Title: Understanding
Author: Enchanting Slasher
Claim: Bruce/Wally
Characters/Pairing: Diana, Bruce/Wally
Rating: PG
Word Count: 459
Prompt: Understanding. Prompt 20.
Summary: "This must be what heartache feels like."
Disclaimer: DC's characters. Damn them.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Just a little experimentation with styles of writing. I've always wanted to do something from Diana's perspective. I hope I've done her character justice.

This must be what heartache feels like.

It's that tight constricting feeling in your chest that burns with the emotions glistening within the tears gathering in your eyes. It just seems as though no matter what you do, you just can't quite seem to get enough breath. Your heart is being squeezed so tightly that you are pretty damn sure that it's starting to skip beats.

Because the kiss in front of you is perfect, beautiful in every sense of the word. And you're not a part of it.

Yet every part of you /is/ aching to be the one receiving such a kiss. But somewhere, deep down you are being forced to acknowledge that you are not that girl; that you will never be held so tenderly by him nor kissed with such devotion.

In the past you would have been content with what you had shared with him. The suggestive talks and occasional shows of affection were always enough for you because you assumed that was all he was capable of giving for now. You were hoping that you would be the one to entice the passion out of him, bring emotion to those daunting blue eyes.

Now you know that what you did share pales in comparison to the spectacle before you.

A cry of utter hopelessness rises in your throat like an unstoppable force and it takes every ounce of dignity you possess to choke it back down. Because Bruce's thumb is gently stroking across Wally's pale cheek, it's a gesture that speaks volumes and it's a gesture that you never merited.

It's a bitter pill to swallow especially since the other is Wally West. Bruce has never even shown any indication that he /tolerated/ Wally, yet somehow this little scene is playing out before your very eyes.

And you are forced to consider that perhaps you don't know Bruce as well as you thought or even at all.

You hold your breath as they walk by. And your heart tugs painfully at the sight of them holding hands, even if it's only for a few seconds.

Because in spite of everything you just seem to know. That Bruce isn't playing around. This is love and it's real.

You hide in the hope they haven't seen you and wipe away the tears that have been threatening to spill. From here you can see your reflection in the shiny metal walls and you truely despair. No man was ever supposed to have this much effect on you.

So you straighten your hair around your tiara.

And you make sure that no evidence of your hurt is apparent.

For you are Diana, Princess of the Amazons.

And no man shall ever know.

That he made you cry.