Bright World

Bright World

Chapter 1

The bright rays of sunlight crept into the room with stealth, surprising the sleeping boy who lay in a pale whit bed with matching ivory sheets.

His grayish-blue hair flopped over to one side of his pale face. The sun finally made it's grand entrance as it shone fully onto the teen's sleeping form.

The room was also completely white and the clothes that lay on the desk beside the window were also pearl white. A nametag sat harmlessly on the pile of clothes. On it, read Zexion Hemmington.

Zexion was a short, 16 year-old with who stayed at Destiny Island's Mental Institution since he was 10. He had been he for a long time compared to the other patients. He squirmed in his sleep and arose slowly, rubbing his hand against his face as to take the drowsiness away. He stretched lightly, turning his shoulders and curling his toes. Cracking and stretching a joint or two with every movement.

He yawned and flipped the bed sheets off from himself and walked over to the door that was in the corner of his room. He grabbed a set of his required clothing and a towel before he headed into his bathroom to take a quick shower to get ready for the day.

Zexion opened the door slowly and turned the light switch on, and threw his clothes and other supplies on top of the sink top and turned the shower on.

Zexion removed his sleepwear and went into the shower.

Today Zexion would be getting a new personal therapist, since all the other's he had quit the job after the first few days. He didn't know why they all kept going away. It wasn't as if he was hurting them or anything, even if most of them were annoying, he had never even said anything mean to them, or made fun of there obvious weak points.

It was as if they were scared of his very presence. Sure, he admitted that he was not a very social person, or very much normal either. But he didn't do anything to bother anyone intentionally. He wasn't bad like the other patients here who purposely bothered they're therapist.

Maybe it was just who he was that freaked them out the most. Most people turned down the job of being his therapist after reading his record. They didn't want to deal with some emo teen.

He was strange, well that's what he heard some of the doctor's and administrator's say.

He turned the shower off and changed quickly. Wanting to meet another one of his "helpers" as soon as possible so he could go to the library, the only place where he could relax. He brushed his hair, styling it so half his face was covered in bluish-gray hair. He put on his shoes and walked out.

Usually, when a patient doesn't have any sessions do go to or any people to meet they can where the casual clothes they always wear. But, when they had things to do, they had to wear there assigned clothing that consisted of a white short or long sleeved shirt with white sweat pants.

Zexion would usually just wear a long-sleeved gray shirt and some black jeans he would wear when he was in his on little world while reading a book at the library. He walked over to the front office hurriedly, feeling the boredom kicking in as he imagined yet another adult trying to bond with him or some teens that didn't know what they were getting into and freaked when they saw a patient having a break down.

He opened a door at the end of the first corridor that was left of his room and inhaled sharply. The front office would be right ahead of this door where he would meet another person that didn't like him, or didn't even try to understand him. Another person that wouldn't want to be his friend.

He sighed. It wouldn't help to get his hopes up, that would only make it hurt more when the person denied the job.

A frown plastered itself deeply on his pale face. "Here goes nothing." He thought to himself with a depressing aura already looming around himself.

Zexion opened the door slowly and peeked a head in, looking around for a ditzy teen, or some old hippie ready to bond spiritually. He saw one of the assistants gesture for him to come. She was taller than him with long brown hair that was braided all the way down to her back, and was tied down by a pink ribbon. Her face was almost angelic with the natural glow of harmony. Her eyes were emerald and she smiled sweetly to Zexion, who was still hiding behind the door.

Her name was Aerith, she was a therapist and a part time secretary for the front office. Zexion walked into the room, fully exposing himself now. He didn't see any teen or adult besides the secretaries. He would have recognized them if they were new by there name plate. "Hello Zexion." Aerith greeted with a smile.

"Hello." He replied. He went straight down to business. "So where is the new therapist that claims he can deal with patients but freaks out when one of them starts breathing?" He asked sarcastically, showing his calm and collected mask, hiding his real personality that was severely shy, and lonely.

Aerith giggled. "He will not appear until later, I'm afraid." She informed. "He has been scheduled for later. He will arrive in a few hours. You can spend you're time in the library if you like." She said.

Zexion nodded. "Thank you for telling me. I will go to the library if you need me." He said with a non-caring voice. Even though inside he was a little disappointed that he wouldn't be meeting anyone. "She said 'he', so I guess I guess I'm finally going to have another male therapist." He thought as he walked quickly to the library. His past therapists had been mostly females who kept thinking they were ready to deal with the seriously ill patients and ended up being the one's who needed help.

He sighed. When would he actually get a good therapist that wasn't so dumb?

He entered the library quickly and immediately found the book he had been reading last time and sat in his usual spot in the back of the library where no one else was. He had been reading a thick five-hundred paged book that he was already half way done with in the matter of hours. He had checked that same book out yesterday also.

Zexion had read most of the books that the library owned. The library to him was like a sanctuary. He could read whatever he pleased, sit wherever he wanted, and think about whatever he desired. This place was calming to strained nerves to the teen, and he enjoyed the fact that not many came here besides himself.

Seconds, turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours as he read intently. He had been so absorbed in his book that he had not realized that the time had lapsed so much.

The twin doors to the library opened and a tall figure walked in. He was wearing a long white coat with a blue button-up shirt underneath with some khaki pants. He had reddish- brown hair that was cropped short and brown eyes that had a green hue in them. (Hazel?)

He walked past the many book shelves and was going a directed path to the back of the library, where a blue-teen was still reading. Zexion had not noticed the extra presence in the room and was unaware of who it was that was about to tap his shoulder. "Excuse me?" The man said. His voice deep with a calming affect in them.

Zexion jumped as the hand was placed against his shoulder. He turned around abruptly and gave a squeak as his book fell on the floor, losing his current page. The man looked at him questioning, but replaced his attention to the current book that lay on the floor.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He said while picking the book up. He walked over to Zexion and gave the book back to him with an apologetic look. "I lost you're page didn't I?" He asked. The man was standing up in front of Zexion, making the already short teen look shorter. "I…It's okay. You didn't do it intentionally." He held his book close to his chest as he stuttered hopelessly.

A tinge of pink made it's way onto his pale cheeks. "I'm Lexeaus, you're new therapist. It's nice to meet you." He said while holding a hand out. Zexion stared at the hand for a while. "I'm not going to bite you." He replied with a chuckle.

Zexion blushed darker and finally shook the tall man's hand. "I-It's nice to m-meet you." He replied. "The lady at the front said I should come find you so we could start you're first session. Well, basically you're first session with me." He said. "O-Okay, what room are we in?" He asked.

"She didn't assign one yet so we can do it wherever you want." Zexion thought for a moment. "Is it alright if we do it here?" He asked shyly. Lexeaus didn't look surprised. "Sure, how about the spot you were reading in?" Zexion nodded. This therapist seemed different than the other ones, it actually felt like he knew what he was doing, and that he really did care.

Zexion sat in the same seat that he was in before, while Lexeaus sat in another chair across from him. A table separated the two from being directly across from eachother. Zexion was staring at Lexeaus with obvious curiosity, waiting for how he would start the session. Lexeaus was reading over Zexion's records, and why he was sent here in the first place. "So it seems like you have chronic depression." He said with a normal tone, as if that were normal. Zexion nodded.

"You don't seem to look depressed." Lexeaus remarked. "Well, you don't seem to be doing you're job." Zexion replied. The red-haired of the two laughed. "Touché." He said.

"Well, instead of jumping into to you're business, I want to take it slow and get to the main problem eventually and once I know the problem, I can help you." That reasoning sounded smart enough to Zexion. "O-Okay."

Lexeaus cleared his throat and prepared himself to talk. "So, what's you're favorite color." Now, he had on a serious face when he asked this. Zexion looked at him weirdly.

"Are you serious?" He asked. Lexeaus nodded. "Am I laughing?" He already knew the answer would be no and continued on with the conversation. "What's you're favorite color?" He repeated.

"Probably, blue or gray." Zexion answered. Lexeaus nodded and marked it down on his clipboard. "What's you're favorite type of music?" He asked. "I don't really listen to music, but if I had to choose I would pick classical."

"Favorite musician?"

"None in particular."

"Favorite food?"

"Blueberry Muffins."

Lexeaus looked at the teen with a questioning look, but than continued to write on his clipboard. "Indeed…"

After the repeated game of 20 questions, Lexeaus finally said that the answers he had asked were enough for one day. "Whew…You are probably the most unique person I have ever met." He said jokingly. "Don't you mean strange?" Zexion asked. "No, why would I say you're strange? I'm not in the position to say who's normal and who's a freak. I'm only here to help."

Zexion looked the other way as he blushed crimson. "Thank you."

"Why are you thanking me?" Lexeaus asked. "Because you're the first person who used the word unique, instead of strange when talking about me." Lexeaus shrugged.

"Okay than…You're welcome." He said as he left the library. "See 'ya next class." He said. Zexion nodded and looked half dazed at the man as he left. He felt…excited for his next class.