Author's Note: I am soooooo sorry I've let this fic of mine languish. I love this fic and want to do it justice and do know where it's going eventually. My great struggle, besides writer's block was to show passage of a large block of time without becoming boring or dragging the story along. I hope this chapter accomplishes this goal.

But no, I'm not giving up on this fic or the one where Keldor and She Ra take down the Horde. Unfortunately chronic illness has gotten in the way.

Finally. I make no money from this fic and own nothing but a few plot bunnies and a huge writer's block.

My dearest Keely,

How much I wish I could be at home with you and my Keldor. I gaze on the pictures you sent of my little prince any time I am safely alone in my office. I can hardly believe he is over 6 months old now. Oh how I wish you were in my suite now, and that I could walk proudly with you on my arm. I understand we must be sure, however. In such a public office, I must be sure that hatred of elves will never put your or Keldor's life at risk.

I work each day to incorporate more peoples into alliance with us who aren't 'human.' The Adrenoids are a curious and particularly fascinating people. They are ruled by one queen who is also their mother, but they are industrious and proud. I hope that with several serving in a new corp of warriors meant for defense of all allied kingdoms nonhuman bias will soon pass away. We're calling them the Masters and this elite guard is growing stronger each day and, thankfully, more diverse. If all goes well we'll soon involve the flying citizens of Aviaon as well. A few lizard men have offered to join and one of the Moss beings, a mighty warrior woman of these plant folk has joined us as well.

Unfortunately for the human kingdoms to adjust to these changes will take time just as you predicted and I suspected.

I miss you my love, and my dear boy. Hopefully I can see you soon after the trade summit this month.

Your beloved,


Dearest Brother,

I am so excited to hear that Tamra is with child! I would be in a shuttle in an instant to see you if my duties allowed it. Alas, they do not. I've been in the Queen's service for almost three years now, but my duties are ever getting heavier. Now she has me working with the steward and learning at his side much like an apprentice would. I am sure this education will serve me well as I am settled in some smaller kingdom where I will be head of the household in more than just name but duty as well, but honestly, Randall, my head spins with numbers and figures these days.

I will learn it. I am committed to learning it, but know that midst my busy days ahead, there will not be one day that I will not think of you and my niece or nephew with longing.

I will see you as soon as my duty permits.

Your proud sister,


Dearest Keely,

His first words were da da? Really? Oh my dear, I am over the moons. I love you so much and am so proud of my little prince. Everyone here is planning my 23rd birthday, but they are too late. You, my love, have already filled my heart with so much joy and pride, there can be no better gift. I love you. I love you. I love you. And I adore our wonderful, intelligent, perfect son. Hug and kiss him for me. I will find a way to come to you soon.

Yours always,


Dear Randal,

I'm so relieved to hear that Tamra and little Sully are well I can't wait to see him and shower his tiny face with kisses. I was so worried when I heard she had such an early delivery and that it was so hard. My hopes and thoughts are always with you.

I've asked the queen, and she has promised I may come home for a few weeks to spend time with all of the family. Especially with my little nephew.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to come seeing as the prince's 24th birthday is but a few months away, and the Queen has had me plan the parties for the past three years. But she surprised me by telling me that she fully believed in my mastery for planning any social gathering among royalty great or small and that would no longer be one of my duties.

I still wonder what she is planning for me, but I shant worry about it now. As soon as this letter is off, I'll be packing to come see you.

Your sister,


My Dearest Miro,

Keldor took his first steps today. Not only that, he went from holding to the edge of the chair to stand to walking across the room. I'm grinning even as I send you this letter. I sent another picture to you of our little walker in action. The enchantments that hide the picture until you touch it are still in place. I am grateful we can write each other in the language of my people and so protect our letters from being intercepted and destroying the hard work you are doing to set all circumstances in our favor when you bring us to your home, but I hate that we must hide.

My love, it wears on me. The weight of this secret we bear.

It is only the strength of my love for you and Keldor that sustains me.

Yours eternally,


Dear Father,

I am very sorry. I know it's been over 9 months since my last letter to you. I've been busy wouldn't serve as an adequate excuse, would it?

I thought not. I'm sorry, Papa. Queen Dessamira immerses me in more and more duties as the weeks pass by me. I'm now working with refugees from a nearby flood, and it is like ruling a tiny kingdom all its own. Father, I am in awe of you. Simply caring for the needs, addressing squabbles, and seeing that I help just enough without leading those I'm helping to become dependent on me is mystifyingly difficult. And to think you've been doing this type of work on a larger scale for longer than I've lived. Papa, you are amazing!

There is one thing about working with the refugees I love though. The children are so loveable. I could spend hours cuddling the dear little ones that race around the camp laughing and playing even as their parents are fighting back tears.

I can't wait to have my own children one day, but there is still over a year in my service to the Queen, and she doesn't encourage me to spend much time in the company of the lords at the balls and banquets. She tells me that there is plenty of time for me whenever the subject is mentioned. It worries me, Papa.

I promise to try to arrange a trip home soon.

Your princess,


Dearest Father,

I have good news…of a sort. Queen Dessamira has offered to extend my time with her and has made me a very lucrative offer to benefit our kingdom. I have accepted. The queen has finally assured me that she has several high households that she has been watching for some time and wants to see one as diligent and loyal as myself happily settled in one of them.

Janis and I are getting together a list of potential matches from the queen's words and I am amazed and a little… a lot….unsure. I'm not sure I'm capable of ruling such vast and wealthy kingdoms as Janis and I are seeing as possibilities.

Janis says I worry too much, and that the Queen has prepared me well for any kingdom. I only hope she's right.

Your Girl,


Dearest Keely,

I've placed the picture of Keldor wearing his crest on my desk. A picture of my mother and father cover it, but when I look at the frame I see us together in my mind and heard. Keldor in my arms and his crest around his neck! I'm so proud of my son. It's hard to believe he's five now. Even harder to believe is my parent's stubbornness. The Masters have garnered favor and alliances left and right. Our kingdom is wealthier than ever, and now we will be hosting a trade summit for over 50 kingdoms. Yet whenever the conversation of my choice of bride is brought up my father is unyielding.

I don't understand why this is so important to them. I've proved myself more than enough to prosper our kingdom. An alliance is no longer needed.

Sometimes I think it's about control for them. Though I'm sure my mother would come up with many fine sounding reasons for her choice for me and my lack of choice. I, however, have no desire to hear them.

Your husband,


Dear Papa,

I truly am sorry I haven't written you before now. I promise you that if there are any suitors that are serious , you will be the first to know. I've been serving with the queen now for over seven years and there is no sign of petitioner for my hand. Yet her watchers of me are well known to me now.

It is the watchers that let me know she means me for some great household. Oh they are discreet, but as potential suitors have come within my sphere, the watchers become obvious, and I know that they are ensuring I have no un toward attentions come my way or that I return any such attentions.

I am beginning to worry that I see something of Queen Dessamira's design, but I hope I'm wrong. I'll tell you more when I visit for my 26th birthday.

I love you and promise to write soon,

Your Princess,