by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva, Ben10, or Ranma.

Summary: Shinji gets teleported to the Ranma-verse and falls into a pool that turns him into a four armed giant. He is then adopted by Ranma and later falls in love with the kindly Kasumi Tendo. Pretty much a response to Invincible Shinji's Romance Fanfic Challenge.


Story One
The Cursed Hero

The battle against the 12th Angel had been a complete disaster.

Complete, because Shinji Ikari, pilot of Eva 01, had been absorbed by the shadow-like Angel in an over eager attempt to show up Asuka who had become increasingly annoyed at his high synch ratio.

That overly eager motivation had caused Shinji to become lost to the Angel.

Asuka and Rei were ordered to stand down.

Ritsuko Akagi had suggested a bold move: to use every remaining N2 Mine the UN had, drop them all into the Angel and detonate, as it was little more than a trans-dimensional portal of sorts.

Misato was completely against it, knowing Shinji's life was at stake, but Gendo authorized it.

When the plan was set in motion, Gendo made a premature move, and pushed the schedule ahead.

The reaction was to be expected: the destruction on the Angel, the return of Eva 01... and the disappearance of Shinji Ikari.

Unit 01 would never be used again, for without it's chosen pilot, it would move for no one else.


Shinji groaned as he blinked open his eyes to see that 1-he was alive, 2-he wasn't inside his Eva, and 3-he was nestled in what felt like a soft patch of grass.

I'm alive? He thought as he sat up and rubbed his head. What happened? I should be dead, shouldn't I? I was inside Eva 01, inside the Angel, life support was almost gone. Another hour or so and...

He paused and looked around, noticing he was within a large valley filled with strange stone pools, each with bamboo-poles sticking out of the edges of the pools.

In fact, Shinji was right next to one.

Where am I? This place is very... odd. He thought as he walked around the pools and noticed each of them had a strange Chinese character on them. Am I in China? But that can't be. How could it be possible? He thought as he continued walking around the pools, recognizing the different 'names' on them.

One pool said 'girl', another pool said 'pig', another pool said 'panda', and others he could make out said 'horse', 'duck', 'man' and 'tiger'.

What does it all mean? He wondered as he stopped just in front of a larger-than-normal pool that had a very strange character. It was one he didn't recognize too well, as it read 'four giant', which didn't make any sense to him.

A sudden noise caught his attention and he looked up to see a pair of figures fighting while they were balancing the tops of the bamboo poles. The odd thing was that while one was an attractive and fierce-looking redhead with a pigtail behind her, maybe 16 years of age, the other was a large panda who seemed to be keeping pace with the girl. They were jumping from pole to pole, leaping at nearly inhuman heights on their own.

What the heck is going on here? He thought. This is just too bizarre. He paused for a second. Yeah right. I pilot a 40-meter tall robot and I'm only 14! Still...

The pair continued to fight, and Shinji vaguely wondered why the girl looked like she was wet, as water, not sweat, sprayed from her. The panda was too. He had seen martial artists before, but never to such a fantastic degree as the pair utilized moves he had only seen in anime's.

Such skill and strength. Such power. I could never be that strong. He mused as he spaced out for only a second, long enough to see the redhead kick the panda down... directly at him.

"Oh, hell..." was the last thing Shinji said as a large ball of black and white fur slammed and threw him into the pool marked 'four giant'.

What happened then, changed Shinji's life forever.

As Shinji exploded out of the water he shook his head and wiped the excess water from his face. It as then that he realized a small problem: there were four hands wiping his face.

What the hell... he gasped as he blinked, looking down to see that the second pair of hands were his and extending out of the lower part of his body.

Actually, the hands only had four fingers, each one bright red and covered in fingerless black gloves. He looked down again and saw that his body had changed. For starters, he was on his knees, but he seemed farther from the ground than normal. Scrutinizing his body closer, he saw that his second pair of arms were just a little bit smaller than his upper arms. There were spiked barbs sticking out around his elbows. His arms were now massive and, in comparison to humans, they were very well sculpted.

He looked down and saw that instead of his blue and white plugsuit, he now wore a white shirt with a dark blue stripe running up the middle of his chest, tracing the boarder of his neck collar, spreading out from the collar around his shoulders, down to the sides of his short sleeves and circling the ends that stopped just before the elbows. There was a fourth stripe that extended down his back from his neck. The front and back stripes connected to the dark blue pants he now wore, skintight like his shirt and gloves, yet enabled him to move and breath easier. He also noticed that he wasn't wearing any form of footwear. No boots or shoes, the pants ending around the feet in straps that wrapped around the under parts of the feet. His feet however, no longer possesses five digits, but what looked like two thick talon-like toes. The heels themselves were thick as well, almost like talons they were.

Shinji stood up and realized just now what the characters on the pool he fell into meant. 'Four Giant' was referring to a four-armed giant, about 12 feet tall he figured.

This... is not good.

"You alright, young sir?" a sudden voice called up to him.

Shinji looked down to see an elderly Chinese man in a faded olive green uniform with a small cloak and a worn military-like cap on his head. He was about five feet and looking up at the now twelve foot tall boy.

"This very not good. You fall into pool of drowned giant from sky." the old man said.

"Giant from sky?" Shinji asked, his voice clear but deep, much deeper than his own. An alien?

"Many century ago, a giant with four arm come from sky to battle other evil giant from sky. Four arm giant win, but die soon after, drowned in large pool you fall in after own victory. Hot water able to change you back, but only temporary solution until get hit with cold water." he said.

"Cold water turns me into this Four Armed creature, and hot water makes me human again?" Shinji inferred.

"Yes." the guide said, holding the steaming kettle up to him.

Shinji took the kettle and poured it over his head. His thick skin wasn't fazed by the hot water, and he felt himself tingle as he changed back into his five foot human form.

His vision doubled for a second, making Shinji wonder if his alien form also had four eyes as well, until they cleared and he could see a rather angry redhead chasing the panda around the pools.

Ooooooooh boy. Was all Shinji thought as he was lead back to the hut of the guide.

"Could you tell me where I am, sir?" Shinji asked the guide.

The man looked at Shinji strangely as he walked next to the boy, as if confused that he wouldn't have known.

"You in cursed valley of Jusenkyo, in China, honored sir."

I Am in China! What the hell! "Cursed valley?"

"Yes. All pools have curse. It turn whoever fall into pool into thing drown before they arrive." the guide said. "Same happen to pigtail boy, now girl with red hair, and fat bald man, now fat panda."

The two who were running around. Shinji mused. I think I should wait for them.

"You wait for others, honored sir?" the guide asked.

"Sounds good to me." Shinji replied.


An hour later when things had calmed down, Shinji and the others were finally able to talk. Having learned that Ranma and his father were from Japan, Shinji asked to join them on their trip back. While Genma didn't think they owed him anything, Ranma at least had enough compassion to let the boy travel with them.

Mostly since he realized that while Shinji's curse was extremely different than his own, he was still cursed like them and it was mostly his fault for knocking him into the cursed pool in the first place. But Shinji understood that, given that Ranma thought he had basically lost his manhood.

And all things considered, with Ranma being cursed to turn into a girl and Genma being cursed to turn into a panda, their curses with normal.

And to annoy his father even more, Ranma convinced Genma to adopt Shinji into their family. He accomplished this with the ever popular kick to the groin.

However, on their way back to Japan, the group encountered a small problem.

A rain storm.

So when they entered the Amazon village, they were no longer completely human. Well, Ranma was, but Genma and Shinji were not.

The redheaded girl looked up at her new brother and gasped.

"Wow! You're huge!" Ranma said, staring at the 12-foot, red-skinned, four-armed alien creature.

"Yeah. I never thought I'd get to be even 6 feet. Now I'm... 12?" Shinji said in a deep voice.

"Yeah." Ranma said.

The group then proceeded on their way.


(AN: For the sake of convenience I am going to put what happened in the village in a potentially later chapter. I am now going to skip ahead two months to the trio arriving in Nerima)


Nerima, being the loony district of Tokyo's 23 special wards, was used to playing host to a variety of unusual sights. And the sight that greeted them now made them all extremely nervous, as if the trio that had just arrived were harbingers of chaos.

The three figures consisted of a beautiful, angry looking red haired girl with a pig-tail, and a big Panda following her. What made the citizens of Nerima queasy though, was the third figure: a 12-foot tall massive looking being draped in a thick cloak trailing behind like some kind of a bodyguard.

"I just don't see why we can't go visit mom instead of going to visit this old friend of his." the redhead growled as she checked the map to find the Tendo Training Hall.

"Stop worrying so much, Ranma." the towering hooded figure said in a deep voice. "You'll put wrinkles on that pretty face of yours."

The redhead glared up at the large man. "Don't patronize me, Shinji. You may be twelve feet tall but don't think for a second I'm afraid of taking you on."

Boy do I know that. "Sorry. But it would be better to meet with these people like father suggested."

"You know he could be up to something." she said, noticing the panda had stopped to munch on some plants. "And I'm not sure I like it."

"I agree he could be." Shinji said as he loomed over the redhead, looking like he could keep falling rain off of her. "But between the two of us, he's learned not to try and trick us anymore."

"Couldn't you just knock him out and we could go to visit mom?"

"Ordinarily I'd agree with you. But at this point visiting other people instead of my new mother would be a much better idea." he said

"Oh? Why is that?"

"Well... what if she doesn't like me?" he said sadly.

Ranma slapped her face with her hand.

"Jeez! Would you stop worrying about that? Mom's gonna love you."

"You mean me, or," he tapped his chest with his fist, "me."

Ranma just sighed as she playfully tapped her brother in the arm with her fist.

"Honestly, there's not much she can do about what you are anymore than she can do for me." Ranma said to him.

"But at least you're still human. I'm a freaking alien!" he said in a forced whisper.

"She just needs to get to know you and the curse won't be a problem. Just chill, and let's get going."

Shinji put his hand on Ranma's shoulder, causing her to pause.

"What is it Shinji? Something wrong?" Ranma asked.

"Yes. I think I should wait here with father while you go and talk to the Tendo's. They might react badly to a big Panda walking into their home. To say nothing about a twelve foot, four-armed alien." He explained.

"Ab-So-Lutely Not! I don't want everybody knowing about this!"

Shinji sighed as he lowered and shook his head. Again they were back to the same conversation they had been having since they found out they were going to meet the Tendo's in Nerima. And like always, Ranma was completely against the idea, though Shinji wasn't too hot on the idea either given his unique situation. But in the end he reasoned that it was the right thing to do.

"Ranma, please stop arguing. Eventually they're gonna find out and if they do before we tell them, then they're gonna feel betrayed. Also, you have to be the one to do it."

"Me? Why me?"

"Uh... because father can't talk and I'm sure I'm gonna freak them out if I just show up at their doorstep like this." he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Ranma instantly sighed as Shinji said that. He really hated it when Shinji was right, and in this case he couldn't be more right.

"Fine. Keep pop busy and I'll go talk to the Tendo's." she said begrudgingly as she sighted a large gate at the end of the street that proclaimed "Tendo Dojo" on the sign above it.

She looked back as Shinji grabbed the squirming panda in his arms and held him tightly.

"Will you stop squirming you silly panda." Shinji said.

The panda held up a sign (Let me go boy! I have to talk to Soun myself!)

"How, exactly? I'm sure he doesn't speak panda."

(Ha, Ha.) A new sign said. (Now let go or I'll bite you!) another sign read.

"My skin's as hard as tank armor. The only one going to get hurt doing that is you."

(This is a fine way to treat you're father!) Another sign read.

Where is he getting these things? "Your grammar needs work. And just be lucky you're not my real father. For everything he's done to me, I wouldn't be so nice."

The panda stopped struggling and held up another sign. (You have a lot of issues, don't you?)

"You think?"

Suddenly, a figure approached them.

"Huh?" Shinji said as he noticed a redheaded girl walk up to the pair.

"I think this is better if you do it." Ranma said, holding up a cup of hot water.

"Where did you..."

"No time to explain!" she said as she tossed the 'borrowed' water onto her brother.


In seconds, Fourarms was once again Shinji Ikari Saotome. This transformation allowed the panda to break free and head to the Tendo Dojo, only to be tackled by the redheaded girl.

"Get going, Shinji! I'll hold the dumb ole panda here while you go talk to the Tendo's!"

(Dumb Ole Panda?!) The sign read as said panda looked rather upset.

The pair then began fighting in the streets as Shinji quickly made a break for it.

Guess I'm elected. Thanks a lot, Ranma. He thought with great aggravation as he made his way to the Tendo Dojo. Wonder which house he got the hot water from?

(A few minutes earlier in the Tendo's living room)

"YOU WHAT??" Akane Tendo screamed.

"I made a pact with Genma Saotome to unite our two schools. But to do so, one of you will become Ranma's bride. They'll be arriving sometime today." The middle aged moustache Soun Tendo repeated.
The two resident Tendo daughters were rather upset at what their father had done.

"I can't believe you were just going to marry us off without even telling us first!" Akane shouted as she wrapped her hands tightly around Soun's neck.

"But... I... did... tell... you... before... they... arrived!" the man said between choking jerks.

"But You Just Told Us And You Said They Were Coming TODAY!" the blue-haired girl growled.

"She does have a point father." Nabiki Tendo calmly exclaimed.

"We're Not Some Convenience For You To Marry Off Whenever You Feel Like!" Akane shouted. "We're Your Daughters!"

"Speaking of which, shouldn't Kasumi be here for this?" Nabiki asked.

"She's out grocery shopping." Soun said after prying his daughters hands from around his neck.

"Is this Ranma at least cute?" the middle sister asked.

"I'm not sure. I've never met him." Soun said, suddenly realizing that was the wrong thing to say.

"You've Never Met Him?" Akane roared and resumed her choking. "You've Engaged Us To Some Perverted Boy You've Never Even Met?"

"He's been on a ten year training trip with his father. But Genma sent me a postcard telling me when they would arrive in Nerima." the man gasped, holding his own better this time.


Outside the doors of the Tendo Dojo, Shinji just stood. He just stared at the entry way to the dojo of his father's friend before raising his hand to knock.

"Can I help you?" a soft voice asked, causing Shinji to pause and turn to his left.

His eyes fell upon the lovely young woman carrying a bag of groceries in her arms. She had long brown hair, soft brown eyes and a rather radiant smile that caused Shinji to blush as she directed it at him. She was young but seemed older than him, if by only a few years. There was a feel of warmth about her, almost motherly, yet Shinji didn't overlook the fact the girl was attractive also.

She's beautiful. He thought as he continued to blush.

Kasumi's eyes locked on him as he stared at her. He was little shorter than herself, maybe even a little bit younger, with wavy brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. He seemed athletic, in a lean muscular way, but it was his eyes that drew her back to him. Something about them, a small amount of sadness she was quick to notice.

He's handsome. But a little sad. I wonder who he is? She thought.

"Uh, I... I was..." he sputtered, but managed to find his voice. "I'm here to speak to Soun Tendo."

Kasumi brightened a little at that. If he was here to see her father, then maybe she'd get to know this boy a little better.

"I'm his eldest daughter, Kasumi." she said with a small bow. "And what is your name?" she asked.

"Oh! I'm Shinji. Shinji Ikari Saotome." he said, apologizing for not introducing himself sooner.

"Well then, Shinji Ikari Saotome, let's go inside and meet my father, shall we?" she said as she knocked on the door.

From the other side of the large door, a small rumbling was heard, followed by a gale force wind as said door was opened so fast it was practically pulled off it's hinges. The vacuum-like pull of the opening door nearly forced Shinji off of his feet, only to have Kasumi catch him with her free hand. He nodded a thanks to her as Soun and Nabiki stood on the other side of the opened door.

"Oh, Kasumi! You're back." Nabiki smiled at her older sister.

"Yes, Nabiki, and I've just met someone who..."

"Are you Ranma Saotome?" Soun interrupted his daughter, talking to Shinji.

"Uh, no I'm not." Shinji replied at the rather blunt and, he thought, rudely interrupting, question.

"Well who the heck are you and what are you doing with my sister?" Nabiki glared at the boy.

"Father, sister, please! This is Shinji Ikari Saotome and he's here to speak to you, father." Kasumi interrupted.

"Saotome? But I thought Genma's son was named Ranma?" Soun said, confused.

"Then who's this kid?" Nabiki asked, slightly more rude than her father was.

Kasumi, however, could tell that her families questions and lack of manners were causing Shinji to become uncomfortable.

"I'm sure he can explain everything if you give him a chance." Kasumi said as she took Shinji's hand and lead him through the doors of the dojo, past the two bewildered-looking Tendo's, both of them wondering when Kasumi had been so forward and nice to a boy she had just met.

Sitting in the living room of the Tendo's home, Shinji was seated at the small table with Kasumi on his left. Nabiki, Soun and Akane were on the opposite side of the table waiting for Shinji to tell them what had happened to Ranma and Genma.

Shinji had actually waited until Kasumi had returned from the kitchen with a kettle of hot water that he had requested before he began.

"So… now can you tell us what was so important that Ranma and Genma had to send you ahead?" a rather suspicious Nabiki asked.

"I guess I should start at the beginning." Shinji said.

Shinji took a deep breath to calm his nerves, knowing he was going to sound like a loony.

"I was adopted by Ranma and Genma when I meet them in a place called Jusenkyo, which is a small mountain-range valley deep within China. It's known as 'the cursed springs' because the hundreds of small pools that exist there are capable of transforming a person. You see, when something drowns in one of the pools, the next person who falls into it will automatically change into the form of the thing that drowned first. Cold water turns you into that form, and hot water turns you back into what you were before. The reason I came here first was to inform you that Ranma, Genma and myself all have different curses. Ranma now turns into a redheaded girl, our father now becomes a large panda, and I..." he froze as he wondered how he was going to tell them what he turned in to. "Well, you get the idea." he said, staring at the group to gauge their reactions.

As he suspected, the reactions from the quartet were not positive.

"Oh my, that's quite a story, Shinji-kun!" Kasumi exclaimed.

"You really think we will believe this bull?" Nabiki said derisively

"As much as we'd like to believe you, we need proof." The youngest Tendo said calmly, thinking it best not to agitate a potentially crazy person. They did live in Nerima, after all.

Soun, who had held his peace until now, spoke out with a great deal of agitation.

"So you all actually found the cursed springs of China?" he gasped. "And my old friend Genma got himself and his sons cursed? OH! HOW WILL WE FULFILL THE PLEDGE OF MARRIAGE TO JOIN THE SCHOOLS NOW IF YOU AND RANMA ARE GIRLS??" the mustached man started bawling like a baby, crying like he was a human faucet.

This actually made Shinji back away, as he was sure even teardrops could turn him into Fourarms and he didn't need that right now. He also sweat dropped at the display the older man was putting on, in part from the fact he just assumed he and Ranma had the same curses.

Jeez, even I don't cry that badly. And what's that he said about marriage? He wondered and was about to continue explaining when...

"…Put Me Down You Stupid Panda! They're gonna freak if Shinji hasn't explained himself!" a tough but feminine voice carried through the living room as a large panda came stomping into the living room. Over his shoulder was a redheaded bundle, that was actually thrashing wildly despite the strong hold the panda had on her.

Soun and the others quickly saw the wisdom in sending Shinji to explain about their situation. If he hadn't, the pandemonium that would have ensued at a Panda walking right into their living room would have been uncontainable. It was Nabiki who broke the silence.

"I take it this Panda and his uncomfortable passenger are in fact Genma and Ranma?" she asked dryly.

Shinji nodded, actually thanking them for arriving before he had to demonstrate his curse. However, he knew that it was only a matter of time for him. It was a moment spared though.

"Here's some hot water for you." Shinji said as he handed the kettle to the panda.

The large animal dumped the hot water over himself and the redhead, transforming them into a bald, overweight man and a handsomer muscular younger man with a long black pigtail. The change caused the boy to easily wrestle free of his fathers grip, and said father found himself on the receiving end of a very tight hug from Soun Tendo.

"OH Thank the gods you are alright, my old friend!" Soun cried. "Now the schools can be joined!" he cried again as he turned to the now male Ranma. "At least you're still half-male, so the pledge of marriage can be fulfilled!" he said as he pulled the boy into a tight hug. "Now all you have to do is choose which of my daughters you want to marry!" he blustered as he held the boy tightly around his shoulders, pointing out each of the girls assembled around the table. "These are my daughters: Kasumi, she's 19. Nabiki is17 and Akane is16. Choose one and she will be your fiancée!"

The speed at which Soun talked didn't give Shinji any chance to prepare his older brother for what the elder Tendo threw at him. Though he did suspect, Soun's narrative saved his brain from having to figure it all out. However, once Soun had stopped talking, Shinji could tell that Ranma, after digesting the whole of what he had just said, was not all that happy. The evidence was the look of fire in the older boys eyes as he pointed them directly at Genma.

"FIANCÉE??" the words pulsated off the walls of the living room, causing everyone to cover their ears in a slight flash of pain. "POOOOOOOP!!"

Genma was slowly backing away from his son. "Now, now, Ranma! Don't do something you're going to regret la--"


The remaining quartet just looked out the new hole in the backyard screen door as father and son started fighting like crazy. Actually, the fight seemed to be more of a 'Genma-beat-down' with Ranma landing most of the punches.

The quintet moved out onto the back porch to get a better view of the fight, all the while talking.

"So, uh, if Ranma isn't too keen on the idea of marriage, just how do you plan to unite the schools now father?" a curious Akane asked.

"Well, if Ranma is unwilling at this time, I suppose Shinji will have to fill in." Soun answered.

(Cough, Cough) "Excuse me?" Shinji gasped. "Marriage? Me?"

"Why not?" Kasumi smiled as she sat next to him. "I think you'd make a fine husband."

Akane and Nabiki looked at each other in shock. Had Kasumi made the suggestion?

Shinji looked down, his expression one of sadness the older Tendo sister noticed.

"You might not say that if you knew what I turn in to." he said solemnly, knowing that it was his turn to demonstrate his curse.

"Hey, that's right! You've got a curse too!" Nabiki shouted. "So, what do you turn into? Something hideous and deformed?"

Shinji groaned in frustration, becoming fairly convinced that these people had never heard of a little thing called tact.

"I suppose it's only right that you know this." Shinji said as he lifted the glass of water, pausing for a second as he sighed deeply, mentally preparing himself for what was to come. "Whatever happens, please don't scream." he said as he poured the water over his arm.

"Scream? Why would weEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" Nabiki screamed.

Ranma and Genma froze as they looked over and saw the hulking, red-skinned Fourarms now sitting on the porch with Soun, Nabiki and Akane waving swords at him as if trying to fend him off.

Only Fourarms just sat still, looking quite sad indeed.

It was Ranma who noticed that Kasumi hadn't moved from her seat next to him.

"Kasumi! What are you doing? Get away from that monster!" Akane shouted.

"Yeah, before he eats you!" Nabiki shouted.

"Oh, my poor unwed daughter is going to become the dinner for a vicious beast!" Soun cried.

Fourarms sighed. "Guess I'm sleeping in the barn again."

"I'll take the girls, you deal with your old friend." Ranma said as his father nodded at him

(Five minutes later...)

"I'm not having that monster staying with us, Genma!" Soun shouted while the pair sat inside the house. "It's one thing for you to turn into a panda and Ranma to be half-female, but this..."

"He isn't a monster, Soun! I admit that he may look like a monster, actually more like an alien, but he is still the same kind-hearted boy I willingly adopted months ago after I... I mean Ranma knocked him into the cursed pool in Jusenkyo. And his strength has saved our lives nearly a dozen times since he got cursed!" Genma shouted. "Believe me when I say you want this boy on your side."

"He's really that strong?" Soun asked.

"I've seen him tear through a stone and concrete wall like it was paper. I can't imagine anyone stronger than him on this entire planet."


"We have to save Kasumi! She could get eaten, or beat to a pulp, or ravaged!" Akane shouted.

"Akane's right! Who knows what that thing will do to our big sister!" Nabiki shouted.

"Shinji would never do that!" Ranma barked as he fended off the two sisters. "He may look like a monster, but's it's the human side that controls it." Whoa, where did that come from? He thought at that rather perceptive comment.

"And how can we be sure of that?" Akane asked.

"Take a look." Ranma said.

The pair looked over and saw that Fourarms and Kasumi were still sitting on the back porch.

"So, this is your curse, is it?" Kasumi asked, still sitting down next to the twelve-foot, four-armed red giant.

"Yes. A redheaded girl wearing the same clothes as Ranma is nothing. People could even accept a large panda walking around town without a leash. I'm... more of a problem." he said sadly.

Kasumi's heart sank as she heard the sadness in his deep voice.

"And least you're a handsome creature." she said, trying to lift his spirits.

"You don't have to try and cheer me up. I've gotten used to people being afraid of me." Shinji said.

"I'm not afraid of you." Kasumi declared.

"You're not?" he asked, confused.

"No. You are different on the outside, yes, but you are still Shinji-kun on the inside. That is what is important." she said as she put her hand on his arm reassuringly.

"It sounds nice, but it's unrealistic. Could you please fetch me some hot water? I'd do it myself but I don't think I can fit into your kitchen."

"Of course. Wait here." she said.

Within a minute, Shinji was back to his normal self.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want you to see that." Shinji said, back in his normal human form now.

"It's alright. I was only shocked for a moment." Kasumi replied. "I mean, it's not something one sees everyday."

Shinji could only nod at that.

"You didn't have to tell us, but I'm glad that you did. It was honest of you. I like that in a husband."

Shinji stared at her. "You still want to marry me?"

"Well, we should get to know each other first." she said with a smile.

"Yeah, I guess so." Shinji said.

"Do you have any hobbies or interests?"

"I play the cello."

"I love music." Kasumi smiled. "I'm an excellent cook."

"So am I." he said. "Well, no one ever complained. I also prefer to keep a tidy house."

"So do I." she said. "I do all the cooking and housework here for my family. I have ever since my mother died."

Shinji gasped. "You lost your mother too?"

"Too? You mean..."

"I saw my mother die when I was about four years old." he said sadly. "I know what that's like."

Shinji froze as Kasumi wrapped her arms around him from behind, holding the boy tightly to her. He could feel her breasts push up against his back, even through their clothes, her head rubbing against the side of his face.

"We have a lot in common it seems, Shinji-kun. Please stay here with us." she whispered to him. "With me." she added.

"I'd like that, Kasumi-chan." he said softly as she kissed his cheek gently.

Nabiki and Akane just stared at their older sister. Never before had they seen her so affectionate to any boy, even the ones who liked her, like Dr Tofu. And so quickly too.


With everyone more comfortable than before with their guests curses, Soun and Genma agreed that the Saotome's will stay the Tendo's at their dojo for the time being so that Ranma, being the elder Saotome, can go to school and get to know Akane and Nabiki better.

Kasumi had already taken an interest in the younger Saotome boy.

And because of Shinji's unique curse, he didn't have to go to school.

"What do you mean he doesn't have to go?" Ranma gasped.

"Ranma, I'm sure you agree that Shinji's curse is too much of a complication. Should he get sprayed with cold water at any time he'll become his twelve-foot tall alien identity." Genma said.

"And hot water will turn him back." Ranma argued.

"If he had a human curse it wouldn't be a problem." Genma said.

"But as it is, Shinji will stay here at the Tendo Training Hall with Kasumi and ourselves." Soun said.

Kasumi and Shinji were liking this arrangement. It meant that they'd be able to spend more time with each other.

"That doesn't mean Shinji won't continue his education. It would just be better if he didn't go into public where he would inadvertently transform into Fourarms."

"We'll set up a training regime here at the dojo, one-part book studying, one-part martial training. We'll have him as strong as Ranma in no time! And he'll be even smarter than he is now!"

"As strong as me? Keep in mind that as Fourarms he's stronger than a whole battalion!" Ranma said.


"Are you sure you want that one?" Shinji asked.

"Why not? It's perky enough." Kasumi asked as she held up the tomato.

"Sure, but that doesn't mean it's worth the price." he said.

It was two days later and both Shinji and Kasumi were out food shopping. Their food bought, Shinji and Kasumi walked back from the market, only to get surrounded by a group of people who looked like thugs in their opinion. At least in Shinji's.

"Can we help you?" Kasumi asked.

"You can give us your money!" one of the thugs said, waving a knife in his hands.

"Uh... we just spent it on food." Shinji said.

"Guess we'll have to do this another way."

The thugs grabbed Kasumi and Shinji, forcing them apart as they pulled them into an alleyway.

"KASUMI-CHAN!" Shinji shouted as he was restrained by two thugs.

"SHINJI-KUN!" Kasumi shouted as she was also restrained by a pair of thugs.

"SHUT UP!" the lead thug shouted.

"I won't let you hurt her!" Shinji shouted.

"Oh? What are you gonna do, little boy? Huh?" the thug asked.

One of the thugs took out one of the bottles of water and took a gulp. He then walked over to Shinji and spit right in his face.

Instantly, Shinji transformed from a meek, five-foot human teenager, to a large, 12-foot, four-armed alien who looked extremely pissed as he tossed off the thugs dangling from his arms into a nearby dumpster.

He walked over and picked up the thug who had spit in his face, stuffing him into the dumpster as well. He then walked over to the lead thug, and grabbed him around the neck.

"Word of advice: never mess with a man who is cursed!" he said to the thug leader. He then turned to the other pair still holding Kasumi. "Let. Her. Go." he growled.

The thugs released her, but right as they did, Fourarms grabbed them and stuffed all three of them into the dumpster. He closed the lid and then flipped the dumpster over so that it was on it's head.

"Are you alright, Kasumi-chan?" Fourarms asked the woman, kneeling down to better match her height.

"With my future husband as my bodyguard, how can I not be?" she asked, leaning against his chest to hug him as his arms protectively encircled her.

Kasumi gathered up the groceries in her arms as Shinji picked her up in his arms. He leaped out of the alleyway and headed home.

A month after the alley incident, Shinji and Kasumi were married. The pair were unable to wait until Shinji was older, as their love for each other grew faster than anyone anticipated. Though the pair waited until Shinji was 18 years old to consummate their marriage.

A year later, Kasumi gave birth to her own children, a pair of human twins... both with four arms of their own.


Author's Notes:

Like this story? It's pretty good I thought, for only being about 17 pages. I could have made this longer, but all things considered I like the fact that I could condense so much into a one-shot. And yes, this is a response to Invincible Shinji's Romance Fanfic Challenge. This one involves Kasumi Tendo from Ranma ½.

I don't know what the next chapter will be, possibly an InuYasha or a Naruto. I am also working on an Eva-fic with Rei as the primary.