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Hey guys! Here is the bonus chapter I've been talking about. It's not much, it's just pretty much what happened with Izzy and his dare. So anyway there's not much to say. But here it is!

Bonus Chapter: Ouch


"So go and get her!" Tai shoved Izzy out the door and into the hallway.


"Good luck Izzy!" Kari called out before Tai shut the door on the poor helpless Izzy.

Izzy stood there for a minute, just staring at the door, in disbelief at what just happened. Finally, he sighed and grumbled, "Sometimes I hate my life...."

He made his way to the elevator and stepped and and pressed the button to enter the lobby, but as soon as the elevator began to embark towards the lobby, Izzy slapped himself.

"I don't know where she lives!"

Suddenly, as if on cue, his cell phone went off. He frowned. "What now...." He flipped open his phone and found he had received a text from Mimi.

Hey Izzy!!! So your probably in the elevator now, on the way to your dream girl's apartment! YAY! I'm so excited for you! So, in order for you to tell said girl how you feel, I bet it'll be useful to know where she lives huh? WELL, she just coincidently happens to live in YOUR apartment building!! Isn't that amazing? I don't think I recall you mentioning this to me Koushiro. I mean I think I would remember if you did and I'm positive you didn't so,

oops, I'm getting off track aren't I? Well, anyway, she lives in your apartment building on the 2rd floor, apartment # 4c (A/N: I don't know the apartment numbers, just a guess.) so go an get her!!!!!! You know if I totally could've I would've came with you. But no, Tai justs shoves you out the door then tells me AFTER you leave. I swear, I could strangle that giant haired boy sometimes. Actually a lot, like the time he use to make fun of my hat, do you remember that? I do. It was quite rude of him actually and, oops! It seems this message is now 5 texts! Haha so sorry Izzy. Well good luck explaining you bill to your parents and with Seiko!!!!

Izzy sighed and shook his head. Mimi talked way too much. Oh well, it was a good thing he didn't text a lot. By the time he had even finished reading it, the elevator already reached the lobby.

"Ok, here I go I guess...."

He frowned then made his way outside towards his and Seiko's apartment building.


"4a, 4b, ah ha here it is, 4c!" He mumbled to himself. He was now on the third floor of the apartment building, carefully creeping along the hallway until he had found Seiko's.

Now it was all a matter of how he was going to let her know she was there. Izzy frowned for what seemed like the 100th time that night.

"How am I.....?"

Suddenly, once again, his cell phone went off.

"AH! Oh no!" He fumbled to get his phone out as it continued to beep loudly. He panicked and tried to get his phone before anyone woke up and discovered him prowling in the building.

Finally, he managed to get his phone and scowled when he saw all it was, was a text this time from Kari. 'Must have just finished setting Tai and Sora up...' He thought as he read the text.

Hey Izzy! This time I texted you instead of Mimi as to save your bill! So, Mimi has assured that Seiko is awake and eagerly awaiting you! Don't ask how, it's Mimi. So just lightly knock on the door and she should answer, good luck and remember, we're all rooting for you!!!

Izzy gave a small smile. He felt encouraged now after reading Kari's text. He knew he could do it now.

"Phew, ok here I go." The spiky red head knocked so lightly on the door, that it was almost unheard. Thankfully, Seiko had heard it and answered the door.

"Uh.. hi Izzy." She shyly greeted.

Izzy froze as soon as he saw her. "U-uh, h-hi Seiko." He stuttered. He thought he was seeing things when he swore he saw a glow of red on Seiko's cheeks when he greeted her.

"Um, would you like to come in?" She asked, staring at the floor and nervously shuffling her foot.

"Uh, sure, yes, I would like that."

He nervously walked inside her apartment and Seiko carefully closed the door as he did.

Seiko's apartment was neat and tidy. A nicely sized couch sat on one end of the room and a very nice entertainment on the other. In the center was a nicely polished wood coffee table which glowed in the moonlight.

"Um, so, Mimi texted me and told me you had something to tell me? Luckily I was awake working on that program you showed us last week, it's actually quite fascinating...." She quietly finished.

Izzy turned, surprised to see she was standing next to him, still staring at the floor and shuffling her feet , obviously just as nervous as he was.

"Oh uh, yeah I did. Do you mind if we go out on your balcony though? So that our voices don't travel and wake you parents up..."

Seiko looked up at him, a bit surprised by his suggestion. She had no idea what he would tell her that would cause such an alarm, but she agreed anyway and let him outside to her balcony.

Once outside, Seiko carefully closed the door and joined Izzy who was just staring out into the parking lot in a look of deep thought.

"So, what was it you wanted to tell me Izzy?" She quietly asked. Izzy jumped a bit, a bit surprised at Seiko's frowardness and also from suddenly being escaped from his deep thoughts. He suddenly got nervous as he answered her, "Oh uh.. well.... I uh.. wanted to ask you a question about the software!" Izzy mentally slapped himself. 'Oh come on Izzy! How hard can it be to tell a girl how you feel? I bet Tai's already told Sora how he feels and they're as happy as a couple in a fairytale by now!' (A/N: Yea.. no.)

"Oh about the software huh..." She sadly responded. Izzy detected the sadness in her voice. Obviously it was not what she wanted to hear. It hurt him to see her sad.

'Now look what you've done... ok just tell her! Sigh, ok here goes!'

"Seiko." Izzy said, a bit surprised in the bravery in his voice.

The girl looked up, her brown eyes a bit wide in hope. "Yes Izzy?" She nervously tucked a strand of her waist length black hair behind her ear.

"Seiko, listen. I like you. I like you a lot and I was wondering if, er, would you like to go out sometime?"

Izzy closed his and waited for Seiko's either acceptance or rejection, hoping it wasn't the second. (A/N: Just a quick thing for visual purposes, just so you know Izzy is in front of the balcony while Seiko is standing directly in front of the glass doors to the balcony. This is important so just letting you know.)

"Izzy..." she quietly grabbed his attention. Izzy opened his eyes and saw, surprisingly, that her eyes were watering, tears about to fall at any moment.

"Seiko, oh don't cry. Oh no. I'm so sorry, I didn't meant to make you cry. Oh I-"

"Izzy, I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because I'm happy!" She quickly recovered and laughed.

He looked at her utterly confused. "Huh?"

Seiko giggled again and wiped a tear quickly before she faced Izzy again and spoke. "Izzy, I've been wanting to hear you say that to me for awhile. Actually, ever since last year. Everyone kept telling me you liked me, but I wouldn't believe it. There was no reason as to why you would like me."

"Seiko, surely you joking. I mean, your pretty and smart and know tons about computers, we have many similar interests. I can't help but like you."

Seiko stared at him, almost at the verge of tears again, "Really?" Izzy nodded. "Really."

The girl beamed at him and he beamed back. "Well then I'd love to go out with you Izzy Izumi."

"Really? YES! Oops." He quickly clamped his hands over his mouth. Seiko laughed at his enthusiasm. She quickly decided to do something impulsively and leaned forward and kissed Izzy on the cheek. Seiko watched in amusement and his eyes went wide and he turned the same color as his hair, she blushing a bit also, surprised she had done that.

Izzy scratched the back of his head and laughed sheepishly. Habitually, he walked back a bit in embarrassment, but then accidentally tripped one of the balcony chair's that was coincidently next to him and he began to fall down towards the ground.

"Izzy!" Seiko quickly ran over to him and went out to grab him, but had reacted a bit too slowly and instead watched him fall to ground in horror. She cringed when she heard him hit the ground.


"Izzy! Are you okay?" Seiko, as quietly as she could, yelled to him.

"Yea... the bush broke my fall..." She sighed in relief as she heard this and giggled. "Ok then. If you're okay, I'll see you on our date."

"Uhh.. yea sure. I'll pick you up on Sunday at 5 o'clock." He groaned and rubbed the back of his head.

"Ok then. Good night Izzy, and thanks again. You really made me happy." Seiko smiled down to him.

Izzy looked up and smiled back at her, but then cringed a bit at the pain. He waved goodbye, Seiko did as well, and made his way back to the Kamiya apartment.


"Ow... who knew telling a girl how you feel could be so painful?" Izzy grumbled. He was standing waiting in elevator, waiting until it had reached the sibling's floor.

Once it did, the elevator's doors opened and Izzy stepped out, now making his way to apartment, still rubbing his head in pain. He knocked on the door and Kari, thankfully, immediately opened the door.

"Hey Iz- why are there leaves in your hair?"

All he could do is scowl, "Don't ask."

With that, Kari just let him and Izzy entered, surprised to see Tai with his arms around Sora, both grinning happily.

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