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Chapter One: The Strawberry's Obsession Begins

Ichigo stood outside Maruhoshi Academy, waiting for her friend to exit the building. Ichigo didn't attend this school. She attended it's neighbour, Haruhoshi High School for girls. Ichigo and her friend, Minto Aizawa, went to the same Elementary and Junior High school, but split up when their talents were recorded on a piece of paper.

Ichigo and Minto both applied for Maruhoshi Academy, a private school which was like a boarding school in many ways. The students stayed their from Monday to Friday, having dormitories that they shared with three other students of the same gender. The students were free to leave for the weekend on Friday, but was free to stay if they wanted to catch up on work.

Minto was accepted at the school, but Ichigo failed the entrance exam, meaning that she wouldn't be able to attend the Academy. The girls still saw each other on the weekends, but other than that, they couldn't contact each other. Ichigo wasn't upset that she couldn't stay with Minto, but was discontent about the fact that her only option left was to attend an all girls' school.

There were three schools in the area of Tokyo which Ichigo lived in. One was Maruhoshi Academy, another was Haruhoshi High School for girls, Ichigo's school, and the last was Maohoshi High School for boys. The lads who attended that school were jerks in Ichigo's opinion. They were the type of guys who laid every girl they could set their eyes on.

Ichigo leaned on the metal fence of the Victorian styled building, growing impatient for the arrival of her friend. Students were already leaving the school, not forgetting to give Ichigo a dirty look because of the uniform she was in. What was wrong with her uniform? It was better than theirs.

The female students of Maruhoshi Academy had to sport a white blouse, covered by a bright yellow sweatshirt and had to wear a knee-length yellow skirt. The male students had to wear both the blouse and sweatshirt, but wore grey pants in place of the yellow skirt. Both genders wore a yellow tie. Looking at their uniform, Ichigo loved her's. All she had to wear was a grey pinafore in the style of a sailor's fuku.

No one was leaving the school now, making Ichigo wonder if Minto had left without her. Ichigo knew that if Minto was going to head home immediately after school, she would tell her first. Ichigo turned her head to face the double doors of the building, hoping she would see Minto waltz out of them and greet her with a 'Sorry I'm late. It will never happen again. Honest.'

Ichigo sighed as she turned her head to face the road. Expensive cars drove past Ichigo after they pulled away from the curb. Where was Minto?

"What're you doing?"

Ichigo turned her head. She was looking at a blonde lad who looked the same age of her. He had the most amazing blue eyes which could drown Ichigo if she continued to trap herself in them.

"I'm talking to you."

The lad walked closer, causing Ichigo's heart to beat faster with each step he took.

"Uh I-I uh I-uh-"

"Never mind." The blonde lad sighed, walking away from Ichigo.

"I'm waiting for a friend. You might know who she is." Ichigo finally answered.

The lad paused his steps and slowly turned to face Ichigo. A smirk grew on his face. "Will I now?"

Ichigo gulped. "Y-you might."

"What's her name?" The lad took a few steps forward towards Ichigo.

"Uh M-Minto." Ichigo stuttered, taking a small step backwards.

The lad refrained himself from laughing a little. He found Ichigo's actions hilarious. "Minto what?"

"Aizawa." Ichigo bit her lip. She felt intimidated by this guy, whoever he was. Why was she talking to a stranger in the first place?

"Hmm...Minto Aizawa..." The blonde looked deep in thought. "...I think I know who she is...does she have blue hair?"

Ichigo's eyes widened slightly. "H-hai."

"Yeah, I know her."

"Do you know where she is?" Ichigo asked.

The blonde took a step closer to Ichigo. "No idea."

He scanned Ichigo's figure discreetly. She was small in height, and thin with noticeable curves in all of the right places. Her red hair amazed him, and as he stepped closer to her, a scent of strawberries grew strong.

"Oh, okay." She sighed, not noticing that he was staring at her with fascination.

"You have a strong scent." The blonde told Ichigo.

Ichigo tilted her head to the side. "Gomennasai?"

"You smell of strawberries." He explained.

"Oh." Ichigo smiled. "Arigatou."

"What's your name?" He asked her.

"Ichigo. Ichigo Momomiya." Ichigo smiled. "And you?"

Shirogane. I'm Ryou Shirogane."


Ichigo and Ryou turned their head to see Minto run up to them. Minto had a suitcase in her hand, and a piece of paper in the other.

"Ah, Minto-chan!" Ichigo waved at Minto.

"Ichigo, mother said that I can stay over at your house tonight." Minto panted as she stopped running when she was near Ichigo.


Minto shifted her gaze to Ryou, causing her eyes to widen. "Uh, come on Ichigo, let's go." Minto grabbed Ichigo's arm and dragged her away from Ryou.

"Okay." Ichigo waved at Ryou. "Sayonara!"

Minto looked back to see if Ryou was still in sight. Lucky for her, he wasn't. She released her grip from Ichigo and sighed. "Ichigo, never talk to him again!"

"Why?" Ichigo asked, shocked at Minto's order.

"You don't want to be seen talking to him." Minto yelled. "He has a bad reputation at our school. Got kicked out this morning. He came back to get his mobile or something."

'So that's why he had no bag.' Ichigo thought. "Why did he get kicked out?"

"Because he sent a girl to hospital." Minto answered. "You know Retasu?"

Ichigo nodded. Of course she knew Retasu. How could she forget the girl who helped her with her mountains of homework through the summer?

"Well." Minto began. "Retasu admitted to Ryou that she loved him, and he went crazy. He punched her, kicked her in the stomach and bit her."

"Bit her?" Ichigo repeated confused.

"Hai." Minto sighed as she began to walk towards Ichigo's house. Ichigo followed, wanting to listen to more of the story. "Well, when they found her, there was a bite mark on her neck, but no blood, but she was pale, like a ghost."

"That's strange." Ichigo commented.

"I know. It was amazing that Retasu is still alive after that." Minto sighed.

The two girls stopped outside Ichigo's home and entered the garden. Ichigo's front garden was filled with beds of red roses and iris'. Ichigo fished in her bag for her keys, knowing that her mother and father would still be at work. She looked down and noticed the piece of paper in Minto's hand.

"Hey, Minto," Ichigo turned to face Minto. "What's that piece of paper?"

"Huh?" Minto lifted the paper up to level with their faces. "Oh, this? You're suppose to fill one out in my school when you've witnessed an attack."

"An attack?" Ichigo's eyes widened. "You mean you saw that lad attack Retasu?"

"Hai." Minto sighed as Ichigo unlocked the front door of her house.

They both stepped in to the house. There was no carpet on the ground floor of the house, only laminate flooring. There were no walls either, all had been knocked down by the previous owner of the house. The cellar had been converted into a bedroom, Ichigo's bedroom to be exact, meaning that all of upstairs belonged to Ichigo's parents. Ichigo had her own bathroom downstairs, and her own exit to the back garden. She sometimes used this exit to escape from the house, but she had to climb over the fence if she wanted to get far.

"Want a drink, Minto-chan?" Ichigo asked, locking the front door.

"Uh, please." Minto answered. "Can I have a green tea?"

"Hai. Coming right up!" Ichigo said as she walked towards the kettle on the counter.

"Where can I put my suitcase, Ichigo?"

"You can put it on the guest bed in my room." Ichigo answered, waiting for the water to boil in the kettle.

As she heard Minto descend the stairs towards her room, Ichigo peered out of the window. She was thinking about Ryou, and why he attacked Retasu because she said that she loved him. Ichigo was confused at Ryou's actions towards Retasu, and wondered why he noted her scent. Why did he tell her that she smelled of strawberries? Should she consider that as a compliment? Or take it as an insult? Did he let other girls know what they smelt of?

Ichigo heard the click of the kettle and poured the water into a cup with a green tea bag in it. She slowly stirred the water, watching the colour change. When the tea looked strong, Ichigo removed the tea bag from the cup and threw it in the bin beside her. She then picked up the cup of green tea and took it to her room where Minto was.

"Oyasuminasai, Ichigo-chan!" Minto shouted across the room as Ichigo turned the lights off.

"Night." Ichigo replied as she climbed on top of her bed by the window.

Ichigo wasn't tired, so she decided to stare out of her window. The moon shone brightly against the velvet canvas known as the sky. The stars glimmered willingly, hoping to outshine the moon. Staring at the moon made Ichigo think about Ryou. She didn't know why, but she was mesmerised by him. She had only saw him once, and she didn't even know anything about him, only that he was somewhat violent. But she probably would've forgotten about him, if he didn't mention that she had a scent of strawberries.

Ichigo crawled under her bed sheets, her energy to stay awake was fading. She needed sleep, and lots of it. She had a busy day at school, and she had Ryou on her mind all afternoon. Why was he on her mind? What could she call it? Obsession? Admiration? Childish? She didn't know, but she knew one thing; she had to meet him again. And soon.

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