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I watched, frightened, as he prowled out forward towards me, golden eyes glinting dangerously. I knew in this moment, I was going to die.


Chapter 1

"Are you sure you're all right Lexi?" I swatted away the hand that was waving in front of my face.

"I'm fine Atty," I told my brother, tearing my head away from the racing scenery. We were in our family's van, on our way to the new house in Domino. It was sad to be leaving Tokyo, where all my friends were, but my dad got transferred to a different firm and we all had to move. Oh well. From what Dad told me, it's just like Tokyo, only less factories producing electronically controlled devices.

"Are you sure?" He persisted. "You've been staring at that boy for the whole two hours we've been beside his family's car." What boy? That was news to me.

"What boy?" I asked, disbelieving. Atty pointed out the window. Sure enough, there was a family in a car keeping the same pace as us. The boy I had allegedly been staring at had amber eyes and messy brown hair with an orange crown. He seemed depressed.

He was in the backseat, and he seemed about my age. I looked up to the front seat, to see his parents. I gasped.

No one was driving the vehicle! That couldn't be possible, could it?

I leaned closer to the window, and forward some more to try and see if I was wrong. Nope, there was still nothing in the front two seats. Wait- was it just me, or was that car sneaking closer to our vehicle?

"Atty, do you see that?" He turned his head towards the window.

"See what?" He asked, leaning towards the window, trying to see.

"The car," I said, pointing to our neighboring car.

"What about it, besides the boy you're crushing on?" He remarked. I rolled my eyes in distaste. He could be so immature at times, and he's a senior!

"No!" I snapped, peering out the window again. "Doesn't it look closer to us than before?" I turned to Atty for his answer. He shook his head.

"No," He said. "Are you sure you aren't just seeing things, Lexi?" I nodded firmly, and we both turned our heads from each other, staring out our respective windows.

I inspected he yellow lines that were separating our lanes. We were still the same amount apart as we had been before the vehicle had inched over, so what was going on? Was I just losing my mind?

I stared at the car. The boy was seemingly arguing with somebody- but who? My first thought was the person driving, then I remembered- there's no one driving the vehicle. Before I could think anymore of it, the cars speed deviated from ours, speeding up right to a sheet of black ice!

Wait, I shook my head, trying to clear it and looked back at the vehicle again. It was still in time with us. I looked ahead. Nope. No black ice in front of us.

God, I think I might be going crazy. I went back to staring outside the window.

I got my head turned back to the window just to see the boy staring at me, shaking his head and mouthing something that seemed along the lines of: "You're not crazy" to me. How could he-? Nah, it was probably just my imagination.

"How long until we get to Domino?" I asked Dad. He sighed.

"Your brother just asked me that, didn't you hear?" He responded, and I could tell he was trying his very hardest to not snap at me. I sighed in response; I didn't mean to anger him.

"I'm sorry, Dad," I responded. "I wasn't even aware he asked. May you please tell me how long until we get there?" Please, please, please tell me! I looked up in the rearview mirror to my Dad's face. It was a look of… caving! Yay! I knew that would work!

"We'll be there in a half hour of things go without a hitch." He replied. I smirked- another half hour for me to figure out the mystery of the boy and the driverless driving car.

Sighing, I settled myself, elbow on the handle to close the door and my cheek on my palm staring out at the other vehicle.

Please don't let this half hour go by too quickly.


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