Ok so this is the character list for my new story called "Living up to the name" it's all about the next generation of Halliwells and their lives. struggling to keep a life seperate from magic, old characters from the show will be in it along with heaps of new ones. i really hope you guys enjoy this story.

Charmed the Next Generation


Piper Halliwell-Wyatt:

Piper the eldest Charmed sibling alive, after the ultimate battle. Piper was blessed with three children, her two boys and the little girl she had met on her first trip to the future. Piper was able to open up her very own restaurant which is named "Destiny" since hers and her family's has been changed so many times and yet fulfilled at the same time. She still owns her faithful club P3 but the kids help her run it.

Leo Wyatt:

Respected Elder and Head of Magic School, Leo Wyatt the forever faithful angel to the Halliwells is still with Piper after many years of happiness. He has the great joy of teaching the next generation all about magic and coming into their powers like he helped teach his own children, nieces and nephew.

Phoebe Halliwell:

Phoebe, the middle sister, after finally being blessed with the daughter she foresaw in her visions, and two more! Is still out making San Francisco a well loved place. With her column off the hook, she is currently writing her second novel. Under the watchful eye of her friend and old boss, Elise.


After being sent to help Phoebe find love again and falling for her himself, Coop has been blessed in many more ways than he ever imagined. With a beautiful family and great job. Coop teaches at magic school, helping young witches learn about the magic of love and how it can unlock certain powers, like healing. He also trains up new cupids so they are ready to find love one day.

Paige Mathews-Mitchell:

After fulfilling her destiny as a fulltime Charmed One, Paige retired to embrace her white lighter side and teaching. She teaches at magic school but still has time to help the next generation and future white lighters embrace their magic so the fight for good can still continue.

Henry Mitchell:

After growing up in the system, being transferred to many different foster homes not to mention families. Henry vowed to help the trouble kids. He continues his work as a parole officer enjoying every second of it. He never thought he would be blessed with such a big family after dreaming of it for so long. With a beautiful wife, son and two daughters, not to mention the others!

Wyatt Mathew Halliwell:

Wyatt is Piper and Leo's eldest child, the prophesied twice blessed. Wyatt looks more like his father than his brother and sister. Wyatt has his mother's stubbornness and can't keep secrets just like his aunt Phoebe. Wyatt usually is the one who can start an argument out of nothing, just like his mother. He is looked upon as a role model in the magical community and he is very protective over his family.

Wyatt is 20 years old and is very gifted and powerful.

Christopher Perry Halliwell (Chris):

Chris is Piper and Leo's middle child, their youngest son. Chris looks like Piper a lot and he also picked up a few of her other traits along with his Aunt Paige's sarcastic wit and eye roll. Chris is not as powerful as his brother, but Leo was an elder when he was conceived so Chris has the power to shoot electricity from his hands and because Piper was a goddess before he was conceived he can also control the weather when he is angry. He also has molecular combustion like his mother and all the powers of a normal white lighter plus telekinesis.

Chris is 19 years old.

Melinda Prudence Halliwell (Mel):

Mel is Piper and Leo's youngest child and only daughter. She is seen as the baby of her family and everyone is very protective of her as she is not as powerful as her brothers. Mel is very clever, too clever sometimes. Mel is the spitting image of her mother although her personality is more like her father's. Calm, relaxed and can't cook very well. Mel has the power of molecular combustion and Molecular Immobilization like her mother and can astral project like her Aunt Prue. She also has the powers of a white lighter but can't heal yet.

Mel is 17 years old.

Scarlett Love Halliwell (Letti):

Scarlett or Letti as her family call her, is Coop and Phoebe's eldest daughter of three. She is witty, spontaneous and the spitting image of her mother. Letti is the closest to Chris' age and they get on really well. Letti, like her mother has the power of empathy and she has her father's cupid powers. She can also use telekinetic hearting, which is a mixture of hearting and telekinesis. Like her Aunt Paige's power in some respect. Letti can communicate telepathically with Chris and Wyatt because of their bond and her powers.

Scarlett is ten months younger than Chris.

Genesis Patience Halliwell (Jenny):

Genesis or Jenny as everyone calls her is Phoebe and Coop's middle child. Jenny is very passionate, loyal and down to earth. She looks like her mother but has Coop's eyes and hair colour. She takes after her aunt Piper when it comes to cooking because un like her mother she can actually cook something without setting the house on fire. Jenny is a skilled fighter like Phoebe and has inherited her mother's power of premonition but she can also see the past as well as the future and her father's cupid powers. Also she can phase through solid matter.

Jenny is 18 years old.

Skye Pandora Halliwell:

Skye is Phoebe and Coop's youngest daughter. As she is the youngest daughter Phoebe and Coop gave her the nickname Ladybug. They call her it constantly, while the other members of the family use it when she is upset or they need her for something. Skye is the most timid of her sisters. Skye has the power of levitation and general cupid powers but she can also project other's thoughts. Skye is a very skilled spell writer just like her mother and sometimes she can be a hopeless romantic. Skye and Mel stick together as they are the same age and people treat them like they are seven instead of seventeen.

Henry Samuel Victor Mitchell (Junior):

Junior was named after his father and his two Grandfathers. Paige's paternal father Sam and Victor her sister's father. Junior is a trouble maker when he wants to be and very protective over his family. He likes to help his Aunt Piper run P3 as he is really into music. He has been gifted with his mother's powers and all the powers of a white lighter plus he has the ability to become invisible.

Junior is 18 years old.

Charlotte Patricia Mitchell (Charlie):

Charlie is Paige and Henry's eldest twin daughter. Charlie is more like her father than her mother although she has Paige's looks. She has her father's warm personality and sarcastic jokes but she has the eye rolling habit from her mother. Charlie loves being a witch but she also loves embracing the white lighter within. She is out going and adventurous, not afraid to speak her mind. Charlie has the same powers as her mother and also has the power of Negation.

Charlie is 16, two minuets older than her sister.

Grace Helen Mitchell (Gracie):

Gracie is the youngest Halliwell and she is the youngest of Paige and Henry's children. Gracie is her mother's double in looks. Gracie is the quietest Halliwell child a complete opposite from her sister, brother and cousins. She doesn't really say what is on her mind as she thinks its not important. Gracie loves being a witch but she doesn't want to embrace her white lighter side in case she has to choose between them. Gracie has the same powers as Paige and the "other half" of Charlie's. While Charlie can cancel other powers, Gracie can absorb them and send them back.

Gracie is 16, two minuets younger than her sister.

Claire "Bell" Davis- (Chris' best friend.)

Called Bell by her friends and family all thanks to Chris' stupid nickname. Bell is Chris' best friend, they have known each other since they were 6 years old. The two were totally unaware that the other had magical powers until Chris orbed to help Bell after she was being attacked by demons.

Bell has the power to create sonic blasts with her hands and she can teleport. She will also develop a new power.

Bell is two months younger than Chris.

Kayla Grace- (Wyatt's best friend and secret crush)

Kayla Grace, the loveable best friend to Wyatt. Kayla and Wyatt have been best friends as long as they can remember with both of them being in the same classes at magic school and normal school. Now in university they are in the same class studying to be teachers. Kayla managed to steal Wyatt's heart, totally unaware. Even though everyone else around can see it. Kayla comes from a family with a dark and troubled past, with Gypsy and demon magic present. Kayla has the power of the power of electrolysis and Telekinesis.

Kayla is 20 years old

Dylan Smith- (Chris' best friend from magic school)

Chris, Bell and Dylan, three peas in a pod. Dylan and Chris have been friends for as long as they can remember. Dylan only went to magic school so he didn't meet Bell until Chris found out she was a witch too. Dylan has the power of shape shifting and he is a conjurer, he often helps Chris get into trouble.

Dylan is 19, one month older than Chris.

Supporting Characters:

Chase Crawford- The Bad Boy.

Jenna Scott- Mel's ex-best friend.

Danny Morris- Darrel's son