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Her braids were swaying in the wind as she ran. Her feet hitting the grass softly by each step.

She was giggling happily, looking for the perfect hideout. She was running out of time so she had to hurry up. Soon he would come looking for her.

She found a big rose bush in the backyard. That should do it; he would never find her there. She ducked behind the thorny bush and was quiet.

"I'm coming Rosette" she heard a faint voice call in the distance. Her smile widened, she peeked out through the many branches of the bush "You will never find me" she whispered.

She waited for a while before she saw his long purple braid. She ducked further behind the thorns and was quiet as a mouse. He was looking everywhere: in the playhouse, in the tree house, behind the trees and so on. He was sneaking around quietly, he wanted to surprise her.

She giggled when he straightened up and let his crimson eyes travel all around the big garden. His eyes narrowed, waiting for some kind of movement from the young girl.

They had been friends since they were two. They were both twelve years old now.

She peeked out of the bush again. She couldn't see him anymore. She smiled brightly "I told you I'm the best in hiding" she whispered.

"Really? I wouldn't say that Rosette" she suddenly heard a voice grin behind her, making her almost jump out of her skin. She spun around with a yelp and saw the young boy stand behind her with a smirk "Found you"

"How did you find me?" she cried "I thought I found the best hide ever"

The boy laughed "I could see the bright colours of your dress through the branches" he simply replied and pointed at her bright pink summer dress.

"That's so unfair Chrono…" she pouted "That's third time you find me now, how do you do that?"

"That's my secret my dear" he joked and shook his finger at her "I'm an expert in looking for little girls"

Rosette narrowed her eyes at him "Little girls?"

Chrono felt alarmed, her voice told him to run away as long as he could. A few seconds after that thought, she jumped at him with a loud "RAAHHRR"

He shrieked and spun around to speed away, unfortunately she caught him by wrapping her arms around his waist and making him fall to the ground with a yelp. As soon as he was down, she started tickling him.

They were both laughing loudly when a female voice called them from the veranda door "Rosette your mother wants you to get home and eat dinner"

The little blonde let out a disappointed "Aww…" and got off of the boy. Her blue eyes showed the sadness that they had to stop playing already. She loved to play with Chrono in his garden, especially "Hide and Seek" and the garden was huge; a perfect place with many hiding places.

"I don't wanna go home already" she pouted and let herself plop down on her rear, sitting Indian style "Why do parents have to interrupt all the time?"

Chrono smiled. He didn't want her to go now either, but he knew she had to "Don't worry Rosette" he said "We can meet tomorrow again, its weekend, so we can play the whole day"

Her face brightened immediately "You're right" she grinned "And tomorrow I'm gonna find the best hide ever"

"You wanna play Hide and Seek again? You can't get enough of that can you?" he chuckled

"I will not give up Chrono; I will find the best hide ever" she grinned "A hiding place so good that you'll never gonna find me"

A smirk appeared on his face "It's a deal then" he said and stretched his hand out to her "I bet I can find you no matter where you are"

She got onto her feet and eyed him with a challenging look "I bet you can't" she grabbed his hand in hers and shook it "The bet is on" he said and let go again. They were smirking at each other for a time, until Chrono's mother called again "Rosette, your dinner is getting cold dear, your mother wants you to get home now"

"Okay Mrs. Crusa" Rosette called back "I'll see you tomorrow then Chrono"

"I can't wait" he smiled and waved when she ran out of the garden. After she was gone, he walked inside to get his own dinner.

At the dinner table sat his mother already waiting for him "How was your day sweetie?" she asked him and poured some soup onto his plate.

"Great, Rosette got annoyed that I found her all the time and then she started tickling me" he told her and started eating "We had so much fun"

His mother had long purple hair just like Chrono, her eyes were brown. Suddenly a sad smile formed on her face and she hesitated with her next question "Chrono?"

"Hmm?" he didn't look up.

"Sweetie… what would you say if I told you that…" she trailed off for a sec, making the young boy lift his gaze to meet hers. He could see something was wrong "What is it mom?" he asked.

His mother sighed "Listen Chrono… you know I just got fired from my work right?"

He nodded.

"Well… one of my good friends has found me a new place to work, but there is only one problem about that" she trailed off again and met his eyes with hers "We need to go to New York"

"What?" his spoon dropped onto the table "New York?"

"Yes, we will leave Michigan in three days" she explained "You'll have to say goodbye to Rosette"

Chrono couldn't say anything and was just staring at him mother. After some time he found his voice again "B-But… what about school and my friends? I don't wanna leave here" his voice got louder for every word

"We'll find a new school for you in New York sweetie… believe me, I'm so sorry that you have to leave them… but… we have to"

Chrono narrowed his eyes and got up from his chair "I don't wanna leave" he yelled, before spinning around and running out of the house.

His mother sighed once more, she knew he would react like this "I'm sorry Chrono" she whispered. She had hoped he wouldn't react that way.

Chrono didn't want to leave, he just didn't want to. He kept running down the street, he turned a sharp right and ran down a little path through a little wood. He headed for a special hide he and Rosette had. They had found it once they had played there, and they made it to their club house, even though it was just a big tree the could climb in.

He climbed as far up as he could and sat on a branch, looking out over the town he lived in "I don't wanna go to New York" he growled "I hate New York" how was he going to tell Rosette he was moving away? How would she react?

He decided he would never go down from the tree ever again, he would stay there forever and just let life pass by. He leaned against the trunk of the tree and closed his eyes "I wanna stay here forever and nothing will get me away from here"


Rosette had just eaten and was full of energy "Mommy, can I go ask Chrono to play for a while before bedtime?" she asked expectantly.

"Sure you can dear, but only for two hours okay?" her mother answered with a smile.

The phone suddenly rang and her mother took it "Hello, here is Evelyn Christopher"

"Hi Evelyn" sounded the sad voice of Chrono's mother in the other end.

Rosette had heard it and stopped at the door. She walked back to her mother and listened to the conversation.

"Lilith, what's wrong?" Evelyn asked worried.

"Oh Evelyn, I told Chrono about the moving… and now he has run away" she sobbed. Rosette gasped when she heard that.

Evelyn sighed "He didn't take it the way you hoped did he?" she asked

"No, he took it the absolute opposite way" Lilith replied "I don't know where he could have gone, I'm worried about him, something might happen to him"

"Don't worry dear, I'm sure he will be home soon, how about you come over here for a cup of tea? It will help you calm down"

Rosette didn't hear the rest; she hoped she knew where he was hiding. She heard her mother call her but ignored it. She exited the door and was out in the street in no time. She looked up and down the street, then decided to turn right.

After about fifteen minutes she was in the little wood. It was dark by now and everything looked creepy. She walked very slowly by now "C-Chrono?" she called, though her voice was almost not more than a whisper "Chroonooo"

There was their tree, but where was he? She looked up through the branches but it was too dark to see anything. Had she really been wrong? Was he really somewhere else?

Suddenly she heard something from up the tree. She looked up and saw a shadow move around up there. She started climbing up. She wasn't as good in climbing as Chrono, but she managed.

The higher she got, the less creepy was it. She knew from the top she could see the whole town.

Suddenly movements from the top made her stop "Chrono?" she called another time; there was silence for a while, but then she heard a familiar voice call back to her "Rosette?" she was so relieved to hear his voice.

She hurried up the last few metres and saw him sitting on a branch "There you are, I was worried about you" she said as she sat down on the same branch "Not only I was worried, your mom is too"

He made a snort and looked away from her "She will make me leave Michigan and go to New York" he mumbled "I don't wanna leave though"

She watched him sadly "I don't want you to leave either, New York is so far away" she whispered "But it seems there is no way around"

"I know" he whispered and drooped his head "But why New York? I won't be able to visit you"

"We just have to hope we'll see each other again" she took his hands in hers "Let's promise each other to find each other again"

He smirked "I bet I can find you no matter where you are"

A grin spread over her face "Deal" then they shook hands and Chrono helped her down from the tree. They didn't hurry home; they walked slowly through the wood. Somehow Chrono wished they would never arrive at home. He would miss her so much.

Their surroundings didn't look so creepy anymore. She knew he was with her, and always had, but now it seemed she would have to go the path of life alone. she would see him again, but when would that be? It wasn't just to take the bus and then she would be there. She sighed silently and looked at him. he seemed to be thinking as well. he would find new friends, but what about her? He was her best friend, she didn't trust anyone more than him.

They could soon see the lights of their houses. She looked at the big blue house that was Chrono's. Soon it would belong to someone else. They would never be able to play hide and seek anymore in the big beautiful garden with the many hiding places.

They entered the front door and were met a pair of concerned eyes.

Chrono's mother was so happy. She hugged them both "Oh Chrono, I know I should have talked with you about this decision… but I needed the job so badly" Lilith sobbed "I'm sorry darling"

"It's okay mom, I will accept your decision" Chrono smiled "Besides, we made a promise" he looked at Rosette "We will find each other again… I will find her no matter where she is"

"And we will keep that promise" she finished for him.

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