My Own Somebody

By: Writingrox12

Rating: T for some sexual themes

Pairing(s): Brian/OC, Mentioned Claire/Bender and Andy/Allison

Point of View: Brian Johnson's

Summary: We were all friends, still. We endured the glares and catcalls and we were all friends. But they had each other. They were each other's own somebodies. And I envied that. I envied them all having a somebody.

Author's Note: I didn't feel like there were enough Brian-based fan fics out there, so I decided to make one. This is not a self insertion, just so you all know. My original character is just that, original. I use her in a role playing forum.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Breakfast Club, nor any of its characters. I am not making any money off of this, it is simply for entertainment.

I didn't like being jealous of the way Claire looked at Bender, and the way Allison smiled shyly when she saw Andy. I didn't like being jealous when I saw Andy wrap his arms around Allison's tiny form, or when Bender kissed Claire on the cheek and she blushed as red as her hair. But I was. I was insanely jealous, not that I let anyone see it though.

We were all friends, still. We endured the glares and catcalls that we were forced to endure for the first couple of weeks after that detention and we were all friends. Eventually, people got over it and let us be. I was still the brain, Andy was still the athlete, Bender was still the criminal, Allison was definitely still the basketcase, and Claire was still a princess. But they had each other. They were each other's own somebodies. And I envied that. I envied them all having a somebody.

And its not like Bender helped, constantly rubbing in the whole Niagra Falls lie. I regretted ever saying that to him.

But by this time, I knew that at least Bender and Claire were doing it. Hint number one: He rarely called her Cherry anymore, and when he did, instead of rolling her eyes like she used to, she blushed like mad. Hint number two: They were constantly leaving early from parties. Hint number three: Bender had a pair of Claire's panties taped to the inside of his locker. She hasn't seen them yet, but I bet that when she finally gets around to it, Bender will have hell to pay.

I was vaguely aware that Andy and Allison were heading down the same road. Of course, I'd never count on Andy to tape Allison's underpants in his locker, but even I could tell that they were close to riding the hobby horse. It was in the way they looked at each other and held each other when they thought no one was looking. I distinctly remembered Allison saying, three months ago at that detention, "If you love someone, it's okay." Well, she and Andy loved each other, that much was obvious. I gave them less than a month.

And me? My first kiss was when I was thirteen and it was during Spin-the-Bottle. Since then: Nothing. But don't get me wrong. Its not like I just want to find someone for the sex, although that would definitely be nice. I want somebody who's going to look at me the way Claire and Allison look at Bender and Andy. I don't even think the girls realize they're doing it. But thats how I want someone to be looking at me when I glance at them out of the corner of my eye. Like I said, I don't like being jealous of Allison and Andy, and Claire and Bender. It just sort of...happened.

I wanted my own somebody, and they had theirs. But I had given up. I was destined to be a virgin until death.

So when I heard that we got a new student, I didn't think anything of it. Until she sat next to me in study hall. In this study hall, we didn't get assigned seats, so that meant that she was sitting next to me with her own free will.

I was writing an essay about the Holocaust for English when the chair next to me was pulled out. I glanced up to see a girl wearing a long, loose black sweatshirt with bright orange stockings and a pair of blue sneakers. The five or six multicolored bangles she was wearing on each arm were plastic, I could tell by the sound the made when they clanked together, and she had a pair of big, blue, star earrings. She smiled at me and sat down.

"Hi. You're Brian, right? I'm Lara Bartlebaugh. I'm new here, just got here yesterday, and Mr. Vernon said that you could help me caught up on the curriculum." she said quietly, tucking a piece of her dirty-blond hair behind her ear.

For a second, I just looked at her. I was trying to figure out if she was real or not. After a few seconds she cleared her throat quietly, trying to get my attention.

"Oh, um...yeah." I said, shaking myself out of the trance her pretty green eyes had put me under. "Yeah." I nodded. "What do you need help with?" I asked.

"Well, normally, I love math. But when I was in class today, I was totally lost. We should start there." she said, pulling a scrunchy off of her arm and pulling her hair back with it.

"Sure. I'm good at math." I nodded before we both leaned in over her math book.

During the entire period, I was acutely aware of her knee brushing against mine over and over again. I was also aware of the fact that she smelled like vanilla. It got twice as strong when she pulled the scrunchy out of her hair. At one point, I caught myself leaning towards her just to smell it. I really regretted when the bell rang to signal the end of the school day. I sighed as I watched her pack her books up and I packed my own. When she stood up, she didn't walk away, so when I stood, neither did I.

"Um...Thanks for the help. I get it now." she said with a smile.

"No problem. I can help you with other stuff too, if you need it." I said, suddenly feeling really comfortable with her. But I wasn't surprised. Normally when I had to impress girls, I tried to sound all cool and suave and things. But this girl had come up to me expecting a brain, and thats what I gave her. She didn't seem to dislike it all that much either.

"Listen...My parents and I are still trying to get moved in and things. My mom told me to kidnap someone from school and have them come help. Do you want to?" she asked.

She actually wanted to keep talking to me? I nearly fainted.

"Um...Sh-Sure. Yeah, that'd be g-great. " I stuttered somewhat.

Lara seemed relieved that I'd said yes. She smiled.

"Awesome. Do you have to stop at your locker?" she asked as we started to walk out of the library.

"Yeah, its this way," I said, gesturing with my head.

She walked at my side as we headed towards my locker and I couldn't help but glow. This was the first girl to have this long of a conversation with me since forever. Well, unless you counted Claire and Allison, but I didn't because there was no chance of anything romantic ever happening between us. But Lara and I had talked all period long and she wanted me to go to her house! If I had a tail, it would have been wagging.

When we got to my locker, she leaned against the one next to mine as I tried to hurry to get my things. I could feel people looking at me, and looking at her, and I didn't need to ponder why. 'The hot new girl is talking to him?' Yep, thats right. The hot new girl was talking to me. Eat that, jocks.

Just then, a friend of Andy's walked up. I was pretty sure his name was Dan or Don or something like that.

"Hey Bry, whose your friend?" he said with a smile.

"This is Lara Bartlebaugh. She's new here, Lara this is-"

"Dan Torrid, captain and quarterback of the football team, and I also hold the best times for cross country and swim." he said, holding his hand out, almost smirking at Lara.

Well, that was short lived. I sighed as I closed my locker and I waited for Lara to swoon.

"Oh. Cool. I'm not really into sports. But it was nice meeting you." Lara said, her nose wrinkled dissaprovingly.

The color faded from Dan's face and his hand dropped to his side. I heard people laughing and I turned to see a couple other jocks that had just seen the entire thing. Mr. Captain and Quarterback had just gotten his ass handed to him by the new girl, who obviously wanted nothing to do with him. I laughed to myself and then Dan turned on me.

"Think somethings funny?" he snapped at me. I took a step back.

"No." I said quickly. He was going to make my face part of my locker, I could feel it.

"No reason to get hostile." Lara said, stepping in between me and Dan. "You're just bitter because I'm not fascinated by your athletic talents. I'm sure they're impressive and all, but honestly, I don't even know what a quarterback does. I'm not a sports person. I'm sure there's plenty of girls who would be. Go find one of them." She said with a shrug.

Dan obviously didn't have anything to say to that because he rolled his eyes and walked away, ignoring the laughter of his buddies.

"Ugh. I hate jocks." Lara said suddenly, shaking her head as she turned around. "Are they all like that?" she asked.

"Andrew Clark isn't. He's actually a nice guy. Just don't ask Larry Lester." I added quickly.

Lara just shook her head and we started walking, this time towards the front of the school. I felt like singing. If Lara preferred me over one of the best athletes in this school, I was the luckiest guy in the world.

Author's Note: Okay, so this was supposed to be a oneshot, but I got carried away. So there will be more, don't think I just ended like this. I hope I conveyed Brian well enough, I tried. Again, this is not a self insertion. Lara is a tall, dirty-blond, extroverted girl with green eyes from the eighties. I'm five foot one, my hair is jet black, and I'm not good at introducing myself to random people, or sticking up to guys twice my size, and my eyes are blech, aka: brown.

But yes, let me know what you thought. Good, bad, on the fence? Let me know.