Hey guys! Light-of-Hope-07 here with another story! This is my first attempt at humor so please don't flame or bash. So this story is about the digidestinds having a sleepover and while there, they play the deadly game of truth or dare! I know sorta cliché right? But I really wanted to write one of my own so here I am! There will be no yaoi or yuri moments, so if you enjoy those and want to read one, I suggest you leave now lol. I haven't decided on whether or not my couples are already going to be set (meaning no couples would be getting together during this fic) or if I am going to have a couple get together. I'll probably more then likely have you guys vote since I am one of the most indecisive people in the world. With that below you will find the ages and couples in this fic and, of course, the fic! Hope you guys enjoy!


Tai, Sora, Matt, Izzy, Mimi- 17


Tk, Kari, Davis- 14

Yolei, Ken- 15

Cody- 11

Couples: Takari (duh), Taiora, Mimato, Kenyako, DavisXOC, IzzyXOC


Truth or Dare...

Chapter 1: An Idea

Kari sat on the couch in her living room flipping through channel after channel on the tv.

"Ok that's it, I need to find something to do." She grumbled as she got up off the couch. After debating idea after idea in her head for awhile she finally decided in bugging her dear older brother, Tai. She knew Tai was in his room doing his much hated homework.

Since Kari and Tai were both growing up and needed their personal space, after much begging and pleading, their parents finally decided in letting them have separate rooms by having Tai move to the guest room across from his former room which was now Kari's.

Kari bounded towards the closed door and knocked on it. "Tai are you in there? Are you ok? Are you alive? I haven't heard you complain or hear you knock your massive head against your desk and then yell in pain because being the idiot you are you knocked it too hard for while. Tai?" Cautiously, Kari opened the door and saw in absolute dismay, her brother Tai, with his head on his desk asleep on his homework.

Kari giggled at the sight of her brother. He looked quite funny with massive bushy hair in it's usual dismay and his face was in a sort of funny and peaceful expression, and Kari swore she saw a bit of drool forming at his mouth. Wanting her brother not to get in trouble and also for just pure enjoyment, Kari tiptoed across his messy bedroom towards him. Once sher reached him, once she reached him, she went through his desk drawers (and finding some of the most unusual and disgusting things in it) until she found her old whistle.

Although Tai wanted to give the whistle back to her, Kari told him he could keep it knowing that he had a special connection to it as he used it to wake up Greymon when they had first discovered Digimon.

Putting the cold metal end to her lips, Kari blew on it as hard as she could making the whistle echo through the house and it woke Tai with such a start that he fell out of his chair.

"AAH!" Tai fell backwards and landed with a loud thud on the ground. Kari was standing and clutching her stomach laughing so hard tears were starting to form at her eyes. Tai scowled at her and rubbed his head.

"Haha, very funny Kari. Sure wake up your hard working brother."

Kari raised an eyebrow. "Hard working? You fell asleep doing your homework, yeah that's hardworking." Tai scowled at her. "Hey, I've been working all morning on my homework."

"Tai you started your homework an hour ago and been asleep for who knows how long and the supposed 'hard work' you've been doing resulted in just one completed problem." Kari finished and stood with a smug look on her face waiting for a reply from her brother.

"Well...I...uh... That's not the point, the point is that you woke me up and that wasn't very nice."

"Your right, I'm sorry Tai, next time you fall asleep while doing your homework, I won't wake you up and instead let mom yell at you and let you fail school." She replied. Tai just scowled at here again muttering something like, "annoying little..."

"Anyway, I didn't come in here to save your butt, again. I think we should go out and do something. I'm getting bored and I'm sure your sick of doing all of your homework." Kari giggled.

Tai looked at her with a grin. "Sounds like a great idea. So what should we do?"

Kari frowned. "I don't know. I was hoping you would think of an idea..."

"Speaking of hope, where's Tk? I would think you would be with him since you two are pretty much attached at the hip." Tai asked.

Kari blushed a bit. "He's at basketball practice. We're hanging out later though." Tai smiled.

A few months ago, Kari and Tk had finally told each how they felt (with much thanks to the other digidestinds because they had pretty much set the whole thing up) and have been going out since. Tai couldn't think of a more perfect match, not because of their crests, but because they were so much alike, it was as if they were one person split into two. They understood each other in ways even Tai sometimes couldn't understand.

"That's cool. So in the mean time, what do we do?" Tai asked. Kari shrugged, "I don't know, but first let's get out of this dump you call a room." She teased. Tai frowned. "Hey my room is not a dump!"

Kari laughed as she made her way to the door and Tai followed. They both crashed onto the couch and began to rack their brains for an idea.

A few minutes later, their mom came home from grocery shopping. "Hi kids! Tai did you finish your homework?"

Tai gave a sheepish laugh, "About that..."

Their mom frowned, "Tai how in the world do you expect to pass if you don't do your homework?"

"It's not his fault. I got bored and begged him to play with me mom. We've been thinking of an idea of what to do." Kari covered to him. Tai looked at her thankfully. Kari gave a small wink back.

"Oh ok then. So did you guys come up with anything?" She asked. Their mom was always supportive when it came to Tai and Kari spending more time together.

"Nope, and we've been thinking for hours." Kari answered.

Their mom was in the kitchen now, putting away the groceries. "Well then, how about a sleepover? It's been awhile since you two have had a sleepover here. You can invite all your friends if you want." Tai and Kari sat up (they were sitting upside down) and looked at their mom with wide eyes.

"What?" Mrs. Kamiya was a bit scared seeing her children's expressions.

"Mom..." Tai started.

"That is..." Kari continued.

"A great idea!" They shouted together. Mrs. Kamiya laughed. "Good, me and your father will even leave. I'm giving you guys ultimate trust here leaving you two here. Your father and I will go visit your grandmother and I expect the apartment and the building to be standing when I get back and this place to be spotless. And Tai, that means your room too." She lectured.

Tai groaned and Kari giggled. "Ok mom. Thanks so much!" Kari ran over to her mom and gave her a hug. Her mom laughed. "It's no problem. Just remember what I've told you."

"Yes mom. Thanks!" Now Tai had gotten up and he gave his mom a hug also.


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