Chapter 18.

Chrono had led Rosette over to his regular restaurant where Anna worked. They sat there chatting about what has happened the last ten years.

Rosette told him everything about Azmaria and Joshua and her work with the terrible boss. Chrono laughed when she said Kate was an old hag and an even older bat.

Rosette was sad when Chrono told her about how he lost his mother a few years earlier. He said a new family had taken care of him, but it wasn't the same. He had had so much bad luck everywhere, except from at the police.

After their stories they took a walk. None of them said anything for a long while. Then the blonde got enough of the silence and said "Do you want to go back to Michigan?"

Chrono looked at her "Do you?"

She nodded "It is our home after all... My mother even called me and told me the house you lived in was empty..." she said "If I hadn't found you... I wanted to go back and buy it"

"Really?" he smiled down at her "I really want to see the place where we used to play Hide and Seek"

She smiled and took his hands in hers "Then let's go back... I can be near my mother and you can be near your mother's resting place... Azzy and Joshua were talking about to move together and somewhere else... how about they moved to Michigan with us?"

"Won't it be too much of a bother? I mean... it is pretty different from New York" he pointed out

"No, I so wanna go back home" she pouted "This city is far too big and loud"

Chrono knew he couldn't discuss with her "Oh alright" he smiled "If only you're happy"

She jumped at him and hugged him around his neck "YAY... I'm sure you won't regret it"

Only a week after they found themselves back in there childhood city. Almost nothing had changed. They had asked to go touring the old house of Chrono and when they arrived there, they got filled with memories. They hurried into the old garden "Oh Chrono look... do you remember the rose bush?" Rosette called and hurried over.

"Chrono chuckled "Yes, it was where you hid the most" he chuckled once more when she crept behind it and sat all still. He walked over behind her and grinned "Found you" he said, making the girl laugh and tackle him to the ground "TICKLE TIIIME" she laughed and started tickling his sides "AAHH... ROSEETTTEEEE STOOP" he laughed loudly and tried to wiggle out from underneath her "That's for cutting your beautiful hair" she said "And for taking so long"

After a while she let go of him "Better get out of this position before people are coming" she whispered. Chrono agreed.

After the house they took a walk in the neighbourhood. So much had changed. They visited the old play grounds, their old school.

Rosette smiled "Do you still have the little plushies I made for you?" she asked "I see you still have your old bandana"

Chrono grinned "Of course I have, I would never replace or forget anything like that" he didn't tell her that they had been lying on the bottom of his closet. She would only kill him for that he thought.

She pulled out the hairs of him with the golden ribbon "I still have your gift as well... it has been my lucky charm for many years" she murmured "And I think it has worked..."

"I remember cutting my hair off the evening before I had to go... I was so sad... even more sad when I had to leave you without saying goodbye... I'm really sorry about that Rosette"

"I wasn't sad..." she replied sadly "I was downhearted... I couldn't believe it"

Chrono stopped and pulled her into a hug "I'm sorry..." he whispered "I really wanted to find you and say goodbye... but my mother said we were in a hurry... when we arrived in our new apartment, it was the first time I opened your gift"

"What about your school? Did you find any friends?"

Chrono shook his head "It was just like here... the only difference was that there wasn't any little girl with braids to tell them off"

Rosette pulled a little away from him, but still so he could have his arm around her shoulder. She loosened the ribbon and put the hair back into her pocket "Turn around please" she told him and stood on her tiptoes to put it back where it belonged. It wasn't a long pony tail, but it was still able to hold it in one.

Chrono smiled and pulled two rubber bands out "Now you turn around" he told her and started pulling her hair into two braids. She smiled when he was done "I haven't braided my hair for a long time" she told and took his hand "Come on now... we still need to go to one last place" she grinned and dragged him off down the street.

"Where is that?" he asked

"The place where we gave our last hug to each other, now hurry up"

They soon arrived at the big tree that had been their club tree "Oh look, it's still there..." she called and let go of him "I missed you so my big one" she hugged the tree tightly.

"You know you're talking to a tree right?" Chrono asked her with a smirk

"Oh shut up" she pouted "Come on... or have you got too old" she challenged and started climbing up the big trunk; one branch after the other.

"Rosette... isn't that a tad bit too dangerous? We aren't children anymore remember?" Chrono called nervously, closing his eyes when Rosette lost her footing once. She didn't fall down though and continued to climb.

"Come on now you chicken" she teased "I'm almost there"

"She's gonna be the death of me" he grumbled "Just like my damn phone... and many other things"

When she was on their branch she sat and leaned against the trunk "Hurry up" she called one last time before he arrived. He was panting "I think I'm too old to climb in trees Rosette"

"Oh nonsense... get up here" she scooted away from the trunk so he could lean against it instead. When he was settled "Don't blame me if we're stuck up here" he grumbled "I don't have my cell phone with me"

She smiled and scooted over so she was leaning against him, her back against his chest "Ahh... this is comfy" she sighed "Now stay like this and let's enjoy the view"

"As long as I don't have to look down" he grumbled and placed his chin on her head.

"Now wrap your arms around me" she commanded


"Come on now, just do it" she grinned

Chrono shrugged "Okay" and draped both his arms around her shoulders, making her smile "There, now I'm sure I won't fall down" she said "And with this we make a new promise"

"Huh? What promise? We did find each other didn't we?" Chrono asked puzzled

"Yes, but this is one even more important... we will never leave each other again and stay friends forever... repeat"

Chrono smiled "We will never leave each other again and stay friends forever" he repeated and hugged her closer "ever" he whispered.

They sat in the tree for many hours. None of them wanted to go down. Only when the sun started setting, did they decide it had been enough. Chrono and Rosette both kept that promise. None of them ever dared breaking it.

Azmaria and Joshua came to Michigan as well. Azzy had grown up there as well, so it was a beautiful thing to come back home. They all four decided to live in the big house that once belonged to Chrono and his mother. And they kept their promise. They never left each other again.

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