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Union Pines High School. It'd be a while since I'd stepped foot on the grounds. I always enjoyed my high school years, even though I wasn't really in class. Wrestling took up a lot of my time, and I graduated, but I still had this regret nagging at the back of my mind. And since I'm a firm believer in unlocking your own destiny, I decided to make peace with the school in order to further my life as a person.

And the one person I needed to make peace with most was my English teacher. I was a senior when I had her - a hard ass, forty-something year old woman who would've enjoyed being murdered over doing her job. She practically failed me because I was hardly there, having a starting wrestling career and all. But she ended up passing me, and I never saw her again.

I figured it was time to make nice.

Shannon groaned when I had pulled up to a spot near the front door. "Really? We're really doin' this?"

"Doin' what?" Jeff drawled.

"Yeah!" I said cheerfully, shutting off my car. I stepped out into the hot North Carolina air. "Figured it was high time to pay her a visit, you know?"

"No, I don't know. She almost failed me, man!" Shannon came around the car, leaning against the gas tank while Jeff hoisted himself out of the back seat. He glanced at me over the open door. "Do you remember when she made me write her that paper the day after I came back from a show? I was barely conscious, man."

I shrugged, holding my hand out to Jeff as he shuffled his way to the sidewalk. I looked back at Shannon. "So what? That was more than ten years ago. I'd like to make amends with her, wouldn't you?"

"No. You know what I would like to do? I'd like to go home to my fiancee and help her make out a guest list for our wedding. But I'm stuck here while she's doin' it herself."

I frowned. "Well, jeez, man, if I'd known you felt that way I still would've made you come with me."

Shannon laughed slightly, rubbing a hand over his face. "Yeah, I know you would, man."

I held open the high school door, waiting until both Shannon and Jeff went inside. Everything looked the same, just maybe a little refurbished. I felt like a senior all over again.

"Man, this is weird," Shannon muttered, walking down the empty hall with me slowly. Jeff's cane tapping echoed off the walls.

"Isn't it?" I trailed my hand over the lockers, smiling slightly. "I'm kinda glad we don't go here anymore."

"Now you see my logic, man." Shannon opened the water bottle he had, taking a small gulp. "I feel like I'm going to get beat up for being in here."

"Well, at least there's no kids."

"Thank god," Jeff mumbled, hitting a doorway with his cane. "I don't really want anyone to know that I'm blind."

"We know, man," I said softly, patting his shoulder. "Thanks for comin' with us, by the way. It's really commendable of you, Jeff."

Jeff smiled.

Shannon threw his arms around our shoulders, practically standing on the balls of his feet. "The Core Group!" he exclaimed, walking us down the hall. "Back in High School."

"Absolutely, man." I headed down the hall, climbing the stairs at the end. I still remembered my schedule. I had English right after lunch. Out the cafeteria, up the stairs, the sixth classroom on the right. The place was forever etched in my brain.

"There it is." Shannon stopped a few feet from the open door, dropping his arms. He fiddled with his water bottle. "What if she like... died or something, man?"

The laugh came out of my mouth before I could stop it. "That's crazy, dude. She was only like.. forty when she was teaching. She can't be dead."

"Maybe she's like... " Jeff raised his hands, licking his lips. "One of those crazy ass old teachers that all the new kids hate, but then grow to love her."

Shannon raised his eyebrow. "Did you ever grow to love her?"

Jeff grimaced. "Yeah, she's probably dead or something."

I shook my head, walking backwards toward the door. "You guys are out of your fuckin' minds. Now, come on. Let's go see Mrs... " I stopped moving, my mouth open. "Oh, shit, what's her name?"

Shannon bared his teeth awkwardly. "I don't know, man. Jeff, do you remember?"

Jeff shook his head. "Nah. Wasn't it... Was it Bittermen?"

I pursed my lips. "No, it was something with an F... "

"No, no, man, it was definitely a P," Shannon said thoughtfully, rubbing his chin.

"I still say Bittermen," Jeff mumbled.

"Can I help you guys?"

I turned my head, blinking back what I thought was a mirage.

The woman did the same. "You have got... to be kidding me."

I heard Shannon drop his water bottle.

Her shoes clicked loudly against the dull linoleum as she walked farther into the hallway, crossing her arms. "Is there any reason why you three are here?"

I could barely breathe. "We're... Looking for... Mrs... "

"Lewiston?" she asked with a smile.

That was her name! "Yeah."

The woman dropped her arms, going toward her room again. She leaned her back against the door frame. "Yeah, she retired a couple of years ago. I took her place."

I let out a breath. "All due respect, ma'am, you're a helluva lot better to look at than she was."

Shannon laughed loudly, voice echoing down the hall. He trailed off awkwardly.

"I guess I should take that as a compliment," she said airily, straightening. "Well, since she's not here, maybe you should go."

"I, uh - " I held out my hand, hoping she wouldn't leave. "Wait."

She raised her brow, but didn't say anything.

"I... I don't generally do this, but... "


I blinked. "Huh?"

"I said no." She headed back into her classroom, leaving us in the quiet hallway.

Shannon cleared his throat. "That was awkward."

"Wait, wait." I went into her room, spotting her at her desk in the back, bent over some papers. "That was pretty rude," I said angrily.

She looked up. "You're still here?"

"You know, I don't know where you're from, but down here we treat each other with respect."

"Really? I thought that was just a myth." She slashed her pen across the top of a paper, putting it aside. She grabbed another one, not even bothering to look up as she said, "Do you mind? I actually have a job to do."

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, I do mind. I was just goin' to ask you if you could maybe give me Mrs. Lewiston's email or address, so I could send her something."

"Bullshit," she said under her breath.

I gaped at her, brows knit together tightly. "Excuse me?"

"What do you think, I was born yesterday?" She leaned back in her chair, glaring at me. "I saw the way you were looking at me - specifically my chest. If you're such a high believer in respect, you sure as hell have a weird way of showing it."

I could've shot back a million things at her, but she was right. I was being... male.

She looked at me expectantly.

I sighed. "All right, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it, I just... " I smiled lopsidedly. "You really are beautiful."

"Thank you. But I'd really appreciate it if you just left right now and didn't attempt to ask me on a date."

"Why not? I can be pretty charming when I try."

"Well, you're certainly not trying now." She smirked, waving her hand toward the door. "Giddy up."

I started out, then stuck my head back in, hand resting on the frame. "Mind if I stop by again?"

"Yes," she said flatly, eyes on her work.

I shut the door behind me.

Shannon was waiting, tapping his water bottle against his palm. He straightened when I came out. "Dude. That chick was hot! What'd she say?"

I held up three fingers, flipping from the back of my hand to the front, showing them off.

Shannon's eyes widened. "What does that mean, man?"

I kept doing it, getting really close, holding them to his nose. "Three days, brother."

"Three days till what?"

I started walking down the hall, patting Jeff's arm to let him know we were leaving.

Shannon was jogging after me. "Dude! Three days till what?"

I turned around, smiling. "Till she's mine."

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