Imprinted With Him?!
By MidNite Duckie

Here ya go Jacob Fans, The first part of my Jacob/OC story

Paring: Jacob/OC
Rating: M (to be safe)
Takes place after Eclipse and after Breaking Dawn, But Jacob never imprinted with Nessie; Maybe a year or two after Breaking Dawn.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of them but Lillian and Emily. The rest belong to Mrs. Meyer...

Prologue - Turning - Prologue

"NO!" I screamed trying to push the men away from me. They kept coming closer and closer. There were two of them, each one holding a knife and pointing it towards me.

It was sometime after ten-thirty and I had tons of homework to finish, since finals would be starting in a few days. I had gone down to the Mountain Coffee shop for a hot cocoa and then I was going back home to finish studying. It was my junior year of high school, one more year and then I could get the heck out of here. I had just turned seventeen three days ago on November 27th and my best friend Emily gave me a gift card to the local coffee shop. She knew how much I love my coffee.

Emily had been my best friend since I had moved here with my family when I was little; we've lived in New England for most of my life. She was my life, the reason I tried so hard to get good grades, and the whole reason I love anime.

"Just hold still, this won't hurt a bit." The taller of the two said pushing me up against the wall. He held the knife to my throat and I shuddered. "Shut up bitch!" he yelled as I whimpered trying to get out of his grasp.

The other guy ripped my bag off of my shoulder and started going through it. He started to pour things out of it onto the ground. All of my makeup, my mirror, safety pins, cough drops, and lots of other things just kept falling out of my purse.

"I don't have much money, but take it if that's what you want." I said looking back and forth between the two guys, wondering if they were going to hurt me. I knew a few moves from Kung-Fu movies but I couldn't do much with one holding a knife to my throat. He threw my bag on the ground and pulled out a knife. Now each of them had a knife; the other one walked toward me.

He slashed at my shirt exposing my black bra; I gasped trying to push them away. The man holding the knife to my throat threw his head back. I whimpered as the knife dug deeper into the skin on my throat. I could feel the warmth of my type AB negative blood running down my neck. The first guy leaned toward my neck and grinned at me. My eyes widened when I saw his white canines growing longer. He brought his face down to my neck and started biting at my flesh. I screamed in pain as the other man also started ripping at my skin.

It was sometime later when I could feel what was left of my mangled body being picked up. I opened my eyes into slits trying to find out where they were taking me. A female with black hair held me in her arms whispering something.

"It's okay Marie will fix you up, you'll be better in no time" she said noticing that my eyes were open. "What's your name little girl?" she asked.

"I'm not little" I said, "My name's Lillian Marie Johnson"

"Well Lillian, Aunty Marie will take care of you." I faded back into the nothingness, not hearing her last words.

Change Point of View

The black haired woman held the younger light brown haired female in her arms carrying her to the house where Marie was staying. Marie put the girl down on the bed and sighed.

"Such a waste" Marie said stroking the girl's light brown hair. She pushed the hair out of the way to see what damage she would save is she changed the girl into a vampire. Marie hated seeing such young girls dying because of ruthless vampires.

Blood matted most of the hair to the poor girl's head. There were five long gashes going across the face and down the shoulder. Blood still poured out of an open wound on her chest going down the middle of her ribcage. Marie had to hold her breath in order not to drain the girl of the rest of her blood.

"Well I can save part of her" Marie whispered as she leaned over the girl. "Though she will have a few scars when she wakes."

Prologue – End – Prologue

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