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Day 9 (night)


So here I was, curled very closely to my Roxy on his sofa. Exactly where I wanted to be. So why did I feel so afraid? It felt like the second I looked away he would vanish. Maybe that's what happens when you want something for so long. You go so long praying and hoping for it that when it's presented to you, you just panic that it'll be stolen away. And despite my outward confidence, I didn't expect to get a win tonight. At the most I thought it would stop all my bridges being burnt, give us a chance to come back to this in a few months. But then he went and kissed me. After everything that had happened, he actually kissed me. And dear lord that boy knew how to kiss, I got the shivers just thinking about it. Secretly, I always figured that I'd have total control, that he'd follow my lead, but instead we followed each other, constantly changing and responding to the slightest movements. I knew I'd made the right choice with Roxy. I couldn't help looking back, wondering how the hell we got here. Although less than 2 weeks had passed it seemed like months ago since I first saw the scowling boy in the library and decided I wanted to sleep with him. Because that's all I ever wanted at the start, a one night stand with a blonde hottie. Well okay maybe not a one night stand, I would have welcomed repeat performances, but a relationship? Hate the things. Stupid ideas for overly romantic people. Or at least that's what I used to think. It was hard to believe how one person could come into my life and mess everything up so thoroughly. If it wasn't for Roxas I would probably have lived my days out clubbing and drinking until I was one of those creepy old guys who just didn't realise how stupid they really looked. But now, now I could see that my life was wrong in so many ways. And for the first time in my life, I actually wanted to do something to fix it. I wanted to call my bitch of a grandmother and tell her the screw her money, I wanted to drink less and get a job. And most of all I wanted to do it with Roxas standing next to me, helping me get through it all. I'd never felt so vulnerable in my life, so reliant on another. I could imagine what my 'friends' would be saying if they heard me. Larxene would probably be pissing herself with laughter while Luxord tried to force me into a suit and go out to town with him. I swear that guy had some sort of suit fetish, he never wore anything else. Still screw those guys, I got the feeling I wouldn't be seeing them as much anymore. Roxas, whose head was resting on my chest, made some strange shuffling movements before sneezing and falling back asleep. I just watched him sleep, wishing I could drop off as easily. From the way the night was going it was clear sleep was not on the agenda for me. I looked around the room, hoping to distract myself. Plus I didn't get a chance to take in the surroundings when I arrived and now I was curious. It wasn't the most exciting room I'd ever been in. The walls were plain white with wooden floorboards. Looked like a typical student pad. Which I guess it was. Still there were a few small things that stood out. There was a shelf filled with little robot figures, the kind of thing you collect a kid. A few photos messily bluetacked to the walls, mainly Roxas with his friends. A framed photo took pride of place on the T.V of a woman who looked a lot like Roxas, so I guessed that was his mother. Nothing else the interesting seemed to occupy the room. Or so I thought until I looked upwards. That's then I saw the whole ceiling was covered with stick on glow in the dark stars of all different sizes. They'd clearly been up there for a while as they were shinning really dimly, which is why I never noticed them. I laughed softly, damn this boy was cute. He stirred faintly and mumbled into my chest.

"What's so funny" he sounded like he could happily fall straight asleep again.

"Just admiring the night sky" I said kissing him on the forehead.

"Cool" he murmured before slipping back off into a deep sleep. Honestly I've never seen someone sleep so easily. Lucky him. I thought about waking him up but decided against it. I got the feeling he would be all pissy if he didn't get enough sleep, I was most days after all. The digital display on the TV told me it was coming up to 2am. Fan-bloody-tastic, only had to survive about 6 more hours of torture. I sighed and amused myself by trying to name every person in my old school class and imagine what they were doing with their lives. It didn't last long, I'd nearly forgotten everyone. God there had to be a way to cope.

I thought back to the way the evening had panned out. Somehow it had run smoothly but I think there was one thing that had shocked the both us. Although we were both sleeping on the sofa, we hadn't actually had sex. We didn't get passed kissing, no action for poor Axel. Well that's how it would probably seem to everyone else, but in all honestly, it was my decision. It all linked back to this fear I seem to have inside of me. I wanted Roxas, I wanted him so badly, but I just wasn't ready. To do it tonight would make it rushed and clumsy, and I kinda wanted it to be special. The only sex I'd had in the past was simple casual sex, but this was different. The scariest thing was, Roxas was actually ready. I know if I'd gone down that road he would have happily followed. But when I didn't push him, he just seemed to smile and understand. And somehow I fell even more in love with him. Now I just had to hope he didn't wake up in the morning and realise he'd made a huge mistake. Who knew what would happen next, I just hoped we could make it to the end of the week, the go from there.

Day 358


"Will you two hurry up! Stop being gross and help us find a decent space" Kairi's voice bellowed across the beach making the couple jump out of their skin. Roxas reluctantly pulled away from Axels embrace and dragged the red head down to the sand where their other friends were busy looking for the perfect space to sit. The sun was beating down and the beach was crowded with families trying to enjoy the rarely seen summer heat. After much careful deliberating and stone shifting they found a semi flat area and dumped a blanket down. Roxas looked around and realised someone was missing.

"Hey Kairi, where's Sora gone?" he asked, glancing round at the small children playing nearby. It wouldn't shock him to find out Sora was being attacked by a gang of toddlers at this moment, kids seemed to love hitting Sora.

Kairi shrugged "He said something about ice cream; you know what he's like. I'm sure he'll come back eventually"

"Probably when the rest of us decide its time to leave" Axel said rolling his eyes. Roxas laughed while Kairi just sighed in agreement. It always amazed Roxas how easily Axel had fitted into the group. Although he knew his friends would never be mean or deliberately dislike his boyfriend, he hadn't expected them to welcome him with such open arms. It didn't feel like he was an outsider, only there because of Roxas. Axel and Kairi had become especially good friends, often resorting to teasing Roxas and Sora together.

Oh course, not all of his friends had been happy about it. Sighing, he thought back to the last time he had actually spoken to Naminé. It wasn't like he hadn't tried at first, he knew she wouldn't be happy with the situation but he didn't want to loose her as a friend. After he and Axel had gotten together he phoned her straight away and tried to see her as much as possible to prove he wouldn't forget about her. Unfortunately she started coming up with excuses more and more often until the only times he saw was around college, and even then she rarely spoken to him. And now college was almost over, it seemed that she would truly disappear from his life. He tried not to care too much but it was hard, they'd been friends for years. Kairi and Sora both tried to invite her out on days like this and once or twice she had come, but only if Axel wasn't there. Which was pretty rare. And Axel had tried being nice to her, but she wouldn't even look at him. In the end everyone just gave up on her and she was no longer in their group. Sad but it was her own choice. Roxas was about to ask Kairi if she'd heard anything but at that moment Sora came running down the beach, clumsily trying to balance 4 ice creams that were rapidly melting. It was clear he had something he wanted to say as he was hopping round with excitement.

"Sora, what the hell is that?" Roxas said, eyeing up the ice cream warily.

"It's ice cream" Sora said, stating the obvious. Kairi intervened quickly.

"Sora we can see they're ice creams, I think what Roxas meant was why the hell are they bright blue?"

"You guys didn't say what flavours you wanted so I just got these, they're brand new" he shrugged passing them around. Everyone took one reluctantly; there was nothing natural looking about the ice creams at all.

"So, are they like blueberry or something?" Axel asked. Sora just laughed as if that was a stupid suggestion.

"No, sea salt."

Roxas, who was just about to try his, glanced at his friend in fear. "You're kidding right?" he asked, fearing the answer.

"Of course I'm not, look why don't you just try them? They could be the nicest ice creams you've ever tasted" The others looked at each other and Axel bravely was the first one who took the bullet and tried it. His eyes widened in surprise.

"Hey you guys, I don't want to shock you but key boys onto something for once, these are pretty good!" Kairi and Roxas took that as their cue to try them as well and both were pleasantly surprised.

"I never knew I had a boy with taste" Kairi said pushing Sora playfully. Sora wasn't about try and fail to produce a witty comeback when he suddenly jumped up.

"Oh my god I forgot to tell you guys! On the way here you'll never guess what I saw. A cat chasing a squirrel!" he looked round expectantly "Well, isn't that cool?"

Roxas laughed and mimed having a headache. "Oh god, I think I feel an ellipsis coming on" he groaned

"Are you going to be okay?" Sora began to panic "How do you know? I mean there's no flashing lights around here or anything"

"You're thinking of epilepsy you idiot!" Roxas burst out laughing. "An ellipsis the word for a dot dot dot."

"Oh right, well why didn't you just say that?"

"Why do you find the idea of a cat chasing a squirrel such interesting news?" Roxas retorted.

Sora didn't even answer and instead just sat there sulking for a few minutes while Kairi hugged him and told him she loved him no matter "what those bullies said". It was hard to believe that those two had split up for about a month. Roxas smiled as he remembered how distraught Sora had been. And that was putting it mildly. No one could even remember why they broke up but Roxas had to put up with Sora sleeping on his sofa for a few weeks because "he didn't want to be alone". Axel and Roxas had tried giving him advice to get Kairi back which he swiftly ignored and shocked everyone by proposing to her. Kairi's reaction had been to laugh, hug him and they got back together, though she sweetly turned down the proposal claiming it might be better to wait until they could both legally get married without their parent's permission. It was painstakingly obvious those two were meant to be together though, the thought of them not getting married and having a small family one day was hard to compute. As if reading his mind the couple started talking about weddings.

"Hey Kairi, when we get married, we should have a huge wedding! With loads of flowers and a cake and just the prettiest dress you'll ever have seen"

"Am I going to be the bride at this wedding or you?" Kairi put her hands on her hips a looked down at her over excited boyfriend. "It's getting way to hot here, lets go swimming in the sea" Sora jumped up like a little kid and ran down the surprisingly blue ocean. Roxas was in the middle of pulling off his shirt when he saw Axel wasn't following.

"Aren't you coming?" he said raising his eyebrows. What kind of person could happily play laser tag but refuse to play in the ocean. Axel just smiled and shrugged.

No, its okay I'll sit here and watch our stuff. Please, carry on what you're doing though" Axel said with a smirk, indicating Roxas' shirt half-on-half-off state. Roxas shook his head and flopped down onto the stones next to the redhead.

"Now are you going to tell the real reason?"

"What makes you think I'm lying" Axel looked deeply offended. Roxas just laughed and pushed his boyfriend playfully.

"I know you too well, that's why. Now tell me or I will drag you down to the water this very second"

Axel eyed him suspiciously "You're not strong enough to do that"

"Just try me"

"Oh alright, seeing as you're such a nagger. It's nothing special, it's just that, well I never learnt to swim"


To give him credit, I think he lasted 6 seconds before he hit the floor in a laughing heap. Okay so maybe it was a pretty lame excuse but it was true. I grew up in a big city with no ocean in sight and well, to be totally honest I don't trust water. The idea of being covered by the stuff just doesn't appeal. I always opted for showers over baths, I considered myself a fiery kinda guy and I didn't want some water weighing me down. Roxas was still crying with laughter on the floor so I chose to be mature and throw stones at him.

"It's not that funny!" I said, trying not to over do my much practised pout. He smiled and pulled himself up from the ground. It was clear it was taking a lot of his control not to crack up again.

"Oh come on, it's damn well hilarious and you know it" when he saw his tactics weren't working he shuffled over and put his arms around my neck. "I'm sorry, don't sulk with me all day"

You know, after almost a year you think he would have learnt by now.

I easily spun round and pushed him to the ground so he was pinned underneath me. He tried desperately to wriggle free but I had his wrist held down with my hands while my legs kept his in place.

"Say sorry like you mean it this time" I said sternly, nipping at his neck. He rolled his eyes and stayed silent. "Not going to talk huh? Well I'll just have to force it out of you then" I said moving onto his bottom lip and pulling it gently with my teeth.

"Axel! Public place with families about. Get off of me" he was blushing like mad and I reluctantly moved. Although I could happily have stayed there all day he did have a point, we both shared a dislike of over the top public displays of affection and that could have gone of the scale. He sat up and rolled to the side, his face still slightly flushed. He caught my eye and smiled.

"We'll finish argument when we get home" he said smirking wickedly before searching through the cool box we'd bought along. "Jesus how many of these ice creams did Sora buy!" I looked over and saw what he meant; no human could possibly consume that much ice cream in a week, let alone a day.

"Next time I'll get the ice cream" I said laughing. He unwrapped one and started to eat it. He was licking around the edge to catch any drops that were about to fall off. And I tried to behave, really I did. But this was just too tempting.

"Hmmm, wonder what that reminds me of" I said casually. I swear I've never seen someone choke so much on such a small ice cream. He was looking daggers at me but I just laughed them off. He was way too much fun to wind up. Just as I was about to add another side-splitting quip Larxene wandered past in the tiniest swimsuit I'd ever seen. We'd barely spoken over the last few months but it was clear just from the way she walked she was still a bitch.

"don't look this way don't look this way please god don't-"

"Hey Axel"


"Hey Larxene" I said, trying to plaster on my best fake smile. I'm not sure, but I got the feeling it wasn't fooling anyone.

"How are you doing" she said sweetly. Oh god I was in trouble, she never spoke sweetly. "Nice to see you're still together with bet boy. Oh there's my friends, gotta rush. Toodles"

God she was a bitch. I could feel Roxas' eyes burning into my back.

"Bet boy" he said slowly.

Oh shit oh shit oh shit!

"Yeah, um I can totally explain that"

Oh shit


Axel looked terrified. Roxas just looked him straight in the eye, waiting for the answer.

"I'm waiting" he said, raising an eyebrow.

"Look, its nothing. It's just that when I first saw you Larxene made a bet with me that I couldn't get you to go on three dates with me and then I made that bet with you and then it all went a bit crazy and you know the rest" Axel rarely looked flustered so Roxas let him sweat a bit before he put him out of his misery.

"Is that all, and I thought it might be something interesting."

"Wait, you don't care. You just found out the only reason I spoke to you was for some quick cash and that doesn't bother you?" Axel still looked worried, and also slightly bemused. Roxas just shrugged.

"It probably would have bothered me if I found out at the start, but why would I care now? And after all, it bought us together didn't it?"

"Well if you put it that way…still I expected you to get all piss with me"

"Did you want me to?" Roxas said laughing.

"Well no, but I wouldn't have minded the making up part afterwards." Axel admitted

"I'll see what I can do" Roxas said shaking his head. "Anyway, we better split, we've got a flat to go and see" He pushed himself up and signalled to Kairi and Sora that they were about to leave. Kairi smiled and waved while Sora jumped up and down then promptly fell over and got soaked. Just a normal day for him then.

By the time they arrived the sun was slowly starting to dim leaving the street in a delicate half light. It wasn't the typical place you'd expect to find a flat, the streets were clear of litter and a group of children were playing with a dog down the road.

"You know, I still say you cheated when it came to your grandmother" Roxas said leaning on a post while Axel put the key into the lock.

"It was not cheating! I went to her like I promised and told her I didn't want her money anymore. Of course I might have mentioned my flat wasn't big enough for me and my boyfriend to live in so we might come stay at home with her for a while but hey, I was just making conversation. I didn't ask her to buy us a flat before cutting all connections did I?"

"If your grandmother wasn't a crazy catholic bitch I'd condemn you for exploiting an old woman." Axel just laughed and pushed open the door.

"Well here we are, home sweet home"

Roxas almost fell back in amazement. Okay so the way they acquired the flat wasn't exactly moral and his old flat had been a hell pit, but this place was amazing. It was one of the oddest places he'd seen in his life. Although the outside gave off the impression it would be a modern style flat the inside told a different story. It was almost like a country cottage with high ceilings and wooden beams. And the fact it came fully furnished with some amazing furniture wasn't to be sniffed at either. Axel let out a small whistle.

"Well, what do you think roomie" he said, from the look on his face he shared Roxas' thoughts on the place. Roxas smiled and shrugged.

"I guess it'll do" he said as nonchalantly as possible. He caught Axel's eye and threw himself into his arms. "I love it! I can't believe it; do we really live here now?"

Axel held the blonde closely to his chest "Hell yes we do, come on I want to see how comfy the sofas are. He picked Roxas up, ignoring all protests and dumped him on the sofa.

"Well, what do you think?"

"It's pretty good" Roxas said laying back on possibly the squishiest sofa he'd sat on in his life. "Don't think there's enough room for you on here though. Axel laughed and scooped up the younger boys legs so he could sit down. Roxas shifted slightly so they were close as possible. They kissed and found the sofa perfectly adequate for make out sessions, which would probably be quite common. Roxas pulled away for a second.

"Hey, do you think if we visit your family this Christmas your grandmother will give us a car" Axel laughed and pulled him back down.

"I thought you didn't like exploiting old ladies" he mumbled into his ear before gently biting it.

"That was before I saw the advantages" Roxas replied five minutes later

"That was a late reply."

"You were distracting me, I couldn't think straight" Roxas protested. Axel smiled but his face soon turned serious.

"Are you really sure this is what you want Roxas, to live together?" his eyes were searching, clearly worried about the answer.

"Axel I've told you a thousand times, I really am sure. I know we can easily make this work. What about you, it sounds like you're having second doubts"

"Well you are cramping my bachelor lifestyle"

"God forbid" Roxas said rolling his eyes. "You know I'm in love with you don't you" he said lazily, tracing lines on Axels chest.

"Well I don't know, I mean I know I love you, but I think you need to prove that you love me" Axel said hopefully. Roxas just smirked.

"I'll see what I can do"

"Oh, on that note, we still haven't checked out the bedroom!" Axel exclaimed, he jumped up and Roxas tried to find the energy to follow. But damn it was a comfy sofa. It was only when Axel started swearing that he finally got up.

"What's the matter" he asked. Axel turned round, his face in his hands.

"I should have known, devil woman strikes again" he said nudging the door further so Roxas could see inside. Everything looked fine to him, okay the colour was a bit boring but the beds looked comfy enough. Ah. He suddenly figured it out. Beds. Two to be precise, about as far apart as they could possibly be.

"Oh, do you think we could move them together?" Roxas said frowning.

"I guess, they look pretty heavy though and I'm tried" Axel moaned.

"Well, you know, for single beds they are pretty big" Roxas said slyly. Axel grinned

"I think you're right, it would mean having to sleep pretty close together though"

"Oh god no! How will I cope?" Roxas laughed

"I'm sure you'll be fine, I'll even let you have majority of the duvet."

"You drive a hard bargain sir"

"I think its in your best interest to accept" Axel said grabbing his hand. "Come on, lets got test out these beds and make my grandmother turn over in her grave"

Roxas looked up in confusion. "Your grandmothers not dead" he said. Axel just grinned his favourite cocky grin.

"She will be when she finds out what we've been doing."

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