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The Crash

Life's about to get a whole lot scarier…

Crash 10: The Halloween Ball

Fake spiders and webs [burning webs, spiders fleeing to the top of the ceiling] hung from the top of the ballroom that the annual Halloween ball was apparently held in. A punch bowl was filled with dark red liquid, giving it the appearance of blood [blood was spilling everywhere, everywhere, where was…?]. The room had been decorated to resemble a cave [where was she, what happened to…?] almost like where monsters would hide.

However tacky the decorations might have been though, I had to admit that I was impressed. Although, I did feel like the room was decorated more as if we were supposed to have shown up in costumes… [Which, fortunately, we weren't, but that was beside the point.]

As I walked around the ballroom weaving in and out of people [and no, I was not avoiding Jaden, thank-you-very-much] this strange feeling overcame me. Wandering around the ballroom felt almost nostalgic and as if I belonged there, like I'd done this before a million times- which I know for a fact that I hadn't.

[This was once a castle, milady. However, since an incident years ago…]

Yet, as I went around the room, there was also this unsettling feeling that filled me. It was like my nerves were standing on high-alert, because something bad was going to happen. It made absolutely no sense at all, and for a moment I wondered if I was just imagining it. But that was all I got to think about it, for by the time I looked away from the window I had been looking in [when I started looking in it, I don't know] Jaden was standing at my side, as if he had appeared by magic.

"One would think that you're avoiding me." Jaden gave what seemed to be the phantom of a smile, glancing at me with an amused sort of look. "Either that, or you can't dance."

"Wha-?" I was taken aback, my mind taking a second to fully process what was said. "Th-That's not true!

"Oh?" He gave me a sly look, looking at me from the corner of his eye. "Prove it." He held out his hand, and I stared at it a bit dumbly.


"Dance with me." He stated it as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "We are at a ball after all, and dancing is required at some point. And who better to dance with than your own date?" I hesitated, but then took his hand. Jaden was right- dancing was sort of required at a ball. And besides, I was here to have fun, not to worry about nostalgic feelings and weird visions of the future-past-whatever.

Jaden and I danced through what seemed to be no less than five songs. When he finally gave me a break, my first destination was the punch bowl. So absorbed with my destination [and also the burning sensation in my throat] I didn't watch where I was going.

I ran into somebody, and both of us were sent sprawling to the floor. Luckily, nobody saw what happened-I didn't want to think of the embarrassment that it would've caused to Jaden, seeing as I was his date and all.

"Sorry," The apology blurted itself out of my throat before I could think of anything else. The guy who I had run into simply chuckled, and raised himself to his feet in one fluid motion. He held out his hand to help me up, and I took it with a barely audible "Thank you"

"Not a problem, and really, milady, the fault all belongs to me." He insisted. He had pale skin and dark red hair. His eyes were dark as well- a brown that was almost black, practically hiding his pupil from view.

"My name's Alexis. Not 'milady' or anything." I bristled, feeling nervous as his eyes looked me over. There was something unsettling about him, though what it was, I couldn't tell…

"I apologize," He apologized, and the way he said it made me bristle a little more, nervousness bubbling up from my heart to my throat. "I did not mean to offend you, Lady Alexis." He gave a short bow and a toothy smile, and what I saw made me freeze and completely forget about being offended by the 'Lady Alexis.'

His canines were pointed. Not as in the ultra-recyclo vegetarian or whatever those people who refused to touch anything that was part of an animal at some point in time, but as in the Dracula sense of pointed.

"Th-Those are nice teeth," I managed to say over a big lump in my throat. "Were you a vampire for a Halloween party, or something?" I couldn't really think of anything else to say.

"Or something, I suppose." He managed a laugh that sounded sinister for some reason. "My name's Simon, Lady Alexis. It was nice chatting with you."

[…is my name. Our chat has been very enlightening Lady…]

He gave me one last bow before turning off and vanishing effortlessly into the crowd that swelled and engulfed the dance floor right as the next song started. Yet, as I thought about, I couldn't get that image of his sharp teeth out of my mind.

And, in the end, as I think back on it, I believe that it was my fault that what happened occurred.


I didn't even realize what was happening until it was too late. I had exited the ballroom to the halls in order to find a bathroom, and as I was exiting the bathroom, I smelt the subtle trace of smoke in the air. Sort of like the smell you smell when you realize your food is burning in the oven, and it's just starting to burn.

As I walked back towards the ballroom, the smoke got heavier- like, you could actually see it in the air. A light gray cloud, steadily getting darker and darker as the hall went on. I stood outside of the ballroom doors, my mind screaming at me to run, my body keeping me frozen in place, as I opened the door to the ball room.

It slowly swung open, and what I saw was…

Anarchy. Chaos. Flames and smoke everywhere. Spiders were crawling back up towards the ceiling, flames burning brightly on their webs. Girls were screaming, guys were shouting, and these black things were flapping around the room- bats, maybe? But no, they looked more like people with wings on them…

"Alexis! There you are!" Blaire suddenly appeared in front of me. "You're alright! I was so worried... meow." Thank goodness Blaire was alright, and I had a familiar face with me… did she just… meow?

Then I took a good look at Blaire. Her dress was ripped, everything from just above the knee down gone, but what was more interesting were the things that were coming out of her head.

Ears. They were big, black, cat ears. And, as I looked, I saw that she had a tail as well. A black cat tail.

And, by the way it moved, something told me that it wasn't just a Halloween costume.

"You have… a tail." Suddenly, it seemed like nothing else mattered anymore. The room was falling apart, there was practically a riot going on at what once was a Halloween Ball, and all I was able to focus on was the fact that my best-friend was part cat.

"Huh?" She turned her head a fraction, looking down at the waving tail. "Oh. That's not important. We need to get you out of here, Alexis." She reached out towards my arm, nails on her hand freakishly long. I couldn't help my automatic reaction- I jerked back away from the nails that without a doubt had to be sharper than knives.

Blaire took a startled step back as well, her eyes probably as wide as my own.

"D-Don't touch me." The words came out of my mouth of their own accord, and I had no control over what came out. The words floating out were so unlike me that I felt horrible for the look that came upon Blaire's face.

"It's 'cause my kind's unlucky isn't it?" Blaire reasoned aloud, more to herself than me, seeing as I had no idea what was going on. Her voice sounded so sad, and I couldn't believe I had just said that.

"I-I didn't mean it Blaire-" I tried to apologize, but Blaire took a step away from me.

"No, it's alright." Blaire shook her head. "I know you did, and it's alright. I-I'll just go find someone else to take you. I know there's someone trustworthy close…"

"Wait!" I shouted, and just before she could leap away, I lunged for her, and grabbed tight of her wrist. "Don't go!"

Our eyes met for a moment, but before anything could be said, one of the black things that had been soaring around the ceiling came crashing down between us.

"Whatsssss thissssss?" The thing hissed. It seemed almost seemed human, if you took away the fact that it had leathery wings jutting from its back and its skeletal structure seemed deformed. "A little kitten and her human friend?" It looked between us, deadly sharp claws extending from his hands- no, they were his hands.

"Which firsssst?" He asked himself, looking between us. "The kitty or the human?" His eyes seemed to draw towards me.

"I have not tasssssted human flesh sssssince the battle againssssst the capital." He murmured, drawing towards me. "Tell me human- do you tasssste good?" I didn't make a sound- I couldn't. But, as it turned out, I didn't have to. Blaire had all the words that I couldn't say.

"Leave her alone, ya freak!" Blaire shouted, drawing her hand across his face, drawing three deep gouges along his cheek bone, nearly taking out his eye.

"Don't messsssss with me, kitty." A warning hissed from his mouth, and I took a step away as he took no notice of the mess Blaire just made of his face. "Or elssssse. I'm not asssss kind asssss the ressssst of my race, you sssssssee."

Blaire gave a feral snarl in response, and I watched as her eyes colored themselves a cats-eye yellow, her pupils slitting.

"Funny," She laughed, sounding more like she was hacking up a fur ball. I took a few steps back- not out of fear, my mind tried reasoning, but out of not wanting to get caught in any crossfire. "Seeing as I'm not as lucky as the rest of my race."

She smirked just like a Cheshire cat, and commented offhandedly,

"That is a nice chandelier, isn't it?" We all looked up. I hadn't even known there was a chandelier up there, how did Blaire…? It rattled.

"Well," She yawned, stretching as she leaned back and away from the whatever-it was, "You know what they say about black cats. Have one cross your path, and for you it's death."

"But it's seven years bad luck…" I said, though my correction went unheard. The chandelier gave a groan, and then it came crashing down atop of the monster between us before I even had a chance to blink- before he had a chance to do a thing.

I didn't know what to think. How had that chandelier fallen? There was nothing to make it fall, and the only other reason I could think of was connected to Blaire- but that would mean that she… she…

I looked at Blaire, as if I was expecting some reassurance from her, but it seemed as if she was looking through me. She hissed, shoulders rising like a cats hackles, and the next thing I knew, she was leaping at me, cat ears flattening on top of her head.

The next thing I knew, I was pulled into a pair of strong arms, and Blaire was blasted across the hall.

"That was a right close one," The person holding me smirked in my ear, keeping a tight arm around me, holding me in place. "Gotta keep away from those nasty Cats. Ya never know who their loyalty lies with."

"Let me go!" I tried pulling away, but his grip was too tight.

"Sorry lil' lady, no can do. I'm under orders as it is. Gotta keep ya 'til-"

"That's enough." A sudden voice caught my attention. It was familiar, and I looked up to see the masked face of -

"Jewel." The person holding me didn't loosen his grip, but I could tell his posture relaxed.

"Let her go." 'Jewel's' voice was familiar, but I didn't recognize him- for it was surely a him, despite the girlish name. "I've been charged with escorting her to the safe place. Your job was simply protection- which you have obviously failed as you attacked an ally."

"The safe place?" I echoed. "What are you talking about?" I struggled, trying to get out of the tight grip.

"I'm not about to go anywhere with someone I don't know!" I declared, yanking myself free, surprising both whoever had been holding me and Jewel. "And I'm not leaving without Atty!"

It was the first time I had actually thought of my brother during this entire ordeal, and it actually made me feel sick about it. Where was my brother? Where was Atticus? I was so worried about myself and what was going on around me that I hadn't even thought of him for one second.

I don't know how I did it. Or what possessed me to, either. I was scared, couldn't process what was going on around me, and even though I didn't have my deck on me, I just naturally called it out.

"Cyber Blader!" There was a flash of light, and in front of me stood Cyber Blader, just as real as if I had summoned her using a duel disk- which I hadn't, which made no sense, seeing as I had no duel disk or deck in my possession.

"A-Assume attack mode." My voice was shaking, but the words were coming to me naturally, as if this were just a duel and not a life-or-death situation. "Number of opponents, two."

"Alexis, calm down," Jewel spoke slowly, raising his hands in what most people think of as a non-threatening. "Call off your Blader. We don't want to hurt you." He took a step towards me, and I jumped, and the call came from my mouth in a rush, panicked.


"Guardian of Uluru, assume defense!" Twenty-three hundred defense points, and as a third opponent, slipped Cyber Blader's attack to twenty-one hundred.

She collided with the other duel monster, before vanishing in a cloud of smoke.

"Alexis please, we aren't trying to hurt you. If you'd come with us…"

"I believe the Lady has already stated her express interest in not going with you." The guy from before- Simon, I think his name was -suddenly appeared in front of me, taking on the position that one would take when protecting something of importance. "It would be much appreciated if you took it upon yourselves and left." Jewel, who looked over towards the other one- who I noticed was wearing a mask as well -and gave a jerk of his head. His friend vanished, and it was just Jewel, Simon, and I.

"Are you not going to follow your friend?" Simon asked in a faux pleasant voice, head tipping to the side. Jewel shook his head, cloak swishing back and forth with the motion.

"I would appreciate it if you would let Alexis come with me now." Jewel's voice was short.

"Oh? But she's already expressed her disinterest with the idea of leaving with you, have you not milady?" He looked back at me, and I instantly said,

"Don't call me milady." Before I tacked on, "Why do you guys want me so bad? What's so special about me that you would put the thought of a burning building out of your mind just to fight over who was going to 'rescue' me." And yes, I did put air quotes with rescue. Honestly, I am not a damsel in distress. If all these random people stopped jerking me from side to side like a bunch of little girls fighting over the last doll, I would've been out already, and most likely with Atty.

Simon stumbled aback, as if he was surprised by something, but Jewel stood impassively, like what I said didn't faze him.

"You don't mean to tell me you…"

"Stop right there." Jewel's voice cut through whatever Simon had been about to say. "Law states that it is forbidden to speak of it."

I didn't know what 'it' was, but whatever 'it' was, it sounded pretty serious.

[Why, milady, you are the princess of this land.]

"Princess…?" My words were barely more than a mumble, but it caught both males attention. I could barely pay attention, because the vision- or whatever it was -it felt like it was consuming me. I could barely breathe, let alone do anything.

I heard faint noise in the background.



And then all was dark.

~~The Crash~~

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