by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva, Ben 10, Naruto, Angel, Martian Successor Nadesico, or The Venture Brothers.

Authors Notes: When I started writing an Eva/Ben10 crossover, I realized that I wanted something unique. So I thought 'What would happen if Shinji was only one alien being?' From there it was a simple matter to choose my favorite Ben10 alien, the mighty Fourarms, and come up with a variety of special situations for Shinji to become Fourarms.

From there it kind of got out of control.

Also, the title was just a last minute thing I came up with. It was seemingly appropriate.

Pretty much a response to Invincible Shinji's Romance Fanfic Challenge.


Story Two

Heroes of Neo Los Angeles

Third Impact had been averted.

With the world safe from destruction at that the 'hands' of the Angels, thanks mostly to Third Child Shinji Ikari, pilot of Eva Unit 01, the boy pilot left Tokyo 3.

In truth, Shinji had run away because he was sick of everything that had happened within NERV.

The lies, the manipulations, the betrayals, the being used by virtually everyone he thought he could trust.

He swore to himself that if the war ever ended, he would leave.


"Welcome to Neo-Los Angeles." the pilot said over the intercom as the plane slowly taxied to the terminal. "All passengers please have photograph passports ready to present at the main gate. And thank you for flying TransPacific Airlines."

Shinji Ikari stepped off the airplane and made it past the gates without incident.

He didn't know what he was going to do now, but he wasn't totally concerned. At least he was out of Japan now.


Not having a real plan, Shinji just decided to do what he did when he ran away from Misato the first time.

He decided to just wander.

The city of Neo-Los Angeles had been built on what was once the desert area of California after the San Andreas Fault collapsed half the state into the ocean during Second Impact.

(AN: Think the first Superman: The Movie plot, with Christopher Reeves)

Neo-LA was the first of the coastal cities to be rebuilt in the aftermath of Second Impact. Ten years of hard work and the city looked like it was an Americanized version of Neo-Tokyo, from the anime Akira. Easier since it was built on a more stable bedrock foundation.

It was the largest of the coastal cities, covering an area that matched the 23 wards of Tokyo back in the day. And like Tokyo, Neo-LA had become divided into 21 districts of their own.

Shinji continued to walk down the streets of the district called Central Angelus, the largest of the 21 districts which was also smack-dab in the middle of the others, yet connected to the ocean as well. He wasn't going anywhere specific, he was just walking.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts, that he didn't notice the hurling ball of fire rapidly falling towards him as he walked through the large central park area, until it was nearly right on top of him.

"Huh?" he gasped as the object slammed hard into the street right in front of him, sending dirt and grass every which way and propelling the boy backwards, dropping him hard on his backside.

He groaned heavily as he sat up and stared at the large hole in the ground.

"What is this?" he wondered as he neared the crashed pod. He looked inside the hole and saw the spherical shape just lying in the center. To Shinji, it didn't even look like it was hot, or felt hot, but he kept his distance nevertheless.

He had no way of knowing that inside this pod was the Omnitrix, a special alien device that had the ability to transform anyone into 12, possibly more, different alien creatures each with their own special powers and abilities.

"I'd better call someone... or... would that be a good idea?" Shinji wondered as he was well aware of how people treated things that fell out of the sky. (IE: The Angels)

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts once again that he failed to notice how the sky was filling with strange clouds and small flashes of light. He was snapped out of his musings when a sudden bolt of lightning flew down and struck the pod, blowing the top lid off, revealing the strange watch-like device. The surge then continued to affect the Omnitrix inside it and causing the DNA disc on top to explode off and fly at Shinji.

It flipped through the air, nearly hitting Shinji in the head and landing just a few feet away.

"What?" he gasped as he went over to the strange disc.

To Shinji it didn't look like anything special, but he did notice that it was glowing.

More curious than he should have been, he tentatively picked up the disc, the alien DNA inside glowing due to the energized lightning bolt and stared at it. He turned the disc over as the built-up electricity culminated in a flash of energy that shot out and blasted Shinji square in the chest.

"AAAHHH!!" he shouted in mild pain, but mostly panic, as he was infused with the alien DNA of the disc. However, because of his panic, he quickly tossed the disc back into the hole where the device, still charged with energy, overloaded and fried it's total systems, rendering the device itself useless.

Had Shinji held onto the alien disc any longer than a couple seconds, he would have absorbed more than one strand of alien DNA that the device possessed. However, the DNA that Shinji inadvertently absorbed belonged to a Tetramand.

Easily identified by their red-skin, four yellow eyes, four-arms, two toed feet, spikes on their bodies and their impressive size, Tetramand's are one of the toughest, strongest alien races in the universe.

And Shinji had been transformed into one as soon as he tossed the device back into the hole, but he didn't realize it, attributing his disorientation to the electrical surge that course through him.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" he groaned. "You'd think that I would have known better." he mumbled. "What happened to... me?" he gasped as he suddenly looked at his four new red hands.

That's when he screamed.


However, the second he stopped screaming, his ears caught the sound of someone else screaming.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" a female's voice sounded in the distance.

"What?" He gasped.

At this point, Shinji was torn between his own problems of being a giant four-armed alien creature, or going to help someone in need.

Should I go help them, or just stay out of it? He mused to himself as he tried to stand up.

But Shinji knew the answer to that. His mental state of depression had often put others in danger in the past. It had nearly brought about Third Impact. Never again would he let others suffer because he wasn't strong enough to even try. But a lingering doubt crept into his mind.

If I went, could I even help them? He wondered. As this... four armed creature, could I help them? as he inadvertently pushed against a large nearby tree, toppling it over and dropping it hard onto it's back effortlessly. Okay. I guess that answers my question. He thought as he grabbed his bag and bolted towards the source of the scream.

However, as he ran, he failed to notice the hovering insect-like drone coming up behind him.


The pink-haired kounichi gasped as she was tossed hard against the stone wall of the building.

"ARGH!" she gasped as the air left her lungs.

A dark hand wrapped around her throat and lifted her off the ground, slamming her hard into the wall again.

"Pathetic. Just like your teammates." the dark entity said to the girl, named Sakura Haruno.

It was to the girls horror that this demon creature was the one person in the world she loved the most. Her long-time love-interest Sasuke Uchiha, only now with dark ebony skin and glowing red eyes.

After the Chunin Trials Sasuke Uchiha left the Hidden Leaf Village to train and become stronger. The village had assigned Naruto Uzumaki and a team comprised of the male members of the Rookie Nine to bring him back when it was revealed that Orochimaru was teaching the boy. Naruto and his team never returned. Distraught, Sakura resigned her commission as a ninja and went to find Sasuke herself. She chose to become a missing-nin.

Actually, Sakura spent two years under Tsunade to become stronger, then resigned her commission. She then spent a full year trying to find Sasuke. But by then he was fully taken over by Orochimaru. The snake-ninja had used all of his powers to make Sasuke the strongest ninja he could be in order to get revenge on his brother for killing their entire clan. However, when Sasuke got his revenge, Orochimaru possessed the boy and used his body to give himself a new life.

Sakura was 15 when she found out about this, and attacked the snake-ninja, succeeding in sticking a kunai into his crotch. However, Orochimaru was far too strong for the ninja girl to defeat. The pink-haired kounichi would have been killed by the snake-ninja, had it not been for the arrival of one blond-haired, hyperactive knucklehead ninja-Naruto Uzumaki. The blond ninja had apparently survived against Orochimaru and went into seclusion to train until he was strong enough to strike back.

Naruto managed to save Sakura by teleporting her out with his newly learned chakra technique, only to have Orochimaru kill him while he was getting the girl out. Sakura's last image of Naruto was him selflessly saving her own life by giving his.

However, he hadn't counted on Orochimaru having tossed a piece of his sheded skin onto Sakura before she was teleported away. It took him several days, but he managed to track the piece of skin to the city of Neo-Los Angeles and attacked her the first chance he got.

Naturally, Sakura hadn't expected Orochimaru to have followed her. At the time, she was still mourning over the loss of her teammates, living on the limited means that had been teleported with her, and what Naruto sent along with her as well, so she was completely caught off guard when the snake-ninja appeared and attacked her.

"I will destroy you ninja girl, just as I destroyed your pathetic team." Orochimaru said as he started to squeeze her throat.

"I may die...but at least I'll... take you with me!" Sakura groaned as she tried to power up her chakra in order to release it in one forceful burst.

"DIE!" the ninja shouted as he continued to squeeze.

"Leave Her Alone!" a new deep voice shouted.

The snake ninja turned to the new voice as a large red fist slammed into his face, knocking him away from the girl as he went skidding across the pavement and crashing into a brick wall.

"Are you alright?" the giant red creature asked the lovely ninja girl.

"I... I'm fine." she coughed and focused her vision on the large, 12-foot figure that towered over her even as he knelt down to help her. He was dressed in what looked kind of like a white short sleeved button-up t-shirt with black pants, but not wearing shoes. Not that he really needed it, it seemed. It was fortunate that Sakura had seen the Tailed Spirit Beasts, such as Shukaku, in person, so she wasn't too shocked by Shinji's appearance. "Who are you?" the pink-haired, green-eyed girl asked.

"I'm... Shinji." he said, staring at the beautiful teenager.

She was about 5 feet tall with shoulder-length bright pink hair, dressed in a reddish top and jacket with a pink skirt around her waist. She had red trim black open-toed shoes, and a pink ribbon in her hair tying it back. Her body was well-sculpted and athletic, giving her figure an obvious definition, especially in her chest and hips. Her skin was a healthy pink and she had no blemishes he could see.

She looked at him strangely. "You don't look like a Shinji."

"Long story." he replied.

"You are going to die, worm!" the snake ninja cried as he regained himself.

Shinji growled as he rose up to his full height. "Stronger than you have tried." he said, actually trying to sound intimidating.

The snake-ninja leaped at Shinji and slammed his fists into the white shirt covered chest. The red-skinned giant stumbled backwards, startled but didn't fall. The ninja leaped into the air once more and kicked at Shinji's face, only to get backhanded by one of the upper arms, sending him crashing into several walls of the buildings opposite them.

Sakura just sat on the curb in shock as the ebon-skinned ninja emerged from the hole and attacked once again, tossing fireballs at the four armed giant. Shinji recoiled at the attacks, but shrugged them off rather easily. The ninja slammed his hands into the street, sending an explosive line of fire towards the red giant, knocking him off his feet. He quickly got back up, purposely putting himself between Sakura and the ninja.

"Fall, blast you!" the ninja shouted as he advanced.

He leaped at the red giant and kicked him repeatedly in the chest, once again getting backhanded to the ground.

Incredible! His strength is unparalleled. Even I can't overcome it. the ninja thought as he rose up to power up his dark energy.

The battle itself was at a standstill, Shinji's strength superior to the ninjas, while the ninja had the benefit of fire-powers and regeneration.

I may need to summon Manda to end this. He thought.

Suddenly, a shriek caught everyone's attention as the trio looked up to see a swarm of winged creatures flying down and attacking Shinji.

One of the creatures flies down to the snake-like ebon ninja.

"Mind if we help you?" the ashen-winged creature cackled.

"You're a vampire?" the snake ninja asked, looking at the creature strangely.

"Yes. And you're a snake ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village." the vampire deduced.

"Formerly." the ninja exclaimed as the vamps associates were batted away by the four-armed giant. "I'm here for the girl."

"Then perhaps we can help one another." the vampire said as the ninja girl continued to watch the fight.

"What do you mean?" the ninja asked as Shinji kept knocking the vampires away.

"This fight is meant to lure out another. We'll keep the big one off your back so that you can have the girl." the vampire said as the other vamps continued to battle the red giant.

The snake ninja looked at the vampire curiously, wondering what advantage to the blood-sucker this whole thing really was.

"And you want nothing in return?" the ninja asked.

"Perhaps a meeting later, if you're so inclined." the vampire grinned.

Ah, the catch comes. Probably want to recruit me. But as long as I get Sakura then what's the harm in a meet? I can probably use them to my advantage later on. "Very well." he said as he turned back and joined the vampires in their attacks.

Sakura, who had been watching the fight the whole time, had managed to regain her strength, saw the vampires attack Shinji and rose up to help him.

His strength notwithstanding, the numerous attacks of the vampires were putting the red giant under great exhaustion. Their relentless attacks, again and again, were having the desired effect. While each vampire possessed inhuman strength, Shinji was far stronger. But even though he had the muscle, his strength was waning due to consistent fighting against multiple enemies.

Each vampire seemed to possess uncanny regeneration powers, and in multiple numbers they had the advantage in a fight such as this.

However, Shinji wasn't ready to admit defeat and kept swinging, knocking back the vampires who's claws and fangs couldn't penetrate his thick alien skin.

Sakura, being the smart girl she was, had read about creatures like these.

The hearts! She gasped.

Her theory was confirmed when Shinji backhanded one of the winged creatures into a wooden bench as a stray piece impaled it though the chest. The creature disintegrated into dust.

Sakura quickly went to the broken bench and grabbed a pair of splintered pieces of wood and then leaped back into the fight. She leaped into the air and tossed two of the splinters at the vampires, impaling them through the chests. A piercing shriek came from both of them as he dropped to the ground and violently spasmed before turning into little more than ash.

"What?" the head vampire gasped.

"Looks like we'll have to up the stakes here." the snake-ninja said as he slammed his hands into the street which caused his fire powers from his hands to shoot through the concrete and asphalt and explode the gas pipes underneath both the kounichi and the red giant.

Shinji saw the explosion coming fast and grabbed Sakura, tossing her off to the side as the blast hit and enveloped him.

"SHINJI!" Sakura shouted, watching in horror as another friend sacrificed for her.

She flipped through the air and landed on the ground, turning to see the flames dissipate and Shinji standing in the middle of the blast, charred but unharmed.

Sakura ran up to the 12-foot giant, standing just above his knee, and stared at him.

"Shinji? Are you... alright?" she asked.

"Yeah." he said as he coughed up smoke. "I'm good."

"Good." she said, then slapped his knee.


"Don't do that again!" she snapped. "As noble as that was, I don't want another friend dying."

Shinji just looked at the girl in shock. Had she just called him a friend? They'd only just met.

"Get Them!" one of the vampires shouted as they all leapt at the pair... only to get kicked away by the black boots on a tall, dark figure.

"Is this a private beating or can anyone join?" the man said as he placed himself between the pair and the vampires.

"Who are..." Shinji started to ask, only to get interrupted.

"YOU!" the lead vampire growled. "Get the traitorous vermin!"

"I guess that would be me." the handsome man exclaimed as the vampires and ninja attacked.

"Introductions later, Shinji!" Sakura shouted as she leaped into action.

"Right." Shinji replied as he charged forward.

Sakura front flipped across the street, grabbing two pieces of splintered bench in her hands, shooting into the air to throw out her hands like she was throwing kunai daggers at the vampire's, impaling four of them through their hearts to cause their own deaths.

Shinji grabbed the snake ninja by his throat and slammed him hard into the street, the ninja blasting flames at the red giant, who shrugged them off and reeled back to bury his massive fist into the ninjas head, causing said ninja to explode in a mass of dark-turned-red flames.

However, he had failed to notice the strange hand signs the snake ninja used before he died.

The man in black leaped through the air and kicked down two of the vampires before he shot out two wooden spikes from his sleeves, flipping through the air to stab two other vampires in their chests, causing them to disintegrate.

The trio continued to fight and within minutes, the snake ninja and vampires were gone.

"Well... that was fun." the man said as he pushed his stakes back into his sleeves.

"That's a matter of opinion." Shinji said as he sat on the sidewalk.

Sakura was next to him. "Thank you, Shinji."

"For what?" he asked.

"For getting rid of Orochimaru. He killed my teammates." she replied.

He hadn't known that. But kinda hard to ask in the middle of a battle and all. "Oh. You're welcome." he nodded.

"Are both of you alright?" the man asked as he approached them.

"Yes. Thanks for your help. But who are you?" Shinji asked the man.

"And why did they call you a traitorous vermin?" Sakura asked.

"I'm Angel. I'm a vampire." he answered.

The pair looked at him in confusion, their eyes widening.

"But I've got a soul, unlike them, so I'm no threat. So, who are you?" the man in black asked.

"I'm Sakura Haruno." the girl said. "I'm a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village."

"I'm Shinji Ikari." the red giant said. "And I... I used to be human."

Angel looked up at the four-armed giant, cocking an eyebrow. Even though he was sitting down, Shinji was slightly taller than he was. And it wasn't as if Angel hadn't heard weirder in his time.

"You don't look like a Shinji." Angel said.

"I know." the giant replied.

"So... how did you..." Angel started to ask, when a squad of robotic hovering drones attacked.

"LOOK OUT!" Shinji shouted as he knocked Angel clear and covered Sakura with his body.

The drones laid down a spray of fire, mostly for stunning effect, and quickly ceased their attacking to just pause and hover around the trio, surrounding them.

"Thanks for the shove." Angel groaned as he walked up to the pair.

"Sorry." Shinji said.

Suddenly a giant spiked metal ball rolled across the street and stopped in front of them. The trio stared at the sphere for several seconds before it opened up with a great hiss. Once the steam had cleared a large muscular figure stepped out of it. He was tall and strange looking, with black armor and green skin where it could be seen. He had no hair on his head and looked like green tentacles waving down from the lower part of his face like that of a squid.

Angel looked over at Shinji. "Friend of yours?"

The red-skinned giant looked back at the good vampire.

"I am Vilgax!" the large green alien said, getting everyone's attention. "Where is the Omnitrix?" he said to Shinji.

"The what?" Shinji asked.

"The Omnitrix! My sensors have detected it's energy signature nearby, but it was unfortunately lost."

Probably when the thing blew up. Shinji thought.

"Tell me where you have hidden it!" Vilgax shouted again.

"Me? I don't have this Omni...thing, whatever it is."

"Lies! I don't believe you are innocent. Not when you have become one of the many alien forms contained within it."

"One of the alien forms?" he gasped as he looked at himself. So, I am an alien. And I could have become a different one? Hope I got the strongest one, because he looks tough.

"Yes. A mighty Tetramand, to be specific. Now, tell me what I want to know, or I will sever the information from your body!" Vilgax threatened.

"I don't have this.. Omnitrix, thing, whatever it is." then a thought occurred to him. "But why do you want it?"

"For a purpose that will maximize the Omnitrix's true potential. The domination of the universe."

God, he reminds me of my father. "You're kidding!"

"Just image! An army of warriors, with all the powers of the Omnitrix, to become any alien creature imaginable, and all under my command."

"Even an army of super strong Four-Armed creatures would be too much." Sakura said. "But if there are other creatures out there, with who knows how many different powers and abilities, no one would be able to defeat him!"

"Now give me the Omnitrix!" Vilgax demanded as he stepped down from his armored spike vehicle.

"I don't have it. It got blown up." Shinji said, motioning with his hands for Sakura and Angel to move behind him.

"I don't believe you!" Vilgax hissed, his muscles tensing, like he was going to jump at the boy.

"I don't care what you believe!" Shinji spat back.

"Grrrr... I Have Had Enough Of Your Insolence!" Vilgax shouted as he lunged at Shinji, knocking him backwards as both Sakura and Angel were knocked away.

"Get off of me!" Shinji shouted as he grappled with the villainous warlord.

"Give Me The Omnitrix!" Vilgax shouted as he slammed the Tetramand boy harder into the wall.

"I don't have it!" he shouted as he brought his arms up to break Vilgax's hold on him, then punched him in the face twice, before Vilgax lunged forward and tackled Shinji around the waist, through a large stone wall and into a large building.

"We have to help him!" Sakura shouted.

"Okay. Sure. How?" Angel asked.

However, before the pair could do anything, a sparkling flash of blue light overhead caught their attention as an attractive blond-haired woman in a white lab coat appeared out of nowhere. Angel was the first to notice as the woman fell towards the ground towards them, the vampire hero leaping out to catch her before she hit the ground.

"Are you alright?" Angel asked the blond woman as Sakura raced over to them.

"I'm fine." she replied.

"Who are you?" Sakura asked as Angel set the attractive woman on her feet.

"I'm Dr Inez Fressange. Who are you?" she asked the girl with long pink hair.

"Sakura Haruno. I'm a medical ninja." the ninja girl replied.

"And you?" Inez asked, turning back to the vampire.

"Angel." he replied, the pair barely noticing the sounds of the fighting that was coming from inside the nearby building.

Sakura however looked worried.

"A one-word name. Are you a pop star, a wrestler or the Pope?" Inez asked.

"Why do people always ask me that?" Angel mused.

"Uh, Angel..." Sakura uttered.

"Well?" Inez asked the man as another loud bang emanated from inside the building.

"None of the above." he replied to the woman as Sakura noticed that some of the drones were starting to hover closer to them.

"Angel!" Sakura shouted as one of the flying robotic drones launched towards them.

Angel quickly threw his foot out and kicked the drone in it's face, knocking the mechanical device thirty feet into the nearest wall.

"I take it you're not completely human." Inez stated.

"Good guess. Excuse me, miss." he said as he leaped into the air and kicked down another drone.

Inez looked back at the pink-haired girl, who only smiled, shrugged, and pulled her daggers, right before a large explosion knocked both of them to the street.

Sakura rolled to her feet as Inez tried to shake the dust out of her hair. She got to her feet as she froze at the sight of two large alien creatures slugging it out in the middle of the street.

"What in..." Inez gasped.

"Come On Shinji! Don't Give Up!" Sakura shouted as Shinji punched Vilgax again.

"Uh... which one are you cheering for?" she asked, as Vilgax landed a punch on Shinji.

"The red one." she said as Shinji cupped his hands together and double-wacked Vilgax in the face.

"Alright, start talking. What's going on?" she inquired.

"The thing with the green skin and the squid for a head is an alien warlord called Vilgax. He wants to take over the universe using something called the Omnitrix, an alien device that turned Shinji into a large, four-armed alien." Sakura summarized as Shinji punched Vilgax again. "That's Vilgax's vehicle, over there." she said, pointing to the large spherical machine that was still open from Vilgax's arrival.

Inez stared at the machine for several seconds, then turned her attention back to see that Shinji was getting attacked by robotic drones as well as Vilgax.

He's getting overwhelmed. She thought, then bolted towards Vilgax's vehicle.

Shinji managed to toss Vilgax aside, but the drones kept firing at him without ceasing.

He will fall soon and then I will have the Omnitrix. Vilgax grinned as his drones continued to fire on the Tetramand.

His musings, however, were cut off as the drones that were attacking Shinji suddenly stopped firing on him, and turned their attention towards Vilgax.

What? He gasped as they opened fire on him. "ARGH!"

"What the..." Sakura gasped as she suddenly looked over and saw Inez in the drivers seat of Vilgax's vehicle, waving at her. Sakura smiled.

"Alright, that's it for the reprogramming. Now lets see what kind of weapons this thing has." Inez said as she punched another set of buttons, which launched several missiles from the vehicle, right at Vilgax himself.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" the villainous alien shouted as the missiles destroyed the drones, but blasted him back as well.

However, the missile bombardment also caused Shinji, Sakura, and Angel to leap out of the way as well.

"Hey! Watch It!" Sakura shouted, picking herself up from the ground.

"That hurt." Shinji groaned as he sat up from the rubble.

"Oh, my ears!" Angel groaned as he held the sides of his head with his hands.

"Sorry!" Inez shouted as a large shadow suddenly loomed over her.

"You... filthy... human..." Vilgax growled at the woman, his right hand clutching the stump that used to be his left arm. His entire body was dripping blood and other fluids, scars and burn marks all over his body.

"Time to go." Inez said as she leaped out of the drivers seat before Vilgax could grab her.

It was fortunate that he was too injured to do anything short of collapsing into the seat.

He pressed a large black button, causing the sphere to close up and pull back, thundering down the street with it's injured passenger tucked away inside.

"Well, that was exhilarating." she said as another large shadow loomed overhead.

"Are you alright?" Shinji asked as he helped the woman up.

"I'm fine. Shinji, wasn't it?" Inez asked, as Angel and Sakura ran up to them.

"Yes." he replied as she looked up and down at him.

"You don't look like a Shinji." Inez said.

"I get that a lot." he replied.

"Are you alright, Shinji?" Sakura asked.

"I'm fine, Sakura." Shinji replied.

"Don't get too comfortable." Angel said. "He'll definitely be back."

"What? Why?"

"Well for one thing, he's not dead." Angel explained.

"And for another, he thinks you have this Omnitrix thing." Sakura stated. "He did seem pretty obsessed with trying to get it."

"Yeah, I got that." Shinji said, rubbing his jaw lightly. "But I don't have it."

"Yeah, well, until he's convinced otherwise, we'll have to assume he'll be back for it when he's fully healed and everything." Angel said.

Did he just say 'we'll have to assume'? Shinji wondered.

However, his musings were cut short, as the ground started to rumble.

"What the..." Shinji gasped.

"Earthquake?" Inez gasped.

"No! Something else!" Sakura shouted as the ground erupted from beneath, scattering the quartet.

They managed to regain themselves, but froze when they saw what had emerged from the ground. It was a gigantic, purple-skinned snake.

"WHERE... ISSSS... OROCHIMARU?" the giant snake asked.

"Oh, no! Manda!" Sakura cried out as she saw the giant snake lunge towards her.

"Friend of yours?" Angel asked as Shinji leapt at the snake, knocking it backwards with a fierce punch to it's scaly face.

"He's Orochimaru's summon beast!" Sakura cried as Manda attacked, knocking Shinji into another building with his face and following him.

"Summon beast?" Inez asked.

"Complicated to explain right now."

"Do you have one?" Angel asked.

"Even if I did, it wouldn't be strong enough to take on Manda. He's the lord of the snakes! Only a jounin or sannin level ninja could summon someone as strong as him. It would be like sending a toddler to fight his father."

"But Orochimaru's dead. How could..." Angel asked.

"Maybe he summoned him before he died. I don't know what took him so long, but we need to take him down. He'll devour every innocent soul around if we don't." Sakura explained.

"So we're on our own, right?" Inez asked.


Shinji suddenly exploded out of the street, rocketed into the sky by Manda, and crashed back down onto the ground.

"SHINJI!" she cried.


"NO!" Sakura shouted as she hurled her kunai at his skin, the blades not even scratching his scales.


"I think we're gonna need some help here." Angel said as he just stared at the giant snake.

"PERHAPS I CAN BE OF SOME USE!" a voice shouted from behind as everyone looked back to see a distinguished looking man in a red jacket, black cloak and pinstripe pants hovering in mid-air.

"Who the heck is this guy?" Sakura asked as Shinji started to come around.

"Don't know." Angel said with a shrug.


Everyone just stared at the man, even the giant snake was wide-eyed.

No one blinked.

"And here I thought I was long-winded." Inez Fressange finally said.

Manda summons a group of smaller summon snake-beasts to destroy the others.

"ELIMINATE THEM!" Manda hissed.

Angel is battling to defend Inez while Sakura was dodging more mini-snakes. Dr Orpheus used his mystical powers to dematerialize the demons when one tried to attack him from behind. It was quickly punched away by the large red hand of one Shinji Ikari.

"My thanks. But who are you?" Orpheus asked.

"I'm Shinji." the large, four-armed giant said.

"Strange. You don't look..."

"I know, I know." he said as another monster attacked.

Manda watched in amusement as his summons attacked the strange group of humans. Though he became increasingly upset when he noticed the newly arrived human was using his magical powers to dematerialize his own warriors.

While this was going on, Inez notices that Manda has a weak spot underneath his chin. A patch that seemed to be eroded skin.

"Hey! Shinji!" Inez screamed.

"Huh?" Shinji asked as he punched down another giant snake.

"Attack Manda! Go for the spot underneath his chin! Orpheus, can you freeze him?" she shouted.

"Uh... okay." the four-armed giant said.

"Certainly!" the middle-aged mystic said.

The pair moved to attack the giant snake, Orpheus creating a powerful arctic blizzard that froze the lord of the snake's body, while Shinji leaped into the air and struck the spot directly under Manda's chin.

The second Shinji made contact, the other beasts puffed out of existence as Manda also vanished.

"Whoa! What was that?!" Sakura asked as she lowered her hands with her kunai in hand.

"That... was the power of our red-skinned, four armed friend." Orpheus said. "But how did you know that the snake's weakness was under it's chin?"

"I noticed a strange discoloration on the underside of the snake's head, like where it's skin had been rubbed almost clean through to the nerve clusters." Inez said.

"Which would have made it the perfect target and vulnerable spot for Shinji's incredible strength to plant his mighty fist of justice!"

The group looked at the master mystic with stunned confusion.

"Uh... yeah. His... mighty fist of justice." Angel said, feeling a little silly at the overzealousness of the comment. "Nevertheless. Thanks for all that. You guys are pretty good." Angel said to them.

"You're welcome." Shinji said.

"Thanks." Sakura said.

"It was nothing, really." Dr Orpheus said.

"Any time." Inez replied.

"You're a vampire, aren't you?" Dr Orpheus asked, waving his glowing hands around in circles at Angel. "Yes, a vampire with a soul."

"Is that a problem?" Angel asked.

"Not really. Though I did have a friend who specialized in killing vampires. Black vampires without a soul mind you."

"Really. Guess that means I'm safe."

"I think so."

Shinji suddenly shifts back into being a human teenager.

Everyone looked at him strangely, especially Sakura.

"So, what's your story?" Sakura asked the now human Shinji. He's cuter than Sasuke!

"I have scanned the boy and I sense nothing supernatural or mystical about him." Dr Orpheus said.

"There isn't. He was turned into that, four-armed creature by an alien device called an Omnitrix. An alien warlord named Vilgax came looking for it and found Shinji. If what he said was correct, I'd have loved a chance to study it's transmogrification and extraterrestrial metamorphic capabilities. He said that Shinji was only turned into one of the alien creatures contained with in the device. If that's true, then there is truly no limit to the power of this Omnitrix." Inez said.

The group looked at her, unblinkingly.

And I thought I was long-winded. Orpheus thought.

"Whatever happened to this Omnitrix device?" she asked.


Shinji explained what happened to him and the device, even taking them back to the crater where he had encountered it. When Inez picked up the device, it took only a few moments for her to understand.

"It's dead." Inez said.

"Dead?" Angel asked.

"Completely. The alien circuits appear to be fried. It's not putting out any kind of heat, or sound or anything. Even if Vilgax did find this thing, there's nothing he could do with it." she explained.

"Is there anything you could do with it?" he asked.

"No. Even if I had the resources and tools from my time, it wouldn't be enough."

"Too bad."

"Wait. Did you say, Your Time?" Sakura asked.

"Yes." Inez said.

"What year?"


"Whoa." Shinji said.

Wait until they hear I grew up on Mars.


Angel invites the quartet to his building, formerly the law firm of Wolfram and Hart, now called Angel Investigations and Acquisitions.

"Nice place." Inez said as she looked over the large office.

"This is a law office?" Sakura asked.

"Mostly." Angel said. "I use it to help out people that the law and governments can't, or people they just ignore."

"You mean from demons, monsters and aliens?" Dr Orpheus asked.

"Yeah." he nodded.

"Makes sense." Shinji said.

"So, what are your stories?" Angel asked.

Angel is a vampire with a soul who lost his teammates to Second Impact, as well as most of California when the Senior Partners unleashed a powerful army of monsters. The monsters were all destroyed, and Angel resumed in rebuilding the Wolfram and Hart offices into a more viable source of good.

Dr Byron Orpheus is a master of mysticism who lost his friends in Team Venture and the Order of the Triad to a maniacal supervillain named Torrid who was also killed in the attempt. He put himself and his daughter into a mystical coma to protect them from the effects of Second Impact, which had the inadvertent effect of pausing their aging process for a twenty year period.

Sakura Haruno is a beautiful female teen ninja who lost her teammates and trainer (Team 7: Naruto and Sasuke and her trainer Kakashi Hatake) to the evil Orochimaru.

Dr Inez Fressange is a sexy genius female scientist and researcher who was catapulted into the past thanks to alien energy crystals that were found on Mars.

Naturally everyone is shocked to hear she is from Mars.

And Shinji Ikari is a former Evangelion pilot who got blasted by an alien device that turns him into a giant four-armed alien of great strength, eventually he is able to change into the alien through force of concentration.

After hearing all this, Angel makes them an offer.

"Look, you guys all did some amazing work here tonight, especially since we've never worked with each other before. You all have unique talents and abilities that I could use."

"Thank you, but what are you saying?" Sakura asked.

"I'd like to offer you all jobs." he said.

"Jobs? With you?" Shinji asked.

"You mean, fighting against the tyrannical forces of evil, whether they come from Earth, outer space, or the lowest pit of the damned?" Orpheus asked.


"Well, we do seem to be appropriately balanced." he said.

"Balanced?" Inez asked.

"Yes. Shinji's the muscle. Sakura's the heart. You are the scientist. I am a mystic. And Angel is a vampire with much experience." the master mystic said.

"Guess we are pretty balanced."

"And it cannot be simple coincidence that has brought us together tonight. I believe it to be Destiny!" he cried out loudly.

The group looked at him.

"Sorry." he laughed softly. "I tend to get carried away sometimes."

"No problem." Angel said, actually finding his enthusiasm refreshing in a way.

"And we'd be living here?" Sakura asked.

"The upper floors all have private apartment, with bathrooms."

The group looked at each other.

"Well, seeing as how I'm pretty much stuck here in this time, I accept." Inez said.

"Great. Dr Orpheus?" Angel asked.

"If I accept, I'd like my daughter to come live with me." the mystic said. "Of course she'll probably want her own room."

"Not a problem." Angel agreed.

"Then I accept."

Shinji and Sakura looked at each other.

"I've got nowhere else to go, really." Shinji said.

"Neither do I." Sakura said sadly.

"What do you want to do?" he asked.

"I... don't know. You?"

"I'll go where you go."

Sakura blushed. "You... would? But you don't know me." she said.

"I know, but us teenagers have to stick together." he said.

Sakura smiled at that. "Then let's stay."

"Alright." Shinji agreed.

They're staying with us for each other. Angel grinned. That's pretty cool.


(One month later)

Fourarms leaped into the air and punched down the monster, effectively breaking it into pieces.

"Well... that was fun." Sakura groaned as she replaced her kunai into her belt.

"How many Golem-copies can those lunatics make?" Shinji asked, shifting back to his human form.

"Don't know, but that's the fifth one today and Why Did You Do That?" she snapped. "You could have been killed taking that stone spear in the chest!"

"I had to, Sakura." Shinji snapped.

"But you could have been killed!" she argued.

"It would have been worth it."


"Because I love you!" he snapped.

Sakura gasped as she blushed, losing her power of speech.

"I've lost too many people that I care about. Now that I've found someone I can be happy with, I'm not about to lose her. You."

It was suddenly very clear to Sakura.

Sasuke Uchiha had been her constant nearly all-consuming love-interest. But because he had sought to become stronger to avenge his family who had been murdered by his brother, he had rejected any and all forms of love that was offered to him.

But Shinji, however, was significantly different.

While Sasuke had rejected all forms of love and affection in order to become stronger, Shinji craved it. The reason: because being loved and cared for by others, made him stronger.

In a way, it reminded her of Naruto.

Sakura started tearing up as she threw herself at the boy.

"Oh, Shinji! That makes me so happy!" she whimpered as she cried into his chest.

Shinji hugged her back tightly.

"I love you, Sakura Haruno." he whispered into her ear.

"I love you too, Shinji Ikari." she whispered back.

The pair looked at each other as their lips pressed to each others.

Suddenly, Sakura's pager went off.

"It's Angel." Sakura said with upset in her voice.

"Back to work." Shinji groaned.

"Then let's go." she said, heading back to the office with Shinji's hand in hers.


Authors Notes:

Not much I can say about this chapter, other than it is rather longer than intended, and it is a Sakura pairing. Hope everyone enjoyed this little snippet and update to my newest one-shot story series, 'Shinji Versus Fourarms' Also, it was uploaded rather quickly, so if there is a mistake, I apologize.