be continued…