I own nothing except the plot and my own characters. Now for those who don't know, a Bedazzler is a device, it was on TV, that puts rhinestones on things. I thought comparing the Cullens sparkliness to that of rhinestones was hilarious. This was obviously before Breaking Dawn. My friend, Adelina Avalee, and I wrote this. It was just a crazy thought I had one day in the shower. (Don't the best ideas come in the shower?) Enjoy.

Bella rushed up the stairs. She thought she would die waiting for Charlie to fall asleep. Flinging open her bedroom door, she quickly shut it and unlatched her bedroom window. A smile erupted as on her face as she was swept up and tucked into bed. "Careful love. You're going to trip going up the stairs one of these days." Edward said followed by his velvet chuckle.

She grinned. "You'd catch me right?" He nodded, kissing her fully on the lips. She snuggled into his chest. "So, what's everyone up to in vampire-land?" Brushing her hair back he spoke. "The same. Emmett and Jasper are still fighting over who one last weeks football game on the Xbox. By the way, Alice wants to know if you want to go shopping in Paris over the summer." Bella scoffed and rolled her eyes. "She knows I hate shopping but still insists I go all over the world with her."

He smiled. "You know she loves you. You're her best friend. And she said she likes to watch you twitch." Bella sighed. "I know. Paris here I come…against my will." Edward laughed. They sat silent for a few moment, cuddled next to each other before Edward started again. "We're leaving for a few weeks. For Denali. We need to explain our relationship to them." Bella sat up and frowned. "What? When are you coming back?" "In three weeks. Can I trust you to stay safe while we're gone?"

Bella nodded solemnly. Edward kissed her again and laid her back beneath her sheets. She closed her eyes but couldn't find the will to sleep. Thoughts of Tanya and Edward…alone kept plaguing her tired mind. She only prayed that the gorgeous she-vampire didn't try to take advantage of her Edward. If she did, there's be hell to pay.