Chapter One: Nice

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Pairing: Mello X Near

Rating: T for Mello's naughty mouth and suggestive themes. AND YAOI!!

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It was two in the morning on a Friday. Technically it was Saturday but who's being technical? It was a cold and the winter weather didn't look like it was going to get any better. The snow outside was beating hard against the hotel room. The trio, Mello, Matt and Near had been assigned a case that required them to work together. Matt was all for it, but Mello just had to go and smash that window in the FBI headquarters. The dude did not want to work with Near. He was lucky he didn't have a bullet in his head right now because the agents went ballistic, shooting everyone who didn't have a black suit on. Matt was fortunate enough to have a strawberry marshmallow chocolate bar in his pocket and that calmed Mello down like milk did a baby. It took the Federal Bureau of Investigation a straitjacket, rope and lots of Switzerland chocolate to get Mello to agree to take on this case. The case was about some lunatic on a freaky sex-drive to experience everything… and I mean everything. The pedophile raped just about every person, every age and every race. Now the case was solved and they were due to leave on Sunday afternoon. Since the FBI was on a budget, (They had a pedophile somewhere else to take care of.) they could only afford two rooms and Matt was forced to share a room with Mello. Near stayed in the room next door with all his Lego and toys.

Mello was having his usual way – too – early – in – the – morning temper tantrums. Matt, who was used to this kind of stupidity, is calmly playing his brand new Guitar Hero Aerosmith, (which he had persuaded the FBI to buy for him.) while a safe distance away from the blonde's reign of shampoo questing. Matt simply ignored the blond while scoring seventy thousand in expert.

"MATT I'M TALKING TO YOU! DON'T YOU STARPOWER ON ME!" Mello pointed an accusing finger in Matt's direction. Matt, who was in the middle of an encore, pressed pause, and painfully looked at Mello.

"Dude, why don't you just look in the bathroom?"

"I ALREADY DID YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD! DO I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT?!" Mello looked red in the eyes and his usually beautiful blond hair was messy for Mello was pulling at it in his attempts to find his shampoo.

"Did you look in the cabinet? Where we keep all our medicine, soap and shampoo?"


"You didn't, did you?" Matt continued with his game mumbling something about the rapist getting into Mello's head.

Mello stomped into the bathroom pissed off that Matt had actually been cleverer than him. He was even more pissed that Near had been such an asshole today. The case of the freaky pedophile was given to the three of them not just Near. But Near had to go and find the culprit using his all mighty logical voodoo stuff. This only encouraged Mello's hatred towards Near, so he almost flung the boy across the headquarters when he pinpointed the maniac. If it weren't for Matt, Near would have been in the hospital by now.

Why does he have to be so annoying? The stupid way he sits the hair-twirling and his freaky fetish for those toys. I bet he sleeps with them every night! Mello walked into the bathroom and opened the cabinet to find him united with his beloved L'Oreal Chocolate Paradise. He looked at himself in the mirror.

Oh yeah, I'm definitely worth it. He flipped his hair, took the shampoo and turned the shower on. He found himself thinking about Near while lathering his shampoo. Why? Mello had no freaking clue. Maybe Matt was right, the rapist must have really screwed up his brain. After he was done, Mello grabbed towel and headed toward the bed which consisted of his leather. As he was about to pull his pants on Matt decided to intervene.

"Dude put on some boxers first, those are leather and they tend to hang on to your scent,"

"What's wrong with my scent?"


"I'm going out," Mello tugged the zipper of his leather jacket up and went for the door.

"At two in the morning," Matt took a sip of his extra-caffeinated coke. The gamer needed something to keep him up at these hours.

"Says the man who plays Halo 3 for three nights in a row without taking a bath,"


"If I'm not back by three call the cops,"

"Why? Someone might mistake you for a two dollar hooker?"

CRASH! Matt ducked as a very expensive lamp was hurled in his direction. Mello slammed the door shut and Matt smirked to himself.

"I was only kidding Mels. You're a five dollar hooker to me," he chuckled as he got the fourth Aerosmith in a row.


New York can be a bitch when it wants to. And today was one of those times. There wasn't any snow as of the moment but the cold was unbearable.

It was like being in a fucking freezer. And who the hell was the douche who said that New York was the city that never sleeps. Mello walked along the deserted sidewalk along the hotel. Alright, fine, this wasn't the busiest part of the city and there were probably thousands of people in the Big Apple right now but here, it was desolate as ever. Mello kept finding himself thinking about his arch rival.

Why won't he ever get out of my head? Arg! I need chocolate! Mello unwrapped a bar of Hershey and took a big bite. He came across a boardwalk. It was more like a boardwalk but without any sea or beach. There was only a small lake. There were benches along the side and the lights were out, so the only way you can find anything was by the almost full moon. He walked blindly along the path not paying attention to anything in front. Suddenly, he spotted a white tuft of hair against the dark sky.

Damn, don't tell me it's who I think it is!

Mello walked at a brisker pace trying not to seem too eager but whom he's trying to convince I have no idea. As he got closer he recognized the person. After all, who wouldn't?


"Hello Mello." Near sat in one of the benches with his knee up and his chin propped up on it. His other leg was dangling awkwardly. His usual sitting position. One of his hands was kept busy with a tuft of silver hair. He looked at Mello blankly as if there was nothing wrong with confronting your worst enemy in the middle of the night on a boardwalk.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Mello asked. The boy wasn't even wearing a jacket. He should be a Popsicle by now.

"I could be asking you the same thing," he replied. He looked at Mello with that intense gaze again. That was Near for you. Always the indirect one. Mello huffed and hastily sat down next to Near. The bench was being enough for three people so he sat all the way in the end and finished his chocolate bar.

"Mello I –"

"Don't talk to me," Mello didn't want to interact with that boy in anyway.

"All ri – "

"Didn't you hear me? Don't talk to me,"

This time Near got the message and continued to gaze at the horizon. Or whatever was straight ahead of him. Silence. Then Mello heard a sound. A strange sound. Was that a sniffle? He turned to look at Near. The albino lightly brushed the back of his sleeve against his nose and then sniffled again. Now that he got a good look at the boy, he noticed that he was flushed. And he could practically feel the warmth radiating form him. Mello gave Near a wry look and returned to gaze at the moon.

What was up with that? Was he sick or what? Whatever. I can't contaminate my brain with thoughts of Near. Mello sighed. Tomorrow he'd have to go back to London with Matt. And Near would go back to Los Angeles. Why is it that everything had to lead back up to Near?

Maybe I'm catching a cold too.

No more Swiss chocolate, no more obscene pictures, no more working with Near. Damn!! Stop that! Mello was about to get up and leave Near, when he heard another sound produced from the boy. Mello whipped his head in his direction.

"Achoo!" It was a small sneeze. One that would sound like a tiny kindergartener who had a cold. It was almost… cute?

"Bless you," Mello said out of habit.

"Thank you," Near said monotonously but with a slightly nasally voice. Mello didn't know what to do. He was never in this kind of situation.


"Bless you,"

"Sorry," he said, "the winter hasn't been kind."

"Do you have a cold?"

"I don't know. Perhaps."

"What are you doing outside where it's three degrees out?" Mello practically screamed. "More importantly, why aren't you wearing a jacket?"

"I could not sleep. There was too much… noise," he said. Mello knew he was talking about his yelling about his shampoo. "Also I do not own a jacket." There was a pregnant pause.


"I never assumed I would need it, that's all." He tried to suppress a sneeze and failed miserably. That resulted in a small line of snot hanging from one of the nostrils. It would have been gross if it weren't for Near trying to get it back in with excess inhaling. The act was sickeningly cute.

"It's a bad idea to try to hold in a sneeze," Mello informed.

"I know, but I don't want you to be disturbed by my behavior," he said slowly, "I enjoy your company Mello."

Mello seemed as if he'd been hit in the stomach. Near, the freak albino, the show off sheep, enjoys Mello's company? Even if he does, why does Mello feel… flattered? They sat there in silence. Near sniffled again and shivered. Mello went back to looking at the moon again, but it wasn't there. Instead menacing snow clouds engulfed the moon. Near shivered again and this time Mello could hear faint chattering of teeth. He sighed. He couldn't take this anymore.

"Near," Mello said firmly. The white haired boy turned. Mello swiftly placed his hand on the back of Near's head and pressed his hand against the boy's forehead. Near was surprised at the sudden contact with skin. He leaned back but Mello pressed forward, determined.

Mello's hand is usually cool, not cold but cool. And when he touched Near it was instantly warmed, which means that the boy had a serious cold. Worse, the flu.

"Near, you have the flu," Mello said grim. He removed his hands.

"I'm sorry," Near mumbled, "you can leave if you wish. I'm sure you wouldn't want to catch the flu from me." He lowered his gaze to the floor. The poor guy. He almost looked disappointed. His teeth chattering continued. Mello looked at his watch. 3:01 am. Matt would probably be wondering where he was by now. He started to remove his leather jacket. A shrill coldness hit Mello's naked arms. He was only wearing a vest. How could Near even live in this kind of weather.

"Here," Mello said holding out his jacket.

"Mello –"

"Don't make this harder than this has to be Near. Just take it before I change my mind,"

"A-Alright," Near gingerly took the coat and put it on. Mello almost laughed out loud. Near looked ridiculous in that oversized jacket. Instead he played a smirk on his face. He hugged his arms and started walking toward the hotel again.

"'Bye" he murmured.

"Mello?" Near whispered loud enough to be heard.


"Thank you,"

Mello could have sworn he saw a small smile and there was a new blush that was definitely not the flu.

(Mello and Matt's Hotel Room)

Matt was sitting on the couch arms folded. His face was grim and his foot was tapping impatiently behind the glass table.

"Mello," Matt said, "where have you been mister?"

Mello sighed. Not this again.

"It's one minute past curfew. I – hey don't you walk away from me young man!"

"Matt, give it a rest already!"

"I will not give it a rest! Where are your morals? And speaking of which, where is your jacket? It's freezing out there! Hmm?"

"Dude just leave me alone 'kay? Please." Matt gasped. He had never heard the p-word from Mello before. Mello turned the temperature up and casually passed a frozen Matt to go to bed and wonder why the hell he had just been kind to the person who he had always wished was dead.

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