It was no secret that Xigbar was the oldest of all of the Organization members. His gray hair automatically gave him off. But no one in the Organization talked to him about it, or even MENTIONED it to each other. One day, Demyx began to wonder why.
He ran off looking for the Freeshooter to ask him about it. Pretty soon, he found him, wandering around in the halls like he had absolutely nothing to do.
"Hey, Xiggy..." Demyx started, breathlessly. "How old are you?"
Xigbar blinked and asked nervously, "Uh... And you want to know, why...?"
"Oh... Just...Ya know... Wanna compare..."
Xigbar's eyes narrowed slightly. "Sorry man... I ain't buyin' it."
"Oh, come on, Xiggy!" Demyx begged. "You can't hide what's inside...!" He laughed halfheartedly.
Xigbar rolled his eyes at Demyx and turned to walk away. "Look, man... You're not making any sense right now. I'll see ya later, I guess."

Demyx shrugged. "Whatever. See ya later, old timer."
Xigbar screeched to a stop. His head seemed to rotate 180 degrees as he asked, "What did you just call me...?" His voice was dangerously low. One of his eyes began twitching uncontrolablely.
Demyx shrugged. "I just called you oooooold tiiiimeeeeer..." he said, drawing out the words. He bent over and started to laugh while screaming, "OLD TIMER, OLD TIMER!!"

Click... Click...

"Huh...?" Demyx looked up, surprised. There was a dark shadow on Xigbar's face. He had both of his guns out, too. "Uh... Oh..." Demyx trailed off. His smile melted off his face and he gulped slightly.
Xigbar snarled as he growled out, "Alright, water boy... You can laugh alright..." He pointed the guns to Demmy's chest. "Let's see how well ya can dance!!"
Demyx's pupils shank to the size of rice grains. "W-Wait! Xigbar, I was just-- AGHH!!"

A few minutes later, Demyx was leaning on the wall, gasping for air. His clothes looked like they'd been through a huge paper shredder... Twice.

Xigbar rushed to him, a furious expression on his face. He grabbed Demyx by what was left of his collar, and heaved him up, slamming him against the wall. "Don't EVER call me old timer again!! YA HEAR ME?! NOT! EVER! A! G'IN!" He slammed Demyx against the wall to emphasis each word.
Demyx by this time was sobbing with fright. "Okay...! Okay, you win!"
Xigbar shoved his face into Demyx's. "SAY IT! Say you won't ever call me old timer again!!"
"Iwon'tevercallyouoldtimeragain!! Iwon'tevercallyouoldtimeragain!!"

Xigbar dropped him onto the ground. "You got off easy THIS time..." he growled. "Call me that again, and you'll NEVER be able to have kids..." he grumbled.

Demyx gulped, shaking slightly as Xigbar walked off, clinching his fist together, again and again. Suddenly, Xigbar whipped around. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STARING AT?!"
"Just get out of my sight..." he growled.

Demyx scrambled off, wiping his eyes.


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