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Bella was alone for once; she hadn't been alone for weeks. The reason being is that she had started dating a certain family friend, but he was a few years younger. She sat in her room and sighed. Yes she thought of Jacob Black. He was her sun, and she loved him but she felt that she was being smothered at the present time. She picked up her copy of Wuthering Heights, and started reading. She was just becoming interested again in the book, when she heard a tapping at her window.


She got up hearing a voice that she would know anywhere, and opened the window leaning out.

"Jacob, what are you doing?" She asked suppressing a giggle.

Jacob chuckled, "Being out of the ordinary, I figured what the hell I will throw pebbles at your window and ask when you planned on going to your graduation." He said and looked at with a now hurrying expression.

Bella screamed in her head, "Oh no!"

Bella suddenly left the window and looked at her appearance, she couldn't believe that she forgot about her high school graduation. She was remotely happy that she had dressed earlier that day for the time. She ran from her room and outside, she ran into Jacob who was standing in front of the house now.

"Oh my god, I have to hurry! Or I will be late." She said making haste to get to her truck.

"Bella, I will drive you in the rabbit." Jacob said climbing into the driver's seat and starting the car.

Bella jumped in and buckled up. As soon as she was in Jacob raced to the school. He got her there with five minutes to spare. He kissed her forehead swiftly then went to get his seat. With trembling knees, Bella went to stand in her respective spot from where she would be sitting. She stood with Jessica Stanley and breathed calmly; she was starting to feel overwhelmed. She was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't realized that it was almost her turn until Jessica poked her arm and whispered to her. Bella blinked and paid attention, because she was up next.

"Isabella Swan." The principal called her name with nonchalance.

Bella took a deep breath and walked across the stage with a smile, which took effort to put there. She shook the principals with one hand, and with the other accepted her high school diploma.

"Yeah Bella!"

She heard someone that she knew was Jacob, and pursed her lips from a giggle that was threatening to escape her calm.

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