Tsuna was currently in Hibari's arms, clinging to him like there was no tomorrow. Now, if you were an outsider and didn't know the whole situation, then it would be normal to fall under the assumption that the two were going at it. But no, it was nothing like that.

Not even close.

The brunette dug her nails in Hibari's uniform."Hi-Hibari-san-I-"She was unable to continue her sentence.

Hibari looked at the shorter girl with an unreadable expression. Tsuna began to become worried. She didn't know what the prefect was thinking. Maybe he was starting to get tired of her? Maybe he found it ridiculously annoying that she was clinging onto him, as if she was begging for her dear insignificant life?

But to the tenth boss of the Vongola, that didn't matter at the moment.

Nothing seemed to did anymore.

She winced slightly when Hibari carried her bridal style. Surprisingly it was gentle. She clenched the fabric of his uniform when she felt a sharp pain shoot throughout her body.

"I'm sorry for being a nuisance "She suddenly said.

"You just got shot, herbivore...don't talk" The taller prefect replied, carrying her to where Reborn had ordered him too.

"Juudaime!" Gokudera called out, running to the pair, an obviously pained expression on his face. Dammit. If only he was stronger and faster then it probably wouldn't have turned out like this.

"Tsuna!"Yamamoto ran as fast as he could to her, cupping her face when he reached them."Are you alright? I-mean- where does it hurt?" He shut his eyes closed before opening them again and looked at her, holding the same expression that Gokudera had."I'm sorry" he finally whispered.

The brunette shook her head, raising her hand to Yamamoto's, wrapping the much bigger calloused hands into her own."It-It's not your fault. Nor is it anyone's"

"Oi! Hurry up! The enemy family did not hesitate to shoot in midday! That means that they are not afraid to involve ordinary people in this fight!" Reborn barked, ushering them to run towards the car that had just arrived in time when Tsuna got shot.

The tutor gave the boy turned girl a blank look before looking away and sighing. He knew that it was his fault. They were too relaxed. He underestimated the enemy family, when he shouldn't have.

Fuck. This was the worst.

He scanned the area around them hastily. There were mothers running around, gripping their children's hands or hugging them. The most of them were dashing out of the park after hearing the gunshot. Screams and cries could be heard all around them.

But, it was strange.

There was only one shot.

One casualty.

And yet, it wasn't that fatal.

There were so many people in the park, and even if a highly trained assassin were to come and shoot someone, they could easily blend in with the crowd without raising much suspicion.

This led Reborn to the conclusion that;

It was a warning.

A declaration of war against the Vongola.