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Warnings: Alcohol Abuse, Angst, Sap, Yaoi, Sex


"You're taking me to Port Royal. Right now" Sora looked behind him to yell at whoever was crushing his arm but upon seeing the assailant his eyes widened and he gasped.



"Cloud! What on earth are you doing out of bed? You've only just woken up!" Aerith almost shrieked. Cloud regarded her coolly.

"I overheard Sora saying Leon's slowly drowning himself in alcohol. That's more important than me staying in bed for a couple of hours when I'm already fully healed.

"But… the mental strain! You've been asleep for over two months!"

"It doesn't matter. Leon's more important." The brunette sighed when she realised that there would be no reasoning with the blonde.

"Be careful then" Cloud nodded and let go of Sora's arm. Said teen rubbed the abused area and glared at Cloud before following the blonde through the door.


"Where's this bar then?" Cloud asked as he stumbled off the Gummi Ship. He'd always hated the machines and got terrible motion sickness. He shook his head to rid himself of the temporary nausea and followed Sora to a shabby bar just off of the port.

Upon entering the building, Sora sighed. Leon was in the exact same place he was the last time he saw him. He was nursing a large glass of some alcoholic liquid and had bags under his eyes, like he hadn't slept at all since he had arrived. He bounded over to the bartender.

"How many has that guy in the corner had?" he asked in a hushed tone. The man just shrugged.

"Lost count after the first day. He hasn't moved from that corner for the last three days." Sora scowled.

"Why didn't you kick him out?"

"You think I didn't try? He put that big sword at my throat and just told me to get another drink for him. I'm sorry but I have my own wife and kids to think about thanks." He then walked away as a drunken slur for his attention met his ears.

Sora walked back over to Cloud and shook his head. They then heard a loud thud and their heads snapped towards Leon's table where the brunette's head had just hit the wood. Cloud's eyes widened and he rushed over to his lover's side, Sora cautiously following him.

"Looks like he's just passed out" the spiky teen said. Cloud sighed in relief and nodded, carefully picking the brunette up and putting him over his shoulder. Sora ran back to the bartender. "How much?" he asked, pulling out a bag of munny. The man just shook his head and motioned after the blonde who was exiting the bar.

"Just make sure he's alright" Sora smiled, nodded and thanked him before following Cloud.


Leon awoke to a piercing headache. No joke. It felt like someone was trying to dig his eyes out with a rusty spoon. And his stomach was not agreeing with him in the slightest.

Rolling over he retched over the side of the bed, someone was quick enough to catch the contents of his stomach in a bucket though. Once done he flopped back onto his back and sighed.

"You know? I should dump the contents of this bucket over your head for worrying me that much. Don't ever do that again." Leon's eyes snapped open at the familiar voice.

"Cloud?" said blonde rolled his eyes.

"That's the second time I've had that today"

"But… Aerith said you wouldn't wake up" Cloud shook his head.

"Aerith isn't always right Leon. She'd probably chase me around the house with a spatula for saying it. But it's the truth." Leon smiled for what felt like the first time in ages. Cloud smiled back and walked out of the room with the bucket. Leon rubbed his aching temples; this was one hangover from hell. The door suddenly slammed open and in burst a certain teenaged ninja.

"Right you. If you try anything like that again I'll have Cid shove his spear so far up your ass you'll be coughing it up" Yuffie stated as she clung to the gunblader. Leon groaned as his head throbbed more.

"Payback's a bitch Leonhart. Remember that the next time you send her after me" Leon scowled, he could practically hear Cloud smirking. The blonde dismissed Yuffie telling her that her job was done. She grinned and waved before bouncing out of the room. Cloud handed his lover a glass of water and two painkillers. Leon nodded his thanks and swallowed the pills before downing the rest of the water. Cloud then took the glass, setting it on the bedside table and looked at Leon.

"Why did you do it?" he asked, eying the brunette intently. The gunblader sighed.

"I don't know. Maybe the fact I was told someone I loved had left me. Again" Cloud's features softened and he embraced his lover tightly.

"I'm so sorry" he whispered, burying his head in brunette hair. Leon's eyes filled with tears as he hugged the blonde back.

"It doesn't matter. You're alright now." He muttered, Cloud shook his head.

"But you almost weren't! You would have died of liver poisoning if Aerith and Merlin didn't empty the alcohol from your system!" Leon looked away and Cloud clung to him again. "Just promise me you won't ever pull anything like that again, please, I don't know what I'd do if you were to die" Leon clutched Cloud tighter and kissed his neck softly.

"I promise. If you promise not to leave me" Cloud chuckled.

"Never" he leaned up and caught the brunette's lips in a deep kiss. Gradually it became more heated, both their tongues lashing out to tangle with each other. Cloud shifted so he was straddling the brunette, never breaking their passionate meeting of mouths.

"Leon. Are you. Sure you want to. Do this?" Cloud asked between kisses. "You might still be a bit weak" Leon groaned.

"Don't care" the blonde grinned and caught the brunette's lips again, grinding his hips firmly against Leon's. The brunette broke the kiss, throwing his head back and groaning loudly. Cloud grinned and nipped at Leon's neck before sucking. Leon panted as he tugged on Cloud's zipper, glad that the blonde wasn't wearing his shoulder guard and battle skirt. He pushed the shirt off Cloud's shoulders as his lover pulled back from his neck.

Cloud sat back and admired the angry bruise forming on the brunette's neck, lightly running his fingers over the mark before pressing another kiss to Leon's lips. He gasped as their positions suddenly switched, Leon now sitting between his slightly parted thighs and still kissing him. The blonde moaned and moved his arms to settle around the gunblade wielders shoulders as Leon moved his lips down Cloud's jaw and down his throat to nip along his collarbone, gyrating his hips slowly against the blonde's. Cloud groaned and moved his hands down to the pair of sweat pants the brunette was wearing, pushing them down over his hips. Leon smirked as he kicked the material off, leaning up he started to undo Cloud's pants pulling them off muscular legs and chucking them haphazardly to the floor.

Cloud wrapped his legs around Leon's waist, bringing their hips flush together and gasping at the sudden jolt of pleasure the move gave them. Leon started to rock his pelvis gently against his lover's, revelling in the sounds Cloud made at the action. Leaning down to suck on his lover's throat, he moved his fingers down to rub at the blonde's entrance before pressing one digit inside. Cloud gasped at the pain and pleasure of the dry intrusion, clinging to Leon tightly he started rocking back against the now thrusting finger.

Once a second finger made its way in to join the first, the tips just brushed against Cloud's prostate. The blonde threw his head back, clutched the bed sheets in a white-knuckled grip and cried out, thrusting his hips back onto the digits hoping to get them deeper inside him and give him that sensation again. Leon smiled and started to thrust his fingers in as far as they would go, rubbing against the spot that had Cloud writhing beneath him.

Leon pulled his fingers out of Cloud, smiling at the groan of protest the blonde gave. After pressing a light kiss to his stomach, Leon licked his hand before rubbing the moisture over his erection. He was hoping to make it just that little bit less painful for Cloud because, unfortunately, they had no lube at their disposal at this current time. He leaned over his lover, positioning himself against the younger man's entrance and pushed in to the hilt in one thrust. Cloud's back arched and he gasped as Leon found his prostate straight away. Leon smirked and pulled out before thrusting back in again harder, striking that spot again firmly.

"Leo- Leoooon!" Cloud groaned, rocking back against the brunette's powerful thrusts. The brunette grabbed Cloud's waist, dragging him up to lean against him as he pounded up and into the blonde. Cloud cried out loudly and clung to Leon's shoulders as he rode the brunette, his arousal getting friction between both of their moving bodies. "I cant- I'm gonna-" Cloud arched against Leon with a scream of the brunette's name as his seed splashed between them. Leon soon followed, with a groan of Cloud's name. They both collapsed into the sheets, panting. Leon was on top of Cloud and still inside him, pressing kisses along the blonde's neck, jaw and shoulders. Cloud gaped as he felt Leon hardening inside him again. Leon smirked.

"Looks like we have over two months to catch up on"


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