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Chapter 1

Broken Teen

I loved hanging out with my three best friends; Embry Call, Quil Ateara, and Jacob Black. If I had to pick one of them as a favorite, it would without a doubt be Jacob.

"Would you guys stop!" I yelled as we were at the beach during out summer break.

"Chill out Cas!" Embry said as they all swooshed a title wave of water at me.

"You act like you're gonna melt." Jacob said, They all laughed.

"One day guys…I'm gonna get even." I said.

We weren't very far into the ocean. They were waist deep and it was almost up to my chest. I submerged myself under water, swimming around to the closest one. I pulled at his swim trunks. I didn't know who I pissed off until I pulled myself out of the water.

"Dammit Cason!" Jacob yelled

"That's what ya get for tryin to drown me!" I yelled.

Jacob grabbed my shoulders and submerged me. I pushed myself away from him and came back up. He swam toward me and pulled me into a hug. That was the summer I really fell in love with him. The summer we were officially turned into sophomores.

We all tried to get as many classes together as we could, but Jacob and I would do homework together alone most of the time after school.

I don't know if Jacob felt the same for me or not, but all the same we hung out.

That school year was so weird. We hung out like we usually did, harassing each other and pulling pranks. The Quileute tribe didn't have the same beliefs as the 'white people' - or as they called us 'pale-faces'

The weird part was that in January, Embry missed school. When he came back, he wouldn't give us the time of day. All of a sudden Jacob didn't hang out with us anymore and then in February, he missed school. In late February, Quil missed school too. They all came back with the same faces. They didn't want to be my friends all of a sudden and I didn't know why.

One afternoon, I was walking out to First Beach. I was wallowing about not having my friends anymore when I ran into Jacob. He was with a girl, who I didn't know. He scowled at me and I looked back at him with the meanest glare I could.

"Idiot." I said to myself. Jacob turned on me.

"What did you say, Cason?" Jacob growled.

"I called you an idiot." I growled back. "Don't bother with me. I'm not good enough to hang out with anymore, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember." Jacob said quietly. "Good times, huh."

"Yeah. I don't know what I did to piss off the three of you."

"Think about all the stories my dad used to tell us." Jacob said. He took off with the girl and I walked to the beach.

I sat down close to the shore line thinking about the way it used to be. My life with my best friends was gone.

School was out for the year, with absolutely no friends at all. Embry, Quil and Jacob were my life, they were my safe guard. When I saw Jacob with that girl, I was completely crushed.

How could he throw our friendship away just like that? What did he see in her?

I wasn't watching what was going on in the real world, until I heard quiet splashing in the water. A bunch of guys were walking toward me as one stopped. I looked up and noticed Embry staring at me for the longest time. I had to look away from him, because it was down right freaky the way he stared.

I had my arms wrapped around my legs as I watched the tide ripple the water on the coast and splash against the rocks on the beach. All of the guys past by me, then I felt somebody behind me.

"Hey, Cason." I heard Embry say.

"Oh, you're talking to me now?" I said sarcastic. I didn't look up at him.

"Sorry 'bout that." Embry said as he sat down beside me. He put his arm around me, but I shrugged it off. "You look cold."

"I'm fine." I whispered. I took in a deep ragged breath. "you don't have to stay here. You can go."

"What's wrong?" Embry asked. I shook my head. "Come on, Cas. I know something's bothering you."

"It's nothing, really." I choked out. "Just remembering, that's all." Embry moved a little closer to me.

"Want to tell me? I'm sure I'm in some of those memories."

"All three of you are." I said looking up at Embry. "You three leave me, without any good reason. Hell, we didn't even fight! You guys just … " Embry had his arms wrapped around me like he was truly sorry for hurting me.

"We didn't want to ya know." Embry whispered into my hair. "We all wanted you safe… and, well, we're not safe anymore."

I looked up at him, "What?" I asked as horror must have struck my face. "Not safe?"

Embry looked out to the Ocean, "It's been pretty complex since the beginning of the year, Cas. My life has completely turned around. So has Quil's and Jake's."

You wanna tell me?" I asked, looking away. I know he wouldn't tell me.

"How do I feel to you?" Embry asked as he looked down at me. "I mean temperature wise."

"Abnormally warm. But, it feels kinda nice with you keeping me…" I trailed off. "Are you sick?" I asked looking up at him. Embry met my gaze, our noses almost touching.

"Remember when we'd all go to the bon fire parties when we were younger?" Embry asked as I just stared into his eyes. "How Jake's dad would tell us the scary stories about the tribe?" I nodded. "They're true." He whispered.

"All of them?" I asked. Embry looked at me. It was strange, how he acted like he wanted to kiss me.

"Yes." he answered quietly. "All of them."

"That's why you guys don't come around me anymore?" I whispered as I looked down at his lips. He was pulling me closer to him, like he didn't want to let me go.

"Yes." He told me. He took my arms and draped them over his shoulders. Then he placed one of his hands on the middle of my back. The other on the back of my neck. "Can I ask you something?" Embry asked as I'd seen him look at my lips.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Can I kiss you?"

I didn't expect that kind of question! Embry didn't wait for an answer, he pulled me closer to him as he pressed his lips to mine.

I fought it at first, but not knowing what to do, I stopped. Embry brought his hand slowly to the side of my neck, caressing my cheek.

"Embry." I whispered through our kiss.

"Hmm." He said. "Don't fight me, please." He whispered, our lips still touching.

My body relaxed as I gave in to him. His lips parted, and feeing his need, mine parted as well. He slipped his tongue gently into my mouth as he lay me on the ground.

He never let go of me as we kissed. His hand touching the back of my head so I wouldn't be rubbing against the rocky surface.

Was Embry falling in love with me? My hands fell to his cheeks, I must have been reacting to his advanced. I felt his hand that was on my back move down around my hip, then I felt his hand on my bare skin under my shirt. I gasped as I felt the heat emanating from his warm touch. I pulled him closer, feeling his hand move more cautiously up my shirt. He stopped at my chest.

"Embry." I whispered again.

Embry pulled away from me then, taking his hand out from under my shirt.

"Sorry. I couldn't help myself." He whispered as he kissed me again.

"What…why, Embry?" I whispered sitting up. He took both of my hands in his. I noticed some blood on the back of his hand. "You're bleeding."

"It'll be fine." Embry whispered. He wiped his hand on his wet pants and had shown it to me again.

Where it was bleeding, his hand was already healing. I watched in disbelief as the cut healed over quickly, then disappeared.

I looked up at him, shocked. "What the hell, Embry?"

"Calm down, Cas." Embry said. "You don't need to freak out about it." He finally said as he touched my cheek. "I'm in love with you."

He took me off guard, "All of a sudden?"

"I haven't looked at you since I stopped hanging out with you." He whispered. "Not until today."

"Tell me what happened to you three, please?" I begged.

"When I left school…I became something I thought was a myth." Embry whispered. "Those stories Billy used to tell us are all true." He whispered. "There's something about imprinting too. How we find that one person that is meant for us exclusively. Like a soul mate, but with more intensity." Embry said. He pulled me closer to him, our lips almost touching. " I just found mine in you." He said as he touched my lips with his.

"Embry…" I said as he pulled away from me. "I'm kinda lost here. What is it that you're talking about?"

"The stories, or the imprinting?"

"The stories."

"I become a wolf." Embry whispered. "Nobody is supposed to know. My mom doesn't even know."

"Why are you telling me then?"

"Because…Cason, haven't you been listening? I imprinted on you!"

I put my forehead on his shoulder, "I always thought I would end up with Jake for some reason." I whispered. "I'm sorry Embry."

"I'll always be here for you, Cas. You don't have to be sorry about anything."

"Yes I do, Embry. I never thought that in a million years you would want to be with me."

Neither did I." Embry said, his cheek resting on the back of my head. "You never looked at me like you would Jake."

"I think I was in love with him." I said, not knowing why I told him that. "It hurt more when he left me than it did when you and Quil left."

"Think you could love me?"

I turned to look into Embry's eyes. "I do love you, Embry. I just don't know what kind of love that is though."

"It's okay, Cas. I can wait for you to figure it out."

"Embry… did you ever wonder why I ran away from Jackie's?"

"I always thought it was because you got into a fight with her."

"No, it wasn't." I whispered. "Did you ever go looking for me?"

"Yes, we all did…every time Jackie called Billy's." Embry told me, he kissed my forehead.

"Jacob was always the one who found me." I said. "He must not have told you what happened. He knew everything." I said not looking at him.

Embry touched my chin wanting me to look at him. "He never told any of us anything about you. Do you want to tell me?"

"I don't know. It doesn't seem like its real important now." I reached up and touched his cheek. Embry leaned down to me, wanting to kiss me again.

"You can tell me anything now. But, I just ask that you keep the secret safe. Don't tell my mom, please."

"I promise, Embry. It's safe with me." I whispered as I pulled him down to kiss him.

"Can I take you somewhere?" Embry asked. "To a place where I know you're safe and no one can find you?"

"Yes." I answered. Embry stood up and held out his hand.

"Come with me then." Embry said smiling.

I took his hand as he helped me up. He pulled me close to him, staring into my eyes. Suddenly he pulled at me to follow him. I had to practically run to keep up with him.

"Embry! My legs aren't as long as yours!" I panted.

Embry stopped, picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and started running again. Everything turned into a blur so I closed my eyes. Embry didn't run long and came to a stop. He put me down on my feet, I kept my eyes closed.

Embry sniggered, t hen kissed my lips. "That bad, huh?"

"No. Just a little dizzy, that's all." I said as I opened my eyes and looked into Embry's. A big smile spread across my face.

"you have a beautiful smile." Embry told me. I felt my face turn red as Embry sniggered again. "Come on, it's over here."

"Where are we, Embry? I closed my eyes when you started running with me."

"Not far from my house." He told me, "I'll walk slower next time. It's just over here." He pointed farther into the woods.

"I don't see anything." I told him.

"Well, yeah. You're eyes probably can't yet. Lets move closer." Embry moved at a slower pace, leading me to a new hiding place.

Embry stopped and looked up. I craned my neck looking up too. I would have fallen down if Embry wasn't suddenly standing behind me. He looked down at me as I stared up at the tree house.

"Remember this?" Embry asked.

"Vaguely." I said looking at him while I still looked up.

"I want you to come here when things get to be too much for you."

"Embry, I don't know if I can even climb up there." I whispered as I looked down.

"It isn't that far up." Embry told me. He had his arms wrapped around me. "We can go up there, if you want. There's a sleeping bag up there cause I know you like to disappear for a few days."

I wrapped my arms around him, "Thank you."

Embry pulled me closer, kissing the top of my head, "you don't need to thank me. But, you're welcome." He pulled me away and looked at me. "Why are you crying?"

"I don't know Embry." I whispered. "My life is so screwed up right now. Sometimes it's just hard for me to take things in."

"I'm here now. I can help you through all of it." Embry said, He pulled his hand up touching my cheek, wiping away the tears. "I won't leave you again. Jake won't help you like I will now." Embry whispered. "I'm yours, now and forever." I nodded.

"Embry, the last time I ran away, Jake told me that it wasn't safe where I was hiding. Why?" I asked him, "What can be worse than your friends not wanting you?"

"More of the stories." Embry replied. "Remember the story about the 'cold ones'?" I nodded. "They're real. That's why we phase into wolves. To protect the tribe."

"But, I'm not a part of the tribe." I whispered. "I live here because of Jackie."

"yea, and Jackie's a part of the tribe too." Embry said. "We protect all human life, but we do stay closer to La Push because of our families."

"Is it just you, Quil and Jake?"

"No, right now it's going on ten." Embry said.

"Ten? Why so many?"

"I'm not too sure." Embry said, "Don't go anywhere else but here though. It isn't safe if you go any farther out from the rez."

"Not safe?"

"Some blood sucker is out there. Trying like hell to get through us…the pack to get something. I just want to know you're safe."

"This is supposed to be my new safe place." I said. I heard a growl in the distance. We both looked off to where we heard the sound coming from.

"It's Jake." Embry whispered. "Hey man, what's up?"

"Nothing." Jacob said. "Cas, go home, will ya."

"No." I said scowling at Jacob. He looked at Embry and me. "I'm not going anywhere."

"No way Embry." Jacob said. "Not you too?"

"Yeah." Embry said. I pulled away. "At the beach, earlier." He looked down to smile at me.

"I'm gonna go, Embry." I whispered. For some reason, I knew that Jacob could hear me.

"I'll come over later, okay." Embry said. I nodded.

"Cas." Jacob said quietly. I looked at him, "Be careful out there." I walked over to him.

"What the hell do you care if I'm careful or not? You know everything, Jacob." I growled. "You of all people should know, I'm not safe anywhere!"

Jacob looked away from me, "Yeah, I know."

"You were my best friend of all three of you. Never in my life would I have thought you would have turned your back on me."

Jacob started shaking. "Go Cas. You don't need to see this."

"come on Jake." I said shoving him. "There are more things you don't know about me. I was told…no, ordered not to by Jackie."

"Cas, don't!" Embry yelled. He pulled me back behind him. "Don't piss him off." I walked around Embry as he grabbed me.

"Let him get pissed." I growled. Jacob froze and stared at my eyes. "What…dog!"

"Your eyes…." Jacob whispered. "and you shoved me…"

"What about it?" I said. My lips pulled back over my teeth. "What!" I growled. Jacob walked closer to me.

"Em, let go of her." Jacob asked. Embry let go of my arms and I walked to him.

"What are you?" Jacob whispered as he looked at me.

"Jake, what the hell man." Embry said. He walked behind me, turning me around to face him. "Cason?" He whispered. "Your eyes are changing. What's going on?"

"You're not supposed to know." I half spoke, I half growled.

"When did this happen, Cas?" Jacob whispered from behind me.

I turned toward Jacob. Embry still had his hands on my shoulders. "I'm not supposed to tell you. Any of you." Tears started falling from my eyes.

"You're not a Quileute. We would know if you were." Embry said pulling me to face him.

"Lets go see if Jackie's home." Jacob said. "Maybe she will fill us in."

"She's supposed to be at work." I chocked out. Embry pulled me close to him. "I'm sorry. I gotta go." I said pulling away from him.

"Where're you going?" Embry asked.

"I don't know right now." I whispered. "Back to Jackie's, to the beach, maybe where ever my feet take me."

"Cas. Lets go see if Jackie's home." Jacob said.

Jacob started walking, as Embry put his arm around me to walk toward Jackie's.

"It's gonna be okay, Cas. We're all here for you…I'm here for you." Embry said.

We got to Jackie's house, Jacob waited for me to open the door. I'd seen Jackie's car in the drive and walked in.

"Jackie?" I said in a normal tone.

"In the living room sweetie." Jackie called. The three of us walked in. Jackie noticed my face and got up and walked to us. "What is it sweetie? What happened?" I broke down, shaking my head.

"Something stupid." I chocked out. Embry walked behind me. I turned around and buried my face in his chest.

"What are you two doing here?" Jackie almost growled. "After what, three months of avoiding her! You two decide to hang out with her again?"

"Hold up Jackie." Jacob said. "We want some answers."

"What kind of answers?" Jackie said defensively. "How about you answer some of mine first."

"Maybe we should, Jake." Embry said. He kissed the top of my head. "Then maybe Jackie will tell us what's going on."

"Hold on." Jackie started. "What is going on?"

"Can we sit down Jackie? This might take a while to explain." Jacob said calmly.

"Yeah, come on in." Jackie said. Embry walked me to the couch and sat down. He pulled me onto his lap. "Answer this first. Why all of a sudden do you two start hanging out with Cason again?"

"We left to protect her Jackie." Embry said. "Sam didn't want us to get close to her or we might hurt her physically."

"But do you know that she completely broke down after you left, Jake?"

"No." Jacob whispered. "I don't think that it matters…"

"It doesn't? Jacob, she loves you." Jackie said as she looked at me sitting on Embry's lap. "Embry, explain, please."

"You know the stories, Jackie." Embry said quietly. "You know 'em by heart. They're all true."

"We…Embry and me, we phase." Jacob said. He looked up at Jackie, "into, wolves."

"We're not the only ones." Embry said. "We imprint too. I did with Cas."

"Uh-huh." Jackie said nodding slowly. "Show me."

"Sure." Jacob said as he stood up. "Better go outside. Might make a mess and I don't want you yelling at me."

"Come on Cas. I'll show you too." Embry said

I got off Embry's lap. He never let go of my hand as we all walked outside.

"Don't think you'll like this Jackie." Jacob said. "We gotta strip. And, well, you know… it's kinda uncomfortable being naked in front of girls."

"Yeah, okay." Jackie said. "Not too far though."

Embry kissed the top of my head and followed Jacob into he woods. They ducked behind two separate trees as Jackie and I watched them take their clothes off. Jackie let out a whistle and we both started giggling. We watched as they both shuttered, Jacob phasing faster than Embry. Where Jacob stood, a rusty-brown wolf…or horse emerged. Embry came out, gray with dark gray undertones.

I started walking toward t hem slowly.

"Cason." Jackie whispered. I turned tot look at her.

"It's still them." I said as Jacob walked up to me. I put my hand under his muzzle "This is why you guys left me?"

Jacob nodded as Embry whimpered, nudging my shoulder. I turned to Embry as he brought down his head to eye level with me. His eyes full of concern. I placed my hand under his muzzle, rubbing his light and dark gray fur down to his neck.

"Jackie?" I whispered not looking away from Embry. "Remember when I told you I wanted a horse?"

"Yeah." Jackie whispered.

"I've got one now." I said as I smiled at Embry. Jacob barked a laugh and Jackie started laughing too.

"Cas, sweetie." Jackie said. "Your turn."

I turned to look at her, "You sure?" I said as she nodded. "I haven't been able to lately, unless I get really pissed."

"I have faith in you Cason. You'll be fine. Jackie told me.