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Japanese words I used:

Bentou - lunchbox


Chapter 1

It was Saturday, a perfect day to enjoy going to the park and view the blooming cherry blossoms. People came there chattering with one another; for the most part couples were all tsuna could see. He was watching those couples from a far, wishing that he too, could go on a date with his beloved Kyoko-chan. But instead he was in the park with Yamamoto , Gokudera and Reborn . Reborn said that they were having a picnic , but sad to say his crush kyoko-chan wasn't invited .It wasn't that he dislike being with them , but Tsuna just couldn't help feeling envy seeing the couples together. Sighing mentally he just looked up at the sky .

Tsuna's serene moment was broken when reborn shot him."Baka Tsuna , don't be too relaxed , you never know when somebody might attack you" Reborn said."Hiiiiii!!"Tsuna cried barely dodging the bullets ." Maa, you can't blame him little guy , being here in the park is really relaxing!" Yamamoto said giving them his usual friendly smile. Tsuna was very grateful that Yamamoto had saved him from the sadistic infant.

Tsuna's thought was broken when Gokudera shoved Yamamoto aside." Juudaime, you must be hungry! Here have the bentou I brought for you!!" beamed Gokudera. 'Gokudera-kun and his undying loyalty to me once again' tsuna sweat-dropped mentally. Tsuna just smiled at Gokudera and accepted his right-hand man's offer.

"Yamamoto aren't you going to eat?" the brunette asked the baseball player

'No"Yamamoto shook his head" I'm still full" he continued

Just when Tsuna was about to open the bentou , he caught something moving around suspiciously in the bushes . Putting down his bentou , he moved closer to the bushes and leaned forward to take a peek on what was moving .Just when he was about to reach for it , Lambo suddenly appeared out of the bushes surprising Tsuna ."Hahahaha! Reborn today I will surely beat you " proclaimed Lambo. Tsuna was relieved on knowing that it was just Lambo moving around the bushes and not some random hitman planning to assassinate him.

Tsuna picked up his bentou , to continue where he left off."Gokudera-kun isn't going to eat?" Tsuna asked." I'll eat only after Juudaime does!!"Gokudera replied . ' Maybe I'll just eat later when Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto does' Tsuna thought. He then sets his bentou aside. Tsuna looks at what's happening to Gokudera and Yamamoto and as usual they're arguing. He looks at Reborn and Lambo. Lambo suddenly takes something out of his hair , a pink bazooka with some heart designs . "Reborn this is you're end!!" Lambo yells and was about to fire when he trips and accidentally aims the bazooka to Tsuna . Tsuna couldn't dodge it for everything was happening too fast .


"Juudaime/Tsuna!!" Gokudera and Yamamoto both called out .

Reborn slapped his head wondering what mess that idiotic cow had gotten them into . As the pink smokes cleared out , the three of them saw a girl with long brown hair , that reached her waist and was wearing the same clothes as Tsuna did. She was blinking at them innocently then asked" Gokudera-kun , Yamamoto , reborn why are you all staring at me?" .Gokudera and Yamamoto both had their jaws dropped , Reborn was just smirking as he handed the girl a mirror.

"Tsuna it seems that you have just turned into a girl." Reborn smirked

Tsuna looked at Reborn , confused . Tsuna then sees his reflection; he had long hair and he wasn't flat chested , bluntly speaking he now has a bust. To summarize everything he looks like a girl.