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We were flying down from Alaska. The flock and I had just finished destroying their school, as there were many over the world. We were on our way down to California, to the school we were "born" in to destroy it.

After flying for 5 hours strait, Nudge and Angel begged me to stop. Currently, we were above a rainy town. I hate rain. It's a pain to fly in, but I wanted to get as close as possible to the school.

Nudge said, "Please Max? Please please pleaseeeeeeee can we stop?"

One look at her had me in. Damn. Bambi eyes. "Fine. Let's go down here."

I looked around and saw Fang frowning at me. I mouthed 'Bambi eyes' to him and he looked away.

I glanced down to the ground for a place to sleep and saw a clearing through the rain-drenched air. I tilted my wings and we dropped down. I landed and walked to the trees. "You guys get settled. I'll go get some food from the town we passed a minute or two ago. Fang's in charge."

With that I ran and took off in the direction from which we came to find the store. Flying for hours makes you hungry!

A minute later, using my super speed, I found what looked like a Wal-mart and landed behind the building. I walked around and in the door, my MaxRide credit card in my pocket. I pushed a cart from a line of them and went down the food isles, putting in the cart what I could easily carry for a minute.

Rosalie POV

Emmett and I were in the store, getting food for Bella's dad, Charlie. Although we don't eat, Edward and Bella like to help Charlie, as he still can't cook. I walked past a tall girl pushing a cart in the isle we were in and caught her scent. I am a predator and, although I haven't drunk blood, I smelled her out of habit. The girl was new to the town of Forks and I wanted to see if she would be a danger to my family.

The air stank of animal around her, as if she lived with them. I sniffed again, quietly, and smelled bird, overlapped with human. Emmett looked at me as I unconsciously leaned in closer, trying to figure out the smell.

"What is it, Rose?" he asked quietly, though I caught it with my vampire hearing.

"Smell," I said, leaving it at that.

He sniffed and widened his eyes at the girl. She walked by in the opposite direction, and the smell grew until I realized the bird and human stench were somehow merged.

"What is that?" he exclaimed, still silent.

"I don't know."

The girl walked in the direction of the checkout. Emmett quickly shoveled food from the shelves into the cart and walked after her. I followed and we went to a checkout desk, where the teen who worked there nodded at us.

Our time took less than the girls' so we gathered the bags for Charlie and walked out into the rain, waiting in the shadows.

The girl quickly walked out and to the back of the store, many bags in hand, as if they weighed little to her. Yet, I could see the plastic strain with the load of food. She went around the back of the store. Odd place to park or whatever she was doing.

Emmett and I followed her silently, still in shadows. The girl looked around her, and then set the bags on the pavement. She drew off her large windbreaker. She tied the jacket around her waist and picked up the bags.

Then, the girl spread wings from slits in the back of her shirt and jumped in the air.

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