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He was the centre of attention where ever he went

He was the centre of attention where ever he went. The star of the show, the best of the best. People would stop and stare, pretending they knew him, wishing they were him. Of course it wasn't like he tried to attract all the attention. He just knew how to use it to his advantage if needed. And it was kinda fun being admired by random strangers. He wasn't a big celebrity, he'd never been on T.V. a lot of people wouldn't have the slightest clue who he was. But those in the club scene knew him and those were really the only people he cared about. Somehow when he entered a dance floor all eyes became fixed on him. He flowed with such grace out there; he completely owned the area around him. It was almost like the music had been written for his moves, tailored to fit his body perfectly. So what if it was the lifestyle highly frowned upon by society? It was mainly old women who shared these opinions anyway. No, the nightlife was glamorous and full of surprises. It was perfect for Axel. Unlike the day, the boring time when the sun was shining high in the sky. Normally Axel would sleep in late as possible just to avoid most of the morning and sometimes half of the afternoon. But not today unfortunately. His best friend was dragging him out to the library so she could finish her college project. Larxene was one year younger than Axel and they'd met at the local club scene. Unlike Axel however, she had decided to carry on her education. Though she seemed to spend most her time bitching about her deadlines and teachers. Sighing he grabbed his stuff and left his flat and started towards the library.

It was a freaky place, everything was so quiet and it always seemed empty save a few people typing on the computers. That's when Axel saw him. Blonde and blue-eyed. The classic combination of temptation. His dress sense was extremely casual and he was pretty short. Probably a college student due to the huge pile of books next to the computer. His mouth was ever so slightly pouted in concentration, fingers moving rapidly across the keys. Axel wanted him the second he saw him. He was well known for keeping his sexuality a mystery and deep down he wasn't even sure himself what he preferred, all he knew was that he was deeply attracted to this stranger and, not being one to shy away from life, he would do whatever possible to get to know him. he was just considering the best way to approach the boy when someone wrapped their hands over his eyes.

"Guess who" a voice whispered in his ear. Axel pulled the hands away and turned to face his friend. Larxene stood there with her usual cocky grin, hands on hips.

"There you are! I've bee waiting for you in this dusty old place for 15 minutes now, what took you so long?"

"Got lost" she said throwing herself down on a nearby sofa.

"You got lost?"


"Okay whatever. So are you all done here?" Axel asked

"Yeah pretty much, my projects mostly done. I'll finished the rest tomorrow then I spend my days as one big fucking party!" she shouted the last causing looks of disgust from everyone in the area, including the pretty blonde boy. Larxene caught his glare and stuck her middle finger up at him. He scowled and carried on working. Axel used the moment to his advantage

"You know that kid?" he asked causally as he could manage

"What blondie over there? Yeah I know him, he's in my physics class. Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering. He looks interesting"

Larxene snorted "you want to sleep with him more like"

"Larxene the world doesn't revolve around sex you know" Axel said, hoping she would keep her voice down. Last thing he wanted was for the boy to hear them.

"Yeah yeah, you know that's not true. Anyway, his names Roxas and he's the most unsociable bastard I've ever met." Though she was a tad quieter this time. Axel raised his eyebrows.

"Unsociable?" he asked, though looking over it didn't seem that hard to imagine. The way he was stooped over the screen just screamed 'leave me alone'. Larxene carried on.

"Yeah, he only has one friend. Naminé I think her name is. They're not dating or anything though. He doesn't seem the kind for dating, too busy getting top grades and that kinda shit. God can we go outside please, I'm dying for a cigarette" she moaned, pulling Axel's sleeve to try to get his attention.

"Huh? Oh yeah whatever" he mumbled, his eyes still on the vision in the corner. Larxene noticed straight away and began taking the piss instantly.

"I knew it! I fucking knew it Axel! You want to get in that guys pants don't you! God you're so obvious it hurts sometimes" she cackled. "I would introduce you to him but he hates me so looks like you're screwed boy"

"Please, I could get his number if I wanted it"

"Oh Mr cocky now are we? Well why don't you prove it to me Casanova?" he said, her eyes filled with a challenge.

"What's the condition then?" Axel asked, not being able to resist a good bet.

"£50 says you can't make his go out on 3 dates with you in the next month"

"Phft too easy, make it two weeks and we have a deal"

"You really are full of yourself aren't you? Fine it's your money you want to throw away. Deal"

"Okay but its starting tomorrow okay, I have some planning to do today."

Larxene nodded "Fine I'll give you today off. Hell I'm feeling generous, I'll even tell you that he comes here everyday apart from weekends"

"Do you want to lose your money; you've just taken away half the challenge for me"

"Whatever, I don't think you realise what you've got yourself in for my friend. Now come on before I start getting cigarette withdrawals." She said physically dragging him to the doors this time. Axel stole one last glance at his challenge, who was staring at his screen in despair; something had clearly gone wrong with whatever he was doing.

'Roxas' he thought to himself smiling. It was going to be an interesting 2 weeks