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Author's Notes: Here is the sequel to our beloved "Level Up! Love!" story. Unlike its predecessor, this story isn't going to really follow a set plot line. At least not at the moment. This story is pretty much going to be "Konata and Kagami are a couple now, here are cute and quirky moments from their lives together." If you don't like that kinda thing, then I don't know why in the hell you watched Lucky Star. It will also update sorta sporadically, since there won't be any real cliffhangers. This is really just simple cute fun for both writer and reader. Also, the title is a joke... based loosely on something that (I think) Konata said about the weird words people use when naming sequels. Anyway, enjoy.

Chapter 1: Sleepover

The sun was setting. Its stretching rays cast their warm vermilion palette onto the numerous homes of Washimiya, decorating them in various reds and golds. Eventually the colors of sunset reached Washinomiya shrine and the Hiiragi household, roughly around the same time as the youngest Hiiragi trotted up to the doorstep.

Tsukasa carried a small plastic shopping back in one hand. Casually, she slid the door open and let herself in. She shivered a little, shaking off the cold. Tsukasa cheerfully announced her arrival to anyone who could hear after removing her coat and shoes. Still clutching the shopping bag, the short-haired girl skipped up to where hers and her sister's rooms were. She pulled one of the items she had been asked to buy - a green onion - out of the bag as if to confirm that she had brought back the right thing. Once reassured, the ribboned girl walked up to Kagami's door. Opening the door with one hand and playfully twirling the onion in full circles with her other hand, Tsukasa smiled broadly.

"Oneechan, I got the green onio--" The sight before her was enough to silence Tsukasa instantly.

Sprawled on her back and atop her bed, Kagami was hard to see. Only a bit of pigtail, knees, and elbows could be seen under the sea of blue hair on top of her. None of that would have seemed like much of a problem if Kagami's head had been visible. For a moment, it looked like she and Konata were kissing.

Tsukasa dropped her bag.

One of Konata's eyes popped open. She immediately shot up with an intense, fearful concern and screamed, "Breathe, damnit, breathe!" Her hands began compressing Kagami's chest. Kagami made some surprised coughing noises in response to the sudden pressure.

"GAH-AGH!" Her arms flailed.

"Good, good, stay with me!" Konata chided urgently before dipping back down to puff Kagami's cheeks up with secondhand air.

"Mmmm, Fffmm!!" Kagami protested, kicking her legs.

"Wh-what's...?" Tsukasa looked on with frightened confusion. "I--what do I--hospital...! Ahh! Onee..."

Konata dipped down again, her hair hiding the fact that this time she was granting, or perhaps forcing a hearty french kiss. She cut it off abruptly and sat up, allowing Kagami to gasp, "Kagami! Are you okay?!.

Kagami coughed and spit, anger and confusion battling for dominance on her face as she gasped for breath. "What, wha..." The frazzled girl propped herself up on her elbows, and noticed Tsukasa in the doorway upon doing so. "Aah!"

Poor Tsukasa looked nearly ready to wet herself.

Konata put her hands on Kagami's shoulders in a dramatic manner. "Are you going to be okay? Answer me! Answer me!"

Jostled, Kagami shifted her furious attention to Konata.

"Of COURSE I'm okay you idiot!!" She sent spit flying in the other girl's face. Kagami's eyes darted back to her sister. She re-grasped their predicament and switched gears. "Th-thank you... You... you saved me..," Kagami followed up, faking a weakness in her voice that was far from present when she had been yelling a moment earlier.

Konata's expression softened into her best imitation of the bishounen hero, "It was nothi--"

She was interrupted by a sobbing Tsukasa flinging herself at the two of them and hugging them both. "Oneechan, thank God you're okay! I was so scared--ooh, Kona-chan--this is the fourth time you've saved Oneechan this month--how can I ever tha--I mean-- if you hadn't been here, Oneechan would--would--!" She couldn't continue, either overcome by the thought of saying it aloud, or by the fresh sobs that were bursting forth.

Kagami choked on her own breath for a moment. The fourth time...? I thought this was only the second time she did the CPR thing...oh damnit...

The troubled girl tore herself from her worried thoughts to calm her sister. "It's okay Tsukasa, I'm alright. I've just got to...to be more careful when I snack..."

Great, I just OPENED myself up to a shot from her.

"Yeah, you shouldn't inhale food like that! It's dangerous in more ways than one..." Konata's eyes very conspicuously drifted to Kagami's midsection, and Kagami winced as the expected quip struck her squarely in the gut.

"S-so...you'll be more careful?" asked a somewhat placated Tsukasa. She looked up at her sister with large eyes that still glittered with tears.

"Y-yes...," she answered, doing her best to suppress a twitch. "I will. So you won't have to worry about this happening anymore." Indigo eyes narrowed as her sentence finished, shooting a small glare toward Konata. "Now you'd better get downstairs. Weren't you going to help with dinner tonight?"

"Ah! That's right! That's why I was supposed to pick up ingredients in the first place," Tsukasa smiled sheepishly. "Kona-chan, will you be having dinner with us tonight?" She tilted her cute head at her blue-haired friend.

"If you're cooking, of course!" Konata chirped enthusiastically. There was a hint that Kagami should not bother helping.

"Great! I'll let everyone know." Trotting back to doorway, Tsukasa picked up the grocery bag she had dropped and went on her way - only to poke her head into the room a second later.

"You're sure you're okay, Oneechan?"

Kagami tried to hide her exasperation. "Yes, I'm sure. Don't worry so much, Tsukasa."

Satisfied by the answer, Tsukasa exited again. Kagami flopped backwards onto her bed, blowing out a sigh that felt as if it had been building up for days.

"Shut the door," she flatly ordered to Konata.

Konata bowed low, her hair gathering on the flow. It obstructed her face so much that it was hard to see that self-satisfied cat smile of hers. "Of course, Kagami-sama."

After hearing the familiar click of the door latch, Kagami allowed herself to vent with a little more volume.

"Ah jeez, this can't keep happening! This is too many times!!"

"Well, if you would eat a little more slowl--"

"SHUT IT." Kagami snarled, silencing her companion instantly. "You know what I mean. I thought that I'd told you, and that we agreed - no more of this at my house! It's too dangerous!" Though her voice calmed some, the tsundere immediately switched to her scolding tone. Such a tone of voice was painfully familiar to Konata, though after recent events she had been getting an earful of it for different reasons.

"But Kagamiiiin," Konata whined in a charming manner, "You're so cute I just can't resist you! Besides...don't act like you're innocent here. You were loving it. You didn't try to stop."

"You--!!" Kagami's face flushed from her ears downward. She hated being called on this stuff. "D-don't blame me for this!! Y-you were too aggressive!! You..." Her voice softened shyly. "...you overwhelmed me... It wasn't my fault!" Her sentence ended with another exclamation.

"That's the same thing maniacs and pedophiles say in court after they get arrested," Konata chirped jovially.


The frenzied yelling that erupted from Kagami's room could be heard in muffled form by her mother, who was heading down the hall.

A soft rap upon Kagami's door was enough to make several strands of her lilac hair spring out of place. Her defensive ramble ceased at once, either to Konata's relief or dismay.

"Kagami? Konata-chan?" Mrs. Hiiragi's voice came softly from the other side. "Dinner is ready."

"A-ah, okay! We'll be right out!" The tsundere's heart calmed. She smoothed her hair back down and fixed her ribbons. "Come on," she said while unlocking the door. After pausing for a second, Kagami leered over her shoulder at the shorter girl behind her.

"You had better behave."

Konata took a moment to acknowledge. After all, she was too busy cleaning the spray of tsun-tsun spit off of her face. However, she made a muffled noise that was either approval for the meal, or reassurances towards Kagami's threatening demand.

Oden was served and everyone was seated by the time Konata and Kagami arrived.

"Hey, you could've at least let me help you guys set the table," Kagami commented. "I feel bad not helping at all with dinner."

"It was no problem," Inori answered casually. "Tsukasa and I were enough for Mom this time."

"Maybe it's because you're bad at chores. Or maybe you're bad at chores because you never have to do them! It's like a vicious cycle," Konata speculated as she sat down, twirling her finger. "Ah, I can't tell! Which came first, the chicken or the egg?! A lack of talent or a lack of effort?!

"CAN it," Kagami hissed, resting her foot assertively atop Konata's.

Matsuri and Tsukasa both stared curiously at the pair, the rest of the family distracted with handing out food. Tsukasa milled a thought about in her mind for a moment, then spoke.

"Kona-chan, you want some boiled eggs?"

"Yes, but should I eat it or the chicken first?"

Kagami twitched. "There is no chicken in oden."

"There is a lot of fish cake though, if you'd like," Mr. Hiiragi offered, smiling.

"Why couldn't there be," Konata quipped, unabashed.

"Fish came before chicken eggs, right?" She looked around for agreement, "Of course, we don't know if fish or fish eggs came first--but this is about a chicken egg. So I'll take some fish first. Thank you." She said the last phrase in English, then turned to Kagami, "Bud had the right idea." Konata deepened her voice,"I will lay down my life for you!"

By now, everyone was staring at Konata, all but Kagami looking very perplexed.

"He-ey, you say some weird things don't ya?" Matsuri bluntly inquired.

"Matsuri! Be a little more polite," her mother reproved, "It's always a pleasure to have Konata-chan over."

"Yeah, I guess our usual dinner conversation can be a little boring." Matsuri agreed, earning herself another frown from her mother.

As Konata placed some food onto her plate, Kagami stared at her knees and struggled to calm the furious trembling that her body was doing.

She's going to make sure that I'll never want them to find out, isn't she? That's what she's doing, isn't it? Making sure that I'll never become insane enough to let my family know about us and they'll think that I'll go to my grave as some lonely, unmarried, pathetic loser! That's what she wants, isn't it?!

Time spent after dinner found the Hiiragi siblings and guest watching television.

"The anime was better. If you ask me, I don't think that Oguri can match up to Yamamoto. I mean, he produced Honey and Cl—"

"Just shut up and watch the show, will you?"

"I'm all done with the bath!" Tsukasa announced, stepping into the room in her PJs, still rubbing a small towel against her hair. "Oneechan, you can take your turn now."

"Ah, great. Thanks." Kagami answered, standing.

Konata popped up beside her, "Great, Thanks Tsukasa."

Kagami twisted her head to look over her shoulder. "'Scuse me what?"

"I'll come with you. It'll save your family time and water, right?" Konata explained with an air of charity about her.

"N-no way!" Kagami reacted instantly, feeling her insides freeze. Her reaction was as if a boy had asked to share the bath with her.

"Why not, we're both girls," Konata said with closed eyes and a cat smile.

Kagami's lip twitched upon observing that wry grin over the adorable face of her companion. She was backed into a corner. All of her sisters could hear, and her vehemently denying such a simple request from her friend might only cast more suspicion on her... if there was any to begin with.

Before Kagami had much time to get lost in her worries, Matsuri spoke up.

"Oh good, you guys are going in together? That's great, because I really don't wanna wait too long."

"Ah..." Without even having a chance to argue, she had been defeated. Konata's smile persisted painfully. Even though this was Kagami's own territory, Konata still had the edge. "Hmph! Come on!" The tsundere huffed, grabbing the shorter girl's arm and marching out of the living room.

"So why were you so opposed to bathing with me?" Konata finally asked after a quiet stretch of hair washing. Water rained down on large plaits hair that covered her front and back, thoroughly censoring her. She leaned over to turn off the shower head and then swung her wet hair out of her way like a giant blue lasso. She wasn't censored anymore.

Sex appeal wasn't the motive, though. Without hair in her face, she was free to trot over to rummage in her toiletry bag.

"We've done it before," she continued, "We're both girls. It's nothing you haven't seen before."

"Things are different now!" Kagami insisted, staring at the tiled wall of the bathroom. She had swiftly finished washing herself, and was now submerged up to her neck in the warm tub. The darkened water aided the girls folded knees in concealing most of her body.

"And you know why they're different." Her blue eyes darted briskly to the other girl's unclothed form. In an instant they darted back to rest upon the wall once again.

"It's weird being like this with you now that you're my-- ...that we're-- ... you know..." The lilac-haired girl's voice shyly and cautiously softened, as if the walls that she so persistently stared at could hear her.

"It's still very silly," Konata returned pragmatically. If Kagami hadn't been so fascinated by the little spots of mildew that were trying to return to the bathroom tiles, she might have noticed that Konata was putting on goggles and a snorkel.

"Besides, if you like me that way now, wouldn't you want to be like this together?"

Kagami could feel Konata slipping into the water, but didn't dare look.

"It...it's not as easy as you make it sound, you know." Kagami fiddled with some of her hair. "I mean, yeah it'd be a lot scarier if you were a boy. You wouldn't even be in here if you were a boy, but that's not the point... These f-first time things are always scary, aren't they?" The nervous girl cast her attention down to the silhouette of her toes fidgeting beneath the water.

There was no answer.

"...did you hear me, Konata?"

She was only greeted by the sound of the water rippling.

Wait, why was it rippling? There was a soft hollow sound nearby as well. Annoyed, Kagami whipped her head to the strange sounds coming from Konata's alleged direction.

"Hey, answer me!" she demanded, having little chance to assert herself any further, immediately baffled by the sight in front of her. It seemed a small cylinder was bobbing along the water, causing both ripples and sounds. Under it was a shadow, and in its wake were a few strands slithering blue hair.

"What the... what the hell are you doing?" Kagami's voice came only as a muffled grunt to the girl below the surface.

There was naturally no verbal reply. However, she did suddenly feel her breast being squeezed.

Kagami gave something that sounded like a combination of a gasp and a shriek, which sharply echoed off of the bathroom walls. A great big splash followed as she swatted at the tiny hand that had violated her. The vulnerable girl immediately crossed her arms over her chest, a livid glare boiling the water below her. Or perhaps the bubbles rising from the water were the chuckles of a very entertained little midget.

Konata still had the advantage. Her mass of hair and the shadowy water helped to hide her arms' locations. Meanwhile, her goggles gave her a fuzzy eye-full. Her hands next wandered down and around to Kagami's posterior.

"GAAH!" The tsundere proclaimed, another splash following. Furious and wanting revenge, Kagami's eyes sought out what appeared to be the center of the swirling blue hair below. Swiftly, she shot her arms down, felt for the plastic bumps of the goggles on Konata's face, and removed them from her open eyes.

There was a moment of arrest. All movement and sound ceased. Konata felt the raw, heated water rush in and blanket the tender membranes of her exposed eyes. She couldn't blink fast enough.

Everything began moving very fast. Konata burst out of the water, flailing and screeching as she rubbed her eyes, "My eyes! My eyes! How could you! I'll never forgive you for this! I'll never forgive any of you!"

"It's your own fault for acting like a damn idiot! Quit flailing around like that, you'll fall!!" Kagami scolded, trying her best to shield herself from the splashing water.

Konata was not one to relent, particularly not when she perceived there was some revenge to be had. She flailed her way into Kagami, knocking her back against the edge of the tub. Skin-to skin contact. With that, Konata seemed somewhat placated, and mellowed to dolefully rubbing her eyes.

Kagami on the other hand, was anything but placated. A vivid shade of red curtained down her from head to toe.

"G-g-ge-get off!!"

Konata whined despite a kitty smile plastered on her face, "I can't. I've been blinded by you. The least you could do is comfort me."

"You're not blinded! Get off of me!!" Kagami's squirming was only heightening the feeling accompanying the full-body contact, and doing virtually nothing against Konata's sudden vice grip. "I'll do a hell of a lot more than comfort you if you don't get off!!"

Konata gave an exaggerated, breathy gasped, "You--you will? So then you meant it when you said that you wanted to join our--"

"GAAGH!" The tsundere roared, and used all of her might to plunge herself and her amorous companion into the water, ending her troublesome sentence in a stream of bubbles.

Matsuri stood warily outside the bathroom, her hand frozen inches before knocking upon the shut door. In one hand she held a basket of toiletries, and on her face, a confused look had replaced an impatient one.

"No! NO! That's not what that's for!"

"We don't have anything else, so let's try using this!"

"S-stop it! Ah--!"

"Stop what?"

"Damn you!"

"Aww, Kagamin is so cuuute--"

"...I'll check back later," The older girl mumbled, opting not to interpret anything she had just heard.

"Good night Kagami, Konata-chan." Mrs. Hiiragi smiled, poking her head through the door as the two girls prepared themselves for sleep.

"Isn't Tsukasa joining you? She inquired.

"She clocked out a few hours ago while we were studying and went to sleep in her own room." The older twin explained. "I guess she forgot that I'd invited her in here."

"Ooh, that's too bad. Let's make sure she's up before noon tomorrow, alright?"

"Sure thing, g'night Mom." Kagami smiled as her mother returned the gesture and shut the door. With a yawn, the girl reached for the light switch. Her day had been long, but now it was finally over...

Turning around to face her bed, Kagami discovered that Konata had already silently helped herself to into it, along with her pillow and comforters.

"...get out of my bed."

A wheezy, fake snore was the only response.

Konata's nose was pinched. Hard.

The otaku put forth her best efforts not to respond. Unfortunately, she began to accumulate sweatdrops and blue lines over her increasingly puffy face.

Without removing her hand, Kagami leaned down, allowing her face to hover decidedly close above her girlfriend's own. Her warm breath teased Konata's mouth, and the small girl could almost feel the movement of her lips as she spoke,

"Konata... "

Konata's spirit was not deflating under her blue face. Her lips puckered and squeaked in hopes experiencing an "EVA Kiss."

"…I said get the hell out of my bed."

Konata wheezed, "The princess can't wake until she receives true love's kiss!"

Kagami sighed and released her girlfriend's nose.

"Give me one good reason why I should kiss you, please. This is our first sleepover since we got together and you've been a total nightmare."

Konata took in a big breath and smiled behind closed eyes. "If it's been a nightmare, wouldn't you at least want to end it nicely?" Konata replied.

The irritated girl ignored the whimsical logic and kept talking.

"You begged and begged for this stupid sleepover, and then you acted like a total jerk when you got it. I deserve at the very least to know why you were so dead set on driving me crazy tonight, before I give you -anything-."

Konata flashed a charming smile and put her hand up on Kagami's cheek, "I keep it interesting, don't I?"

Kagami blushed instinctively, still leaned over the bed on her knees. Her fingers gripped at the sheets that Konata was still snuggled under.

"W-well yeah, you do... but sometimes there have to be limits. You could've exposed everything to my family, you know, and that wouldn't have been pre--"

Konata picked her head up and kissed Kagami quite suddenly. Despite the speed, it was gentle, and lingered for a very long, pleasant moment.

Kagami's heart leaped to her throat with the contact of Konata's lips. She couldn't have continued her lecture if she'd wanted to. Quickly resigned, she returned the gesture, placing one of her hands over Konata's free one.

The moment passed, and Konata opened her eyes. They were bright despite the dim surroundings.

"You had fun tonight, didn't you?"

Kagami sighed inwardly. I told her I wasn't gonna kiss her, and she steals one anyway. Nothing less from Konata. The girl smiled in spite of herself.

"Don't let it go to your head if I say yes."

"Don't be afraid to admit it," Konata grinned as she brushed some of Kagami's rouge bangs out of her face.

The lilac-haired girl's blush warmed the tips of Konata's fingers. Feeling that she had allowed herself to be mushy for a little too long, Kagami moved her face from Konata's hand. She folded her arms on the end of the bed and rested her chin on them, still smiling a little.

"That's all you're getting. Now are you gonna get out of my bed so that I can sleep?"

Konata's eyes grew shiny and plaintive as her fingers clutched the covers up by her chin. "Can't we share?"

"And have to explain ourselves when someone opens my door in the morning and gets an eye-full while we're still asleep?" Kagami chided playfully, "I don't think so."

"It could be platonic! They wouldn't know!" Konata whined.

"Now you're just in denial." The tsundere rolled her eyes, which guided her vision over to the handle of her door.

It -does- have a lock... no, no, gotta lay down the law with her.

Eventually Konata conceded to the familiar futon mat on the floor, where she waited for Kagami to fall asleep. She then crept out of bed, locked the door, and slipped into Kagami's bed. Kagami remained asleep as her mischievous guest snuggled close with her.

The normally nocturnal Konata got an unusually good night's sleep that night.

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