This is Our Night

Summary: The sequel to When He leaves, I'll be there, It's focuses on Lola and her new found relationship with Chase, In LOLA"S POV. Unless it changes, but mostly in lola's pov.

Chapter One Preview

Two Months later after Chase cheated on Zoey with Lola,

Lola is about to discover Chase isn't excatly BF material

Logan and Zoey are happy, but how do they come into play?

Will Lola realize Chase is not her Prince Charming or Will Love blind her?

Find out in This is Our Night.


Victoria Justice as... Lola

Sean Flynn as... Chase

Matthew Underwood as... Logan

and Jamie Lynn Spears as... Zoey

ENJOY!! This is Our Night By tracemasonfreak101

a\n I do NOT own Zoey 101 or it's characters.