Bella looked around the camp for her newly turned friend. "Where's Audrey?" Edward pointed to the far corner of the campsite. "Over there. Why?" He asked cautiously. "I'll be back." Edward grabbed her wrist gently. "Bella you're not going anywhere." "Edward I'll be right over there. I swear to scream if anything happens." He let out a low growl as she walked away.

Bella frowned as she came upon Audrey. Coming up behind her, she placed her head on her shoulder. "Are you going to keep pouting?" Audrey shrugged her off. "I'm not pouting! And I'm not going over there." "Why? I thought we went through this before?! I can't keep watch-" "I'm not going because it's embarrassing!" "What?" Audrey sighed before speaking again softly. "It's not fair. They walked around like nothing happened. Like there was no blood. Like they had no problem. Like pros. Yet I was the only one who had trouble being around you. I feel so stupid! I should be able to do this! I shouldn't want to kill you every moment of my life!"

Bella took a step back as Audrey jabbed a tree in anger. The tree cracked and fell with a loud crash, scattering bugs and other life. "Audrey it won't be easy. I don't know if it will ever be easy. Not like when you were human. You won't be able to go out in public for at least a few years. You won't be able to go at all when it's sunny. You'll always have that burning in the back of your throat and you'll always be thinking about your next meal. But you can't just whine and cry and think someone is going to come fix everything for you and that you'll live happily ever after because you won't. You have to take it day by day. Baby steps."

Audrey looked Bella in the eye. "And you're willing to give everything up, your life, your future, your friends and family for this?" She nodded. "No doubt in my mind." Taking everything she said in, Audrey nodded. Bella looped her arm through hers and dragged her back to the others.

When they reached where the others sat, Bella sat Audrey down on a log. She sat beside her, with Edward on her other side. They all sat in silence for awhile. Then, Emmaline spoke.

"Thank you Bella." Bella stared at her. "For what?" Emmaline smiled. " Thank you for helping us. For being there for us, even at the expense of upsetting your family. You've put yourself in danger for us. For teaching us what we thought was impossible. An alternative lifestyle to what we'd learned through books and movies. That we're as human as we want to be. I'm never going to forget you." "Bella smiled.

Then, Rosalie let out a tinkling laugh. "Well, how could you forget Bella? It's not like you'll be far from her."

Emmaline, Ethan, Dante, and Audrey all looked up at her. "What?" Audrey asked quietly. Bella looked at Edward. "What is she talking about?"

Edward smiled. " The family has been talking. We think it would be best if you all joined our coven. That is, if you want to." Audrey looked at him in astonishment. "What? You would let us?" She looked at all the Cullens. "You would let us join your family, even after we put Bella in so much danger?"

Edward opened his mouth to speak, but Carlisle held his hand up. " Audrey, everyone makes mistakes. And you and your friends obviously want to be vegetarian. We're willing to help you achieve this, if you want to."

Ethan, Emmaline, Dante, and Audrey all looked at each other. Finally Dante spoke. " Thank you very much. We would be honored to join your family."

Alice let out a shriek of excitement. "Yes yes yes! This is going to be great! We can go SHOPPING!! It'll be great having another gifted vampire around to mess with the others!"

It got very quiet. Bella spoke. "Alice…what are you talking about?" Alice laughed lightly. " You mean, you don't know?" "Don't know what?" Alice frowned slightly, and turned to Audrey. "You truly don't know about your power?" Audrey looked shocked. " I….I have a power?" Alice nodded. " The past few weeks, I haven't seen you. Which is weird, because you've been with Bella, and I'm very connected to Bella's future. Not only could I not see you, but I couldn't see Bella as much as I used to. I could only see flashes of her." Edward jumped up "What!? You haven't been able to see her!? How could you not tell me!?" Alice held her hand up. " I knew she was fine Edward. I would have seen if anything serious had happened, that I know. It's not that I couldn't see her, I just didn't see her as much. I didn't think it was anything to worry about."

Audrey interrupted their snippet. "Excuse me!? I still don't understand what all this has to do with me having a gift." Alice smiled. " Bella has a very private mind. All mental vampiric powers do not affect her. I think you may be like her, only impenetrable to physical powers." Audrey stared at her. " Really? That's so cool! Ha! I'm special!!"

Bella smiled. "Yeah, your defiantly special…." Audrey stuck her tongue out at Bella. " Your just jealous!!" "Of what?" "Haha bring it!" Edward jumped up. " No! No one is fighting! Lets all go do something calm and not dangerous to humans! Like charades! Lets play charades!

Everyone laughed hysterically. Carlisle stood up. " We should head back to Forks now." Everyone nodded in agreement, smiles still plastered to their faces.

Audrey smiled, and thought " Maybe this won't be too bad after all…." Her thoughts were interrupted by a stick hitting her in the side of her head. Looking around, she spotted Ethan standing a short distance away with an innocent look on his face. "Oh, your so dead." she snarled playfully. They ran off to the car, followed by the rest of the Cullens. A loud bang was heard, followed by a wailing car alarm. Rosalie ran faster towards the car, screaming. " That better not have been my car!! I'll turn you into a pile of ashes!!"