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A/N: My sister REALLY wanted me to write a Ben 10 Alien Force themed fiction, so I hope I will do the show justice here. Though Ben 10 is more of my sister's obsession, I love the characters, especially the romance possibilities between Kevin and Gwen. So as I began to think of storylines that would make an interesting enough tale of the couple, I decided that I really wanted to get into the head of Gwendolyn Tennyson. To be honest, I see a much more complicated situation when it comes to the affections of the ex con and the "good girl". I really think that this story is something I can have a lot of promise with. I guess I'm just inspired here. I've got to thank my sister.

So pretty much what I plan to write in this fan fiction is a gradual build up in the romance between Kevin and Gwen. However I have my own twists in store, and my own philosophies on how the two feel about each other, so I want to incorporate them into this. There will be some battle scenes involved as well. It'll be rated Teen to be safe.

This will be different from the other romantic fanfics about the two. No one seems to be writing with the same ideas in mind as I will be. My story is going to be in a totally opposite direction.

I want you guys to review and tell me if my story idea is interesting. If no one wants to read it, I probably won't bother finishing it…well, maybe for my sis.

Well, here is a prologue of what my head is conspiring at the moment. This is pretty much written for description purposes. That way I can simply dive into the plot in the actual chapters. It's not much, but it is a little excerpt in Gwen's point of view. I thought I should give you a little example of my writing before you tell me if you think my ideas are any good, if you are nice enough to do so.


I'm not the kind that most would consider to be involved in aliens. In fact I'm not the kind that most would consider to even believe in the existence of such things, yet here I am, riding alongside my cousin and… and him… on a seemingly never ending quest to keep such species from causing mass hysteria…or worse.

I still think that this is all some kind of strange dream, even though I have seen first hand that this phenomena of which my life is entwined is indeed possible. It even logically makes sense, but I suppose that it is just my nature to be skeptical. I guess I think that my experiences are just too extraordinary to be the truth. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be doing this at the age of sixteen when that summer with my Grandfather began.

But I am.

Yes I, Gwendolyn Tennyson, the brainy, goody-two-shoes, am an undercover superhero, unbelievable as it may be.

So...what do you think??